Friday 14 November 2014

Mr J and P's household tips

Do your pans suffer from stubborn burnt-on stains that won't go away?

Heavy duty scourers just not cutting it?

Vinegar and baking soda:  more effort than they're worth?

Well, it's time to wave goodbye to endless scrubbing. 

Say adios to the vinegar and bah to the baking soda.

Instead, say hello to Mr J and P's good old fashioned method of cleaning those burnt-on stains after jam making.

The chisel.

He has the hands of a surgeon......

Yes!  Just pick up the chisel and gouge away to your heart's content. ......

Works a treat according to Mr J and P who says and I quote " Well, to be fair, I got most of the black stuff off, there's just the odd little scratch here and there."

Marvellous!  Who knew!



  1. I can give you another way. I always have a small box of biological washing powder in the cupboard never ever use it for washing clothes etc. but is great for cleaning various items from burnt on saucepans (half cup and cover with boiling water) to cleaning old vintage bakelite radio knobs grill cloths after my husband has restored the vintage radio!

  2. That really made me laugh. Have a great weekend.

  3. Brilliant... has he tried the wire brush fitted to a power drill technique? xx

  4. ...even easier...throw the pan in the bin - lol!

  5. Ha ha. Brute force, the manly choice.

    Jean x

  6. But what you're NOT telling us, Loo, is who burnt the pan in the first place? Is Mr J&P chiseling off his own burnt offering, or was it anything to do with you?! xxx

  7. I thought you had some wonder treatment when I started to read, but then a good husband is a wonder isn't he?

  8. Where would we be without them eh? I hope he didn't blunt that chisel... xxx

  9. That's about the most radical cleaning treatment for saucepans I've ever seen! Don't let him loose on anything delicate! :) xx

  10. I was getting excited for a new secret recipe for a cleaning treatment, but of course, if all else fails get the Chisel out. Classic! It might catch on.

  11. How..... ummmm..... delicate?!
    Lisa x

  12. Move over Cilit Bang's Barry Scott....."Hi, we're Mr. J and P and today we're going to show you how to remove those tough burnt on stains with a chisel". Hardcore housework indeed ;-)

  13. Hehe, I'll remember that :)

  14. FAIRY Power Spray works wonders, spray area liberally and leave to soak overnight, then pour boiling water over, works for me the rare time I need it. Husband had other ideas but I wanted to keep my pan:-)) GOOD LUCK