Wednesday 23 October 2013

Bang Bang Crash

It's hellish here at J and P Towers.  We've got the builders in and it's week 3 of raging chaos, dust, grit and no proper kitchen, lounge or downstairs loo.  What's more, they're still going strong!

The sad ruins of our kitchen:

We've got rising damp, caused by a defective damp course. It's one of those annoying things where you really don't have anything to show for all the banging, crashing and chaos not to mention all the dosh we're having to throw at it *gulp* .  Apart from a new kitchen worktop which looks very similar to the old one, only in black, and new kitchen tiles.

We can't find a thing because everything is where it shouldn't be:

The downstairs loo without the loo:

That's because it's in the garden.  Of course!

There's even a bloody cement mixer parked in our beloved dining room which Mr J and P has a habit of colliding with, turning the already dusty air blue with his swearing.

Never have I been so happy to be going to work.  Particularly as now our next door neighbours have got the builders in too.  Poor old Mr J and P is currently at home, in between jobs, and I keep getting emails from him saying "It's like the fall of Berlin here" and "news from the bunker....." and "Oh God, there's a builders' convention right outside our house."

The only thing that is keeping me and Mr J and P sane(ish) is our nightly dose of Breaking Bad (just finished season 2 fyi).

See you on the other side... xx