Friday 26 July 2013

It's curtains for my vintage linens

I've been collecting embroidered tray cloths for a while now.  The plan was to make a patchwork cushion cover with them a la Cath Kidston:

Only I realised I had far too many for one little cushion.  I even had two embroidered tablecloths to play with.  I never used the tablecloths, pretty though they were.  I'm far too much of a domestic slattern to spend time ironing the buggers.

Sooooooooooo, I laid out all the cloths, pinned them together in a pleasing stylee and sewed them up.

Lo and behold I've only gone and made a curtain panel:

Mr Fusspot J and P complained that it was a bit dark with the panel closed:

So I found a bit of lace, tied it like so

and voila! Let there be light (sort of):

Little Miss J and P thinks it looks "odd".  There's nothing like your beloved family to poo-poo one's creative leanings.....

Oh well, perhaps a holiday might put the J and Ps in a better mood.  Yes, we're off to Holland to camp for a few days and then we'll visit our friends in the south.  Yay.  Cannot wait.  See you anon. xx

Friday 12 July 2013

If a picture paints a thousand words then these don't count at all

The art of photography has always alluded me.

And, so it seems, Mr J and P.

Mr J and P has many talents.  His runner beano vino (see here) may not taste the best but it sure hits the spot (as I know to my hem...).  His raspberry jam is delish:

 and as for his jar of Rhubarb Love....

Rhubarb Love?  What the heck is that about?  Mr J and P tells me it should be rhubarb jam but he was thinking of me when he wrote it.  Yeah right.

Anyway, here are some pics, courtesy of Mr J and P, of our exciting Saturday at the Rolling Stones (as mentioned in my previous post).

Photo warning:  they're not very good.

This is Temper Trap

These were Palma Violets.  We liked them.

The Stones!

That would be Keith

That's Ron Wood

In the midst of all the lights and bluriness, Mick is wearing a little white dress.  Yes!  He donned one for a couple of numbers.  A little white dress just like the one he wore at Hyde Park in 1969. 

I told you they were rubbish.  Could it have been something to do with the fact that every time Mr J and P went to the bar he kept coming back with 4 pints?....There were just the two of us.....(poor Mr J and P - must have been seeing double).

We both had terrible headaches in the morning.....

Well you have to don't you?


Friday 5 July 2013

Resistance is futile

Some of you may remember that I've got a ridiculous amount of jars cluttering up our kitchen worktop (see here and here for evidence!).  So, when I saw a set of three 1960s Crown Devon sugar, tea and coffee jars in Oxfam recently for a reasonable £9.99 (I've seen them for sale elsewhere for at least double that), I said to myself sternly  "Loo, you do not need yet another tea, coffee, sugar receptacle.  Walk away.  Walk away now before you do something you may later regret." 

Or words to that effect.

The design is "Carnaby Daisy" and was inspired by Mary Quant

So, I walked away. 

Later, Mr J and P, who had a half day off, rang me from the station to ask whether we needed anything from the supermarket.  I told him that we didn't but could he pop into Oxfam and buy the three vintage looking jars for £9.99 please. 

He did. 

I know, I'm a very bad person indeed. 

In other news, I was very lucky to win Emma-Kate's giveaway recently.  Just look at this beautiful wooden crate that she painted especially for Little Miss J and P. 

Isn't she clever?  Emma-Kate I mean.  You are too, Little Miss J and P, but you are "easily distracted"  (just like your parents) and need to focus more.  Plus you need to spend less time on social media.  Just saying.....

Where the heck was I?  (Perhaps, you could tell that we've recently been to parents' evening..).  Aaah yes, back to Emma-Kate.  I also got these glorious tea towels and fabby nail varnish. 

Thank you Emma-Kate, I love everything and Little Miss has declared the wooden crate "sick" which is high praise indeed.

Before I toddle off, just letting you know that this Saturday, Mr J and P and myself are off to see:

Too excited for words.....

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend too. xx