Friday 7 November 2014

Better late than never.....

Well, I've finally dragged myself away from the TV screen and Netflix (blimey, there's soooo much to watch!) and I'm here to bore you to death with a small selection of Canada photos.  Hoorah! 

Afterall, our trip was over a whole two months ago now......

We stayed near the shores of Lake Ontario.  Doesn't it look idyllic?

And we stayed here:

Fortunately, we didn't see this bear or any bears.

We also stayed here:

I know! 

This was their laundry room.  Blimey, we only wanted to wash our smalls......

Mr and Little Miss were not happy bunnies at this campsite.  Not surprising as 2 months of torrential rain fell in two days while we camped here (Awenda Provincial Park Ontario in case you want to know).  It had actually stopped raining in this photo.....for about a minute.

Here's Mr J and P looking a lot happier at the Montreal Gay Pride Parade.  And the sun came out.  Yahoo!

Such fun, dear readers.

Ermmmmm nice:

And we actually saw someone we recognised:
Peter Tatchell

Squeeeeeeeal!  We saw a moose:

The distances on these signs are mind boggling aren't they?

And we just liked the sentiments of this Equestrian Therapeutic Centre that we drove past:

I'll just prance off now, dear readers.  Have a great weekend. xx


  1. Welcome back! I'm insanely jealous of your trip, it looks fantastic (other than the rainfall!) I'd have been squealing with excitement over the moose and been tempted to nick the Bear in the Area sign...once a student.... xxxx

  2. I love seeing your holiday pics. Great to see you posting again. Xx

  3. Sounds like a great trip, apart from the rain.

  4. Hey Loo, it's good to see a post from you! Your Canadian trip looks fantastic (well, apart from the rain and the mad Christian campsite...) Spotting a moose and Peter Tatchell is exciting, but I would have liked to see a bear. A proud gay foreskin, not so much...
    So come on, saddle up and continue blogging - you've been missed! xxx

  5. I'm not the only one to snap dog poo signs then? Sounds like a fabulous trip. Lovely to see you back Loo. xx

  6. Welcome home ...and re my Trollop post...yes I call them trolls but maybe they're Trollops in China? I thought gonks were Humpty Dumpty types...but I'm not well traveled like you. xx

  7. Glad you're back Loo. Have missed your amusing posts. That campsite is hilarious! I would have been so tempted to pin up a rude message before I left!


  8. We love the Gay Pride Parade each year, its always so spectacular. My Eldest son has a couple of horses and has just bought a pair of chaps, lets hope he wears trousers underneath unlike one of the Pride participants. lol

  9. Are you going to show us more? Loved this little selection. The rain sounds hideous though!
    I would have been frightened to breathe too loudly at that campsite you stayed at!
    My T would have loved the gay pride rally. He went to the Reading one this year with his boyfriend and a bunch of friends and had the best time.
    Lisa x

  10. Looks amazing! I do think Mr J&P could have made more of an effort with his outfit and makeup for Gay Pride though. xx

  11. That looks amazing! I'm not a fan of travel I'm very much a homebird but Canada is somewhere we would love to visit. Camping is a pain in rain though, poor souls xxx

  12. Wow, weren't you intrepid, camping in bear country! Much respect. Don't fancy the downpour so much but everything else will do nicely. I've never been to a gay pride parade, it looks wild and wonderful! Xxx

  13. Great photos, but crikey - would you have have felt the wrath of God if you had been caught washing your smalls on the Sabbath?? Something tells me that the owners of the campsite probably wouldn't have been joining in the fun at Gay Pride!

  14. What lovely pictures. I've never been to Canada but I would love to go. And you saw a moose - amazing!

  15. Wow, I hope you managed to have a good time despite the rain.