Friday 25 January 2013

50 shades of patchwork: yes it's the vintage sheet patchwork duvet cover ta- dah

Well, hello dear readers, I've only gone and finished my vintage sheet patchwork duvet cover.  I know!  I'm feeling very pleased with myself.

Even my wonky and odd looking crocheted cushions look ok next to the duvet cover

It was a pleasure to do actually. 

Cutting out the squares - took ages though. 

Deciding which square should go with what was the best bit.  I'm thinking that you can't go wrong with a vintage sheet; they just look so fabulous together.

It was a bit unwieldy to work with at times.  After all, it is a kingsize duvet, so lots of material to grapple with.  I got there in the end though.

This is the other side - a whole pristine vintage sheet.

I love my patchwork duvet cover lots and lots.

I purposely nip into the bedroom at every opportunity just to gaze at it in wonder........

Sometimes, I find myself caressing each and every square and, believe you me, that takes a long old while......

And the patchwork doesn't stop there!  I'm already cutting up squares for my next patchwork project plus I just whipped up this patchwork little number (literally) for a Little Miss' birthday:

I'm a patchwork making crazy thing.  Or maybe just crazy.......xx

Saturday 12 January 2013

What a Palaver

We had a more than usually expensive Christmas this year, that's for sure. Just a week before Xmas, I left the house one morning to find our new-to-us car (bought in April) clamped outside our house.  CLAMPED!  I'll tell you for why.  Mr J and P and I had foolishly failed to notice that the tax disc had expired in September.  Not only that but we  also failed to register the car in our name.

While I'm burbling on, take a look at just a few thing I got from Xmas.  This is a build your own reindeer. I think it's supposed to be a Xmas decoration.  I don't care.  A reindeer is for life, you know, not just for Xmas.

The woman on the phone from the DVLA said "What!  You mean you've had the car since April and you've not registered it in your name?".  Yes, that would be us.  We had to pay £260 to unclamp the car, £100 for the tax disc, £25 to register the car and a further £100 fine for leaving an untaxed car in the road.  I know exactly what you're thinking.  Yup, we are first class idiots of the highest order *shakes head sadly*.

An ostrich feather duster with (wait for it) a telescopic handle. I know!
Too exciting for words.

Just a few days later, Mr J and P and I locked ourselves out of the house.  I wanted to call a locksmith but luckily, the tight old git Mr J and P bothered the neighbours at the back of the house (our next door neighbours weren't in) and managed to borrow a step ladder which he used to climb over the fence into our back garden.

Look at what my clever s-i-l made me.  She covered a cream cracker tin with this funky fabric and inside.......

Joy of joys, the dining room window was slightly ajar and Mr J and P knew his keys were in the pocket of his coat which was slung over a chair.  He found a tree pruning  implement which we've never used, lying in the undergrowth that passes for a garden, and fished through the small opening, hooked the keys from the jacket  pocket. and returned like a burglar in broad daylight back over the rear fence.  Huzzah!

......lots of lovely fabric bits.......

And isn't it nice to meet the neighbours?  But preferably not looking like complete idiots.  Again.

.....ripe for the patchworking methinks.

Mallorca was lovely, thank you for asking;  a welcome break from our pre-Xmas nonsense.

You didn't think you'd get away without seeing some holiday snaps did you?

The cathedral at Palma which was partly restored partly by Gaudi:

Love these circular paper garlands.  May have to copy.

 Love a bit of graffiti art (in Palma again):

Pretty Deia where Robert Graves lived...

and died:

The sea was very stormy here.  Note the rainbow in the background:

Spotted this interesting sight in someone's back garden:

OK, I'm off now but just to let you know that I've finished my vintage sheet duvet cover and will reveal all in the next post.  Just when you thought it couldn't get any more exciting....