Friday, 18 November 2011

Jumble Spoils

It seems an aaaage since I banged on about my luvverly jumble sale buys.  Brace yourselves, dear readers, it's going to be long one.

These embroidered pillow cases were in pristine nick:

50p the lot

Sheet (left) and pillow cases (right) atop yet another candy stripe sheet.

I have plans for the sheets I've been collecting.  I'm going to shamelessly copy Kylie's fabulous idea for a vintage sheet quilt and attempt to make a duvet cover.  Eek!  I'll keep you posted.

Kylie's magnificent quilt cover

Not one flowerytastic handmade tea towel completely unused:

but four of the gorgeous little buggers.  All for a quid.

OMG, look at this profusion of flowers and colours all on ONE tea towel (also handmade):

More unrestrained floral goodness on this unused towel:

Complete with its original sticker:

Four of these embroidered thingamajigs that go on the backs of chairs.

I'm collecting these embroidered thingies as well as tray towels and the like as I'd really like to make this patchwork cushion cover:

Gorgeous innit?  From the CK book "Patch".

Lordy, more flowers in the shape of these Portmeirion Botanic Garden jars circa 1972:

I need jars like I need a hole in the head but, at 25p each, they were crying out for me.

A kitschy black swan vase for 30p:

Yay for more wooden handled kitchen utensils.  As some of you may know, this is yet another one of my collections.  The red handled objet is a knife sharpener - that I know for sure.  The blue looks to me to be measuring spoons - the teaspoon on the left and tablespoon on the right:

But why do these spoons have a hole in them?  Pray tell me do:

A Toni Raymond pickled onion pot for 50p for my friend who collects those beetroot pots and celery pots of a similar ilk:

Seeing as someone, who shall remain nameless, broke one of my prize vases recently, this Trentham jug (30p) has come in handy:

Look!  Look!  Can you tell that I'm virtually hysterical?  I've got my very own printer's tray:

A mere quid!
The printer's tray caused mass excitement among the oldsters as I hauled it around the jumble sale.  They kept stopping me and  a) asking me if I knew what it was, b) telling me what it was  and c) asking me what I was going to do with it.  All of which was a little annoying as all I wanted to do was to carrying on rummaging for booty.  Well really!

So, what AM I going to do with it?  I love that Lakota transformed  hers into an earring storage unit here.  Unfortunately, I don't wear earrings anymore (I know, I'm a shocking dullard) but I do have a little collection, that I haven't told you about, which is currently gathering dust on a window sill.  It could gather dust in the  printer's tray instead!  Genius!  I'll let you know.......

Good grief, I'd forgotten about these.  More embroidered doodahs and stripey sheets:

And finally, (sighs of relief all round) an egg cup to add to my collection of egg cups.  (Do you know, I honestly didn't realise that I had quite so many collections on the go!).  This one isn't vintage at all.  Made by the Italian design company, Alessi, this little fella currently retails for a tenner.  Mine was 20p!

You may be wondering why he has a little peaked cap.... why, to store the salt, of course:

Excitement is reaching fever pitch here at J and P Towers because this weekend is the St Mary's Xmas Bazaar.  Whoop Whoop!    Little Miss J and P is excited because she and her fellow little Girl Guide mates are helping out and that means that little old moi will need to take her along early so that they can  set up the stalls which means that I'll be eyeing up the booty before everyone else!!  Huzzah!  Oh the heady world that is my life.......

Wishing you all an equally exciting weekend.  xx


  1. wow, what a lot of goodness!! :) my favourite duvet cover is a polka dot on one side / coloured stripes on the other, it was mum's when she was growing up and i haven't got a matching shieet for it, so i need to get me to one of these sales pronto! :)

  2. Wow, what a lot of lovely stuff!! I can't find a jumble sale anywhere near me! :(

  3. I am beside myself with jealousy at your bargain printer's tray. What a find! Well done for nabbing that!!

    I think those spoons have holes in because they are for scooping up olives or something, and to let the brine out so tey're not too soggy in your mouth (never good!!).


  4. Thanks for the well wishes sugar plum!

    A printers tray for a quid?! What the bejinkos, I can't find them for less than £18 and some cheeky buggers want over £40 for them! I love those stripy sheets, my nana used to have those, flannel ones, I'm sure I had some of the best sleep ever wrapped in those sheets.
    I wonder if there is a name for people who have loads of collections on the go, hmmm, we could make you badge or something.

  5. Wow what a haul - love all the 70's teatowels - so colourful. As for the printers tray - bargain :) Look forward to seeing that transformed :)

  6. Hi - I think the blue handled implement is actually a melon baller ! I have one with an orange handle. No self-respecting household should be without one. Veeeery jealous of your embroidered pillowcases. Gorgeous !

  7. Yes, 'tis a melon baller :-)

  8. Hi Anonymous, a melon baller eh? How very useful! Thanks m'dear. xx

  9. Wow you did well - think I need to come with you to bag bargains, especially on the Portmerion, I have a good friend who collects it so I try and buy pieces as extra pressies for her
    Julie xxxxxx

  10. what lovely finds, I haven't been to a jumble sale for ages, never see them advertised any more. I love love love all your embroidered finds they are so gorgeous, would definitely have bought all the pillowcases for 50p, what a bargain.
    Really love those wooden printer trays too, an old friend of mine used to have one on the wall with all her tiny trinkets in, it looked amazing... a real talking point for all her visitors.

  11. Fantastic load of oldies but goodies and such bargains, I haven't been to a jumble for years, will have to look out for one in my neck of the woods. x

  12. I am so jealous of a) the fact that you seem to have proper jumble sales on a regular basis near you and b) that you are obviously blessed with the ability to bag all the most amazing stuff. Love all the embroidered stuff and the black swan in particular. I have the matching double ended thingy in a most desirable red and always understood it was a melon baller too. I even use it occasionally!

  13. You've certainly found a WONDERFUL hoard! Love the quilt idea it'll look super :o)
    It's certainly a melon baller, I've had one in my drawer for over 20 years and never used it
    as I hate melon!
    I like the 'highland fling' cross stitch, never seen anything like it before.
    Have a brilliant weekend.
    Rose H

  14. Wow, I need to go where you go! :)

    The embroidered pillow cases for .50 a lot, is a bargain. I love the idea of turning vintage sheets into one big patchwork quilt (do share a photo of the one you attempt). I have a few vintage sheets that I bought, thinking they were double, when in fact they were perhaps I could cut them up and do this as well :)

    Your tea towels are the bright orange florals!

    I think the double ended spoon is a vintage melon ball cutter..the hole is (as far as I am lead to believe) to drain excess juice :)

  15. Aha, some splendid jumble plunder there, Loo!! I love everything that you've brought and you have to do the vintage sheet quilt. That is such a brilliant idea.

  16. I love the patch work cushion, what a fantastic idea. Looks gorgeous. Great finds, the printers tray could be used for soooo many things. Sherry :)

  17. Wow you did do well! I would love a rummage through all your tray cloths and tea towels!
    That cushions is really lovely, I've been keeping my eyes peeled for tray cloths as a fellow blogger friend of mine is wanting to make it too.
    I would love some old candy stripe bed sheets, but like others have said I have trouble finding jumble sales near me.
    A for your wooden implement, I thought it was a melon baller too.
    kandi x

  18. Wonderful finds, Loo, I am most impressed. I love Kylie's quilt cover, what a great idea, and the patchwork embroidery cushion too.
    The printer's tray is SUCH a bargain, can't wait to see what you've got planned for it.
    My kids would adore that little Alessi chap - I normally turn my nose up a bit at Alessi as it's so overpriced, but for 20p? Can't say no!
    Have a great weekend! xxxxxxx

  19. You've found some great things there! I just adore the first pillowcases, so pretty and so cheap!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  20. Fantastic finds. I've just nabbed a printers tray too - it's going to be used for all little man's rocks, fossils and crystals. What a joy to dust!!
    Melon baller - defo. M x

  21. Lovely finds...especially that cute egg cup!!

  22. Wow! Those orange prints are something else. I'd have fought you for those! The swan is kitsch-tastic and I can't believe you snaffled that little Alessi chap for pennies, either!
    Are you going to do a Lakota with the printer's tray? I bet you were hyperventilating!
    That's definitely a melon baller.
    Good luck at the Xmas Bazaar (not that you need it) xxx
    PS Leopold's is still there. Have you read Shantarram?

  23. You've done it again! - where on earth do you find the room to display them?

  24. What a fab haul!! I wish we had jumble sales like that around here!!

    I love the idea of make a duvet cover out of your vintage sheets, I have a small collection so may have to do the same!!

    Yep, I think that's def a melon baller!!

    Have a lovely weekend!!

    S x

  25. So many lovely things! Adore the embroidered highland dancer! Love those vintage tea towels - fab colours!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  26. Love the yellow, flowery teatowels. I'd say it was a melon baller too. Have fun at the bazaar!

  27. That printers tray really was an absolute steal - what a great find!

  28. Oooh, serious vintage linen lust here. Thanks for the link to the vintage sheet quilt and the CK patchwork cushion too - they're both brilliant ideas.

  29. Wow! So many finds, I love the floral tea towels, seriously lusting after them.
    Oh goodness the printers tray, I have been admiring Lakota's too, can't wait to see how this turns out xxx

  30. Hello! Wow, quite a haul there young lady. I cant wait to see what your up too with that printers tray! I love the embroidered pillow cases too, just beautiful x

  31. Wow! What a haul - and I am very envious of the printers tray. I've always wanted one.

  32. Oh my god Loo - you cleaned up at the jumble - all that floral goodness - bloooming love it all! The printers tray was a steal - very much looking forward to seeing what its going to house! Dont keep us waiting too long chick :o) Scarlett x

  33. The new wearer of the jumble sale crown! I really want to see what you have planned for you £1 (sob!) tray x

  34. Wow! What a haul! And, yes indeedy, your mystery object is a melon baller.

  35. no need for me to now tell you what the blue thingy is :)
    at last someone else with a eggcup obsession

  36. Oh oh my little treasure sensor has gone crazy, love love the printing trays and all that wonderful linen. Thank you so much for the sneaky peek. Lv V

  37. it's a melon baller



  38. I may have to poke you in the eye with jelousy! What a haul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxx

  39. Loo I am so envious of all those fabulous bargains. You do find the best fabrics. And THAT TRAY you lucky, lucky jumbler!
    Hope this weekend proves to be just as bargainous.
    Lisa x

  40. ooohh what a bargain!! love love all those pillowcases, linens and embroidered doodahs is just so cute! i think it's a great idea to make them as patchwork! i too always wanted a printer tray and transformed it like lakota but havent got lucky in finding one! all of your booties are just adorable! Have fun in xmas bazaar and keep us posted!! xx susan

  41. Wow what gorgeous buys ;-)) Loving the tea towels. can't wait to see what you do with the printers tray ;-) Enjoy your weekend, dee xx

  42. Your spoon with the holes is a melon baller, and you are right on the knife sharpener, as it happens there is one of each in my shop right now! And I thought you were downsizing your kitchenalia, hmm??

  43. awesome finds! I so want a printers tray! *sulk sulk*

  44. Wow you have had some awesome finds lately. I love the unused towel. That printer tray is awesome I have never seen any around these parts not that I have room for one he he.

  45. Fabulous finds - the homewares are really inspiring and I can't wait to see the finished items! xxx

  46. Amazing jumble finds, look forward to see what you do with the tray - Linda x

  47. Loo, OMG so many beautiful flowers and embroidered things!
    The gods of adorable things were by your side during your shopping adventures.

  48. lovely, lovely blog & some brill finds! Lizzie

  49. I'm not sure I could be more jealous of your finds if I tried.

  50. ooh well done you lots of fantastic things we have one of those printer trays full of odds and ends on the wall ours has a glass cover so no need to dust , I think that your tray is in the same bargain league as my eiderdown . I love the pillowcases you certainly can't have enough of those and the Portmeirion things are gorgeous
    xx fee

  51. What an abundance of fantastic finds and at such low prices! Especially like the pillowcases and the candy stripes!

  52. Your type tray is a real bargain, I paid £15 on ebay for mine and I thought that was good! My Mum has that double ended spoon thing, it's a melon baller apparently

  53. Oh I'd kill for a printers tray!!!! I left my run a bit late & now the prices are sky high! That sure was an exciting find!

  54. I may've imploded if I was you picking up that printer's tray for £1. And all the rest. Very jealous!

  55. I love the delicate designs of the needlework. Such wonderful items.