Monday 14 July 2014


It's great having an allotment.  Not that I spend much time down there.  That's Mr J and P's domain.

I do, however, help water occasionally and pick the odd produce.  

I also like to prance about taking photos and marvelling at how creative and inventive our fellow allotmenteers are.

Take a look at the lion heads that adorn this frame for a hanging basket:

What I especially like is the clever re-use of stuff found in skips like these old shower screens as a cold frame:

This rusty old cooking oil can has been re- used as a herb planter:

Ingenious use of discarded wire drawers to protect lettuces and the like:

Roof tiles or some such thing used to make a path:

Blimey, some clever sod has fashioned these tree trunks into stools:

I always like a bit of scarecrow action:

 Poor ickle teddy looks a bit worse for wear doesn't he?

See how this swing doubles up as a frame for runners:

And there's always the odd aluminium watering can to drool over:

I love how this allotmenteer has painted their shed and bench:

Cute planter:

 These sweet peas look divine growing on this painted wooden ladder:

OK, that's enough prancing about, taking photos.  I've got serious work to do.  We're awash, at the moment, with Mr J and P's rather perfect plums (er hem) and I need to get harvesting.

Adios amigos.  xx


  1. Thank you for the tour I enjoyed seeing everyone's decorated plots. Very creative gardeners!

  2. Oh Loo it all looks so lovely.
    I think allotments are a brilliant idea - we don't really have them here...although there are a few community gardens. I guess it's because we have a bit more space than you guys...although the average block is (sadly) getting smaller and smaller.
    I like the clever ways people re-use stuff. I reckon the sense of community (and one-up-man-ship: "my cucumber's bigger than yours!") in an allotment must be wonderful. I love that shed and the ladder covered in sweet peas too x

  3. Prancing and clever sods sounds like my kind of place, I could specialise in both.

    Jean x

  4. Stunning, some serious recycling/upcycling going on in such imaginative ways. Really quite inspirational.

  5. What a pretty place and such novel ideas, my favourite is the step ladder. Hope you enjoyed Mr J & P's plums!

  6. Some brilliant recycling there! I'd love an allotment ... oh and some extra time to actually look after it ;)
    M x

  7. Lovely pictures and ideas :)

  8. Plums, oh missus!
    Love the painted shed. I do admire a good bit of recycling and it seems the fellow allotment holders are a dab hand it.
    Lisa x

  9. Wow! Gardeners are so creative. What fantastic ideas. Obviously not the teddy with a stick up his arse. xxx

  10. Prancing is good Loo. Easier than digging.

  11. What fabulous allotments and their very inventive and canny holders! Love all the ideas. I am trying very, very hard not to make any ribald comments about gums around plums. But alas, I have failed. Sorry, Loo! Xxx

  12. Oh yeah, allotments are fantastic things for sure. I love all the recycling and creativity too. Your neighbours are pretty inspiring. I think you have got the best role on your team!! Look forward to hearing what you do with all those plums! xxx

  13. Hi Loo
    I used to share an allotment with my brother but sadly no more due to longer working hours. I love to see allotments and what things creative folk repurpose on their plots. No photo of Mister's plums then???? Xx

  14. Great tour of the allotment. Very creative recycling going on. Love the shed, looks like a peaceful haven to escape to.

  15. What a lovely allotment, all the ones I see are so overgrown. You do get lots of ideas from people on allotments
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  16. Wow, lots of recycling going on there. It looks great.

  17. I loved looking round your allotments! I am storing that swing/beanpole idea in the back of my mind in case I ever have a garden and children, what a brilliant idea!

  18. How ingenious you, and other people have been when it comes to recycling houseold objects in the garden x

  19. Lovely lotty pics. I love havning and allotment too. My grandad used to grow runners up my old swing frame and it always looked fab. I do like the ladder idea...I have one lurking in the outhouse that I could use. Plums...fnar, fnar..xx

  20. Great photos! I'd love a ladder draped in sweetpeas ♥