Monday 24 May 2010

Charity shopping and camping - a fine combo

Last weekend was officially the start of the camping season for the J and P household. Camped on a lovely peaceful site in the heart of beautiful Kent countryside close to Faversham and Sittingbourne. Glorious weather, excellent company, delicious food and copious amounts of wine made for a very successful weekend.

Saturday, bypassed the cute and fashionable Whitstable (will camp there in June with other friends) and spent much of the day in Herne Bay otherwise known, apparently, as Hernia Bay on account of the droves of elderly folk who retire there! As promised, in my previous post, dragged family and friends around the charity shops. Well, this is what I got:

Beautiful bedding: everyone's favourite - a candy striped double sheet (flannelette - v snuggly and soft)for £1.30, a pretty yellow and white striped cotton double sheet for £2.50, and a peach woollen blanket with satin trimming for £1.99 (v handy for chilly nights in the old tent). Now what else......

A beautiful orange rayon scarf for 50p. Sorry, photo is not brilliant - must get to grips with this photography lark.

A brooch with wooden flowers and beads (£2):

A rather fine looking flask (£2.50):

I have to say that Mr J and P and myself are a little obsessed with flasks. We are a family of 3 and we now own a total of 8 flasks plus 2 insulated mugs. Is this a cause for concern or perfectly normal behaviour????

The piece de resistance this week has to be this glorious apron for 75p.

I thought, at first, it was a home-made creation but it's good old Marks and Spencer. I love it!

I really do enjoy seeing what other people buy on their thrifting jaunts. If you do too, take a look at Her Library Adventures and play along.

Another excellent site is Thrifty Treasure . Check out her fantastic 100th Post Giveaway. Enjoy!

Thursday 20 May 2010

Charity shopping frenzy

Hoorah, the weekend is almost here! This week has gone by and I haven't reported on my recent charity shop finds. Well, last Saturday when the weather was semi decent (Sunday - it poured), we went to Leigh on Sea which is a cute little place next to Southend on Sea for those of you who don't know it. Lots of lovely charity shops - so I was in my element. Here is what I got:

A rather cheerful table cloth (50p)which, contrary to what I said in an earlier post about not using table cloths, is now firmly on the dining table - beautifully ironed as you can see.

A Van Gogh piccy which I bought for the frame - which, although a little chipped, looks the perfect sort of thing for Mr J and P's Grandma Gladys' rose painting. Gladys was a prolific painter of mainly flowers and the odd nude (and when I say odd......). Will show you the roses (and possibly the nude if you're lucky) later. Anyway a chipped frame for 65p - a bargain methinks.

A tin of buttons for 70p. Now what to do with them is the question..... Suggestions (nice ones, if you please, Mr J and P) welcome.

A lovely mint green teapot (Poole pottery) for £1.29:

A pretty blue jug for £1 and then later I discovered a whole stack of blue and pink bowls in the same design (Grindley Lupin Petal) for 20 p each! I bought 2 blue ones and 2 pink ones much to Mr J and P's dismay and when I suggested to Mr J and P that we should buy the whole darn lot seeing as they were only 20 p each, he declared that he wanted nothing to do with my bowls and went off in a little huff! Well really.....

I still haven't quite got over not buying a whole stack of lovely pink and blue bowls that we don't need; but don't worry folks, we're off to Kent this weekend (camping in the Sittingbourne area) and I'll be dragging Mr J and P and friends around the charity shops - you see if I don't.

Thursday 13 May 2010

Crocheted small grany square cushion in all its glory

Yes. I've done it! At last. Here it is - a proper cushion and all:

Here it is again:

And here it is again - just for luck!

Really enjoyed the crocheting experience and loved playing with the squares and deciding which colour should go where! Did not enjoy sewing the squares together. I'm not the world's most patient person and my sewing skills are pretty rubbish. But I managed it in the end (just don't look too carefully). Backed it with a shrunken woollen blankie from the charity shop and Bob's yer uncle.

If you remember, I was inspired to do this by Do you Mind if I Knit's lovely scarf here. Well, recently I noticed that she has a tutorial for her beautiful sisterhood crochet blanket square here. I really like her step by step tutorials. They're perfect for dimwits like myself: excellent photos, easy to follow instructons and lots of encouragement. Well, inspired by this wonderful tutorial, I thought I'd experiment a little and lookee here:

Yes, five granny squares already. How did that happen? Methinks another cushion cover is on its merry way (to go with the other ones I'm planning with some vintage fabric I've got plus I was planning to try my hand at making some patchwork ones). Oh well you can't have enough cushion covers don't you think?

Friday 7 May 2010

We stayed in a windmill

Yes, how cool is that? For the Bank Holiday weekend. Little old us. In a windmill. Have a look:

The windmill in all its glory:

The stairs!

A small person on said stairs:

A four poster bed:

Views from the windmill (not the world's greatest piccies but you get the idea don't you?):

We stayed in lovely Rutland. It's the smallest county in England and has some very pretty villages. Rather like the Cotswolds only minus the hoards of tourists and ye olde tea shoppes (mind you I've got nothing against ye olde tea shoppes).

On Friday, we travelled up to Rutland via Northamptonshire and stopped at lovely Oundle and a place called Woodford Newton where we discovered the grave of Coco the Clown of all people.

A piccy!

Saturday: charity shopping in pretty Oakham. Lovely dishy thing useful for containing bits and bobs and beautiful 70s tray. 75p each.

Then a walk near Rutland Water. Glorious.

Sunday was a visit to Stamford in Lincs. Beautiful old city. Then onto Uppingham for the event of the year in my opinion - their Scarecrow festival. I love it! Here are just two of the entries:

Roll on the next Bank Holiday is what I say.