Tuesday 23 October 2012

Let's get culling

In case you hadn't realised, Mr J and P and  my good self are dreadful hoarders.  Mr J and P is a terrible one for his books and I'm just terrible with everything.  Yes, dear readers, it's official:  I've got too much stuff.

I hereby declare to cull my collection of jars, for a starter, which are cluttering up the kitchen work top.  Lovely though they are - some are just sitting there EMPTY - and I haven't got anything to put in them because everything is in jars or some such container already.  I know, it's madness.

I'd like to show you my collection of vintage sheets which I'm massing at a steady rate in order to make a patchwork duvet cover.  However, they're stuffed in bags in my wardrobes (yes, I have two - a constant irritation to Mr J and P who is not happy with his mere one) and I can't get to grips with them.  I can't shut the wardrobe doors properly and every time I open a door something falls out.  It's very annoying.

I need to get organised.....

I need to cull......

and, more importantly, I need to make room for more stuff..............

So, what have I been buying? Well, take a look at this 1970s "Revelation" vanity case complete with its tag and never used (ebay £9.99):

The inside is pristine

It even came with these plastic containers which I'm inexplicably overexcited about
It now houses my little collection of perfumes:

Look at my lovely orange plastic snack tray thingymebob.  The little trays spin round.  This makes me inexplicably overexcited too.

I love this picture.  It's big and much more vibrant in real life:

Bernard Cathelin:  Red Anemonies on a Blue background
I found the large genie bottle decanter in a charity shop for £9.99.  The smaller one was 50p at a car boot.

One last thing before I go and tackle my jars.  I'm joining Kylie and Donna's RETRO COOK OFF:

Why don't you join in too?  Go on, you know you want to....xx

Friday 5 October 2012

Coffee anyone?

When I'm not going to  bed at 9 o'clock *pause for effect*.........  I know, I know, I need to get a life.  The other night I wanted to go to bed at 8.30 but Mr J and P wouldn't let me.  He said that I shouldn't be going to bed earlier than my 11 year old daughter.  I expect he's probably right.  Anyway, when I'm not going to bed at 9 o'clock, I've actually been making things.

Now, don't laugh, but this is a patchwork coffee cosy for a friend of mine.  Patchwork and pompom trimming are two very favourite things of mine, in case you didn't know.

One side:

The other side:

Yup, it's a bit bonkers.  I admit it.  But what's even more bonkers is that it matches my patchwork bathroom mat almost too well. 

I'm finding this oddly disconcerting:

Look, they're related!

I've also made cushion covers for little Miss J and P's room:

This seat pad for her new computer chair (£10 from ebay including delivery - cheap because it had a scratch on the seat which I've cleverly *er hem* covered with the seat pad) was made using a padded envelope.  Yes, I said padded envelope.  Instructions here.

I also painted this mirror which I blogged about here

aqua (from an old pot of paint festering in the cellar)

and it's now in Little Miss' room AND she actually likes it.

Talking of disconcerting things, Little Miss J and P's posters are not only multiplying but she appears to be displaying some unusual tendencies like superimposing Justin Bieber's head on this very muscular torso:

and Jessie J's head on Justin Bieber's body:

Should I be worried?