Friday, 1 August 2014

In which I make a skirt and three bags

Here at J and P towers, I've been sewing like ermmm.... a mad sewing thing.   

I've made a skirt.

Did you notice the nonchalant way I said that?   As if making a skirt is no big deal for me.  Well, let me tell you, dear readers, that it IS a very BIG deal indeed.


I wanted to make a skirt without a zip (I'm a bit scared of zips) and my colleague, who makes clothes, recommended the Miette wraparound skirt from the  Tilly and the Buttons blog.  Yes, Tilly from the first series of the Great British Sewing Bee.  My colleague said that the pattern was so easy that even a fool could do it.  Well, I have to say that she was damn right.


I used a vintage sheet.  Not my favourite vintage sheet.  I was going to go for yellow but I was worried that I might cock-up on my first foray into skirt making and ruin a perfectly acceptable yellow sheet.  So I went for the green so I wouldn't have been too disappointed if I'd made a mess of it.

Mad twirling action

It took me a while to do but only because I lost pieces half way through (clearing up before and after builders *heavy sigh*).
Close up

It's two sizes too big (don't ask.....) but fortunately, because it's a wraparound, it hides that fact quite well. 

And I'm wearing it back to front (I know, what am I like?) but I prefer it that way.

Buoyed up by my skirt success, I've also made three drawstring bags.

And they double-up as perfect pillowcases for camping purposes.

Yes, you read that correctly.  A bag- come-pillowcase.  Who knew there was such a thing?  Well, there isn't.  Until now that is.  I've actually just invented it.

Take an ugly blow up camping pillow.  A quid from the pound shop.  Too small for a normal pillowcase.

Take one drawstring bag and place the ugly pillow inside:

See what I mean?  Perfect for when we go to Canada for our hols.

Note the casual way I said that.

Canada.  For.  Our.  Hols.

Toronto.  Followed by camping out in the wilds of Ontario.  We're taking our three-man tent, sleeping bags, camping mats and our ugly blow-up pillows encased in their beautiful pillow slips come drawstring bags of course.

Here's hoping we don't meet any black bears *gulp* (grizzlies are further north I think). 


See you on the other side...xx


  1. Great skirt - think I will go and seek it out........
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh meant to say, have a great holiday, looking forward to the blog telling us all about it
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. Several wows are in order here, Loo! First - the skirt is fab! Second, I love the drawstring pillow case bags. And third - a camping trip in Canada sounds like an amazing holiday. Bears and all. Have the most wonderful time, and when you are back, carry on with the sewing, you're good at it! xxx

  4. The skirt is a real delight. The drawstring bags/pillowcases are a wonderful idea and a holiday to Canada, have a great time...

  5. More sheet chic, I'm definitely going to have a go at making an actual garment one of these days, great result. The drawstring bags which double as camping pillow cases are lovely and very practical. I am super impressed. Enjoy your trip.

  6. I love your skirt you clever thing, I'm also drooling over your lovely rug...oh my gosh, never mind the skirt, let me see that rug...hahahaha! Have a great holiday...xx

  7. Your blog always makes me laugh...I love your nonchalant sewing and that mad twirling action should scare the bears off. Looking forward to the camping in Canada post. Have a great time. xx

  8. Great skirt and made from a vintage sheet, brilliant. the pillow case /bag is a cracking idea. have a lovely time on your hols.

    jean x

  9. What a lovely sheet skirt! It's perfect. Your holiday sounds quite idyllic. Have a wonderful time!

  10. Hi Loo. Love the skirt and I like it tied at the front as well. I also still have a fear of zips after a narky teacher made me take one out and re-do it several times. I was quite traumatised by it - lol!

    I recognise the yellow flowery sheet material. I inherited all my late mother-in-laws flowery sheets and, with apologies to all vintage sheet lovers, I used them as dust sheets for painting. I didn't realise until recently that people actually liked them.

    Have a fab holiday Loo. Best wishes from Carol

  11. Woohoo! You made a skirt, and a lovely one it is too! What a great idea on those pillows, we are off camping in a couple of weeks so I think I might shamelessly copy you. Of course nowhere near as exciting as CANADA! Have a wild time and stay away from the bears! Xxx

  12. Well done on the skirt & double duty bags! Inspiring stuff! Xx

  13. Love your skirt, zippers aren't that hard, and I'm not much of a sewer, but I can put one in.
    Have fun on your trip!!!!

  14. Wow you've made a skirt, invented an essential camping item and are off to Canada- very impressive. Have a wonderful trip and avoid the bears!

  15. Well done you! Have a fab holiday x

  16. Wow, I love the skirt! Have a great holiday! xx

  17. That skirt is gorgeous, you're on a roll! Is that Barry M I spy on your feet?
    Very envious of your trip, have a wonderful time (as if you need telling!) xxx

  18. I love your skirt (and your sandals and your nail polish!) you clever sewing...thing!
    You always go on the best hols Loo. Have a lovely time x

  19. Your skirt is wonderful.
    You make me laugh so much, I love my viists here.!
    You are a maverick of the camping pillow world.
    Have a fan-tab-u-lous time in Canada.
    Lisa x

  20. I love your skirt, you clever thing! Have a lovely holiday :)

  21. You can't go wrong with a vintage sheet, especially if its clothing made from 'em, like your gorgeous skirt. May the sewing continue!!

  22. Loo well done to you, you sewing fiend you!!
    love it!
    bestest etc Daisy j x

  23. love love love the skirt and those drawtring bags? What a great idea! I usually take no pillow, a regular pillow case and stuff it with clothes, when I'm on guide camp.