Thursday, 24 November 2011

Living the Dream

I'm punching the air
Like I just don't care

Ooh, hark at me, I've come over all poetic.

It's being the lucky recipient of blog giveaways what's done it.  Yeah.

Look at all this lusciousness:

Top Row:  Pins & Needles mag, wooden cotton reel, lacey trim and buttons from Miss Ginger Makes;  Lots of  fabulous stuff from Carolyn of Fashionista Sisters including tea, coffee, chocolate, tea towels, books, a mug and ribbons in her Teatime giveaway; Middle row:  the most gorgeous owl bag made by RosieHearts; the book "Where Women Create" from Sarah B from ShabbyChicSarah with inspirational photos that I've been drooling over on a daily basis

Thank you so much, ladies (and apologies for my rubbish attempt at photo mosaicing).

I did enjoy reading the 1955 issue of Pins and Needles that Miss Ginger sent me.  There's tons of makes to erm... make.  How about this stupendous chick-a-dee handbag perfect for the "discerning young lady":

Never mind knitting this cardie for a little boy or girl, I rather fancy it for myself:

Nothing planned this weekend?  Luckily Pins and Needles have "weekend workshop" projects to keep you busy.  How about making this "delightful modern couch" from an old door and mattress:

Not challenging enough for you?  Well, you could tackle this "versatile" "L" shaped table instead:

It's "smart, practical and easy to make".  Easy to make, my arse.  Look at those scarey diagrams on the left - eeek!

And if that wasn't scarey enough, what about this adjustable see-saw with its "gay horseheads with hand grips and adjustable pivot point". Blimey, it's a bit more demanding than fiddling with my buttons!

One last thing.  It's official.  I'm living the dream.

I've been approached by the manager of one of my local charity shops (well, I go in there often enough) and as of next week, I will be working for a couple of hours a week IN A CHARITY SHOP!!!!

I'm EXTREMELY excited.  Can you tell?

Mr J and P says I'm only doing it to get first dibs on the donations.  How dare he cast such uncharitable aspersions!

I've been approached by the manager before but I decided not to volunteer my services as I don't like him.  He's an annoying little man with a rasping voice who likes to be surrounded by his "ladies", especially on a Saturday when the volunteers are mainly school girls (eeewww).  Hopefully, I won't have anything much to do with him as he doesn't work on the day that I'll be working *breathes sigh of relief*.

Gotta dash.  Must make a start on one of those ridiculously difficult weekend projects..... Pass me the power tools, Mr J and P........... xx


  1. Hoorah for giveaway wins! Lovely bundle of goodies. I need a chick-a-dee bag!!! I always call people chickadee, very spooky!
    I am also GREEN with envy over CS work - you will have to dish the dirt about what goes on behind the scenes, you know you want to ;o) Scarlett x

  2. Congratulations on winning all those lovely crafty things! I'm feeling that my Giveaway is a bit modest by comparison, though I shall be adding some more stuff. Thank you for entering - you seem to be on a lucky streak so who knows! Cx

  3. Oh my gosh, how could anyone possibly class one of those as an easy project? The see-saw looks like it would take some serious mathematical knowledge to construct. The cat pocket cardigan is amazing though. I want one.

  4. Cor, lucky you with all those giveaway goodies. I'm in agreement with Scarlett: you'll have to fill us all in with the chazza shop gossip ;-)

  5. Had a smile on my face as I read your post - blimey those instructions could baffle a NASA scientist! Have fun in the charity shop but don't get stuck in the store-room with the dodgy Manager!

  6. Ooh good wins, well done. I'd really like a gay horsehead see-saw, and I got the woodwork prize in school, can't be that hard, right?!

  7. Nice win! Those projects are hilarious - hope you've already knocked up a see-saw!
    Ooh, working in a charity shop, that IS exciting news! Keep us innformed of all the gossip and any useful strategies for maximising bargains. xxxx

  8. Oh oh I want a cardy with a pussy cat pocket.
    What fabulous treasure!!! Happiness to you V

  9. I want a kitty-cardi too! It is all win there isn't it, working in a charity shop? Yahoo, you jammy thing!!!!

  10. OOoooo, you lucky lady :o)
    Such lovely give -a-ways :o)

    Good luck with your shop job my lovely, and I hope you told Mr J & P that it was very rude of him to suggest such a thing ;o)
    (Make sure you keep away from Mr Rasping Voice my dear)

    Have a great weekend my dear, and take care,

    Love Donna xx

  11. I would love to work in a charity shop and see what comes in...ummm...I mean help to raise money for people less fortunate than I am. Lol

  12. You are the luckiest girl in the world!! Look at all those things!!

    Now....I am sooo excited for you starting in the charidee shop. Please can we have ALLLLLL the gossip as to how you sort through the clothes, etc.

    Not that I'm nosy or anything....


  13. I'm very sorry that you think I'm a horrible little man with a rasping voice. Perhps we'd better think again. After all I wouldn't want to be compromised in the stock room, would I?

    Yours, mortally offended,etc.etc.


  14. Lucky, lucky girl!
    All those goodies, a part time at a favorite charity shop, don't having to deal with a slimy guy and a supporting family=Priceless.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  15. Congrats on winning all those lovely goodies!
    Thanks for sharing the vintage DIY sure made me smile. I think I would have to pass on the Chick-a-dee handbag..but I must admit I do rather like the kitten jumper (I'd wear it!).
    I hope you enjoy volunteering at the Charity let us know how it goes :)

  16. Well done for all those wins - you have been lucky and I'm sure you'll not regret your volunteer work in the CS. Enjoy!
    Love from Mum

  17. Wow, congratulations on all the goodies! You must be having a very lucky streak! Hope the volunteering goes well. :) x

  18. Well, as they say Loo, winners are grinners! great prizes, lucky you.
    I love that "delightful modern couch", but it would take waaay more than a weekend for me to whip one up!
    As for becomming a volunteer in your local op-shop, I'm yet to come across in real treasure in the one I work at. Every Sunday morning I head off with the hope that something really lovely will be waiting for me...alas! I nearly always return home empty handed!
    But OF COURSE, that's not the reason we're volunteering, is it Loo?
    Have a lovely weekend x

  19. You could probably have a blog just dedicated to days working at a charity shop. I can't wait to read your insiders view, sans creepy guy

  20. awwww lucky you to have won all those fab giveaways! i love flipping through magazines/books and see all the wonderful illustrations inside, i love that chick-a-dee handbag, totally adorable! and the pussy cat pocket is a catchy title hehehe.

    xx susan

  21. Were people much more handy back then? I've found the most ridiculously intricate projects in old magazines and books, too!
    I love the chicken handbag, I bet mine would look nothing like that.
    I worked as a volunteer in a charity shop for years and found the most hideous things, the worst being a dead dog someone had stuck in a collection bag. x

  22. Ok I'm so late to comment I'm sure you'll have finished one of these stupendous projects by now- did you make the couch or the cardi??? LOL! How exciting working in a chazza, but you'll have to keep on with that stash reduction now!

  23. Congrats on your winning such lovely crafty stuff! Enjoy and hope your day is always gorgeous!!!
    Much love, LS xoxo

  24. If you could knock up one of those L-shaped sofas for me, that would be most wonderful.
    Have fun in the shop

  25. lol ;-)) got to smile at the last bit about the manager. But WOW great news about the volunteering ;-)) Look forward to the stories. Lovely gifts enjoy them all. dee x

  26. ooooh I want that kitty cat pocketed cardi! As for working in a charity shop - jealous! I wasn't allowed to do it as I'm asthmatic and the dust and mustiness set off my asthma! Grrrrrrrrrr. VERY jealous - hope you get some splendid goodies!

  27. I think I wouldn't quite mind a chick-a-dee handbag, it takes me back to being a teenager and wanting one of those awfully hideous watering can handbags! (I still secretly want one)

    Good for you for volunteering, be sure to share your finds xxx

  28. I have spent many, many happy days, over the years, helping out at British Heart Foundation charity shop in 'Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells' and bloody loved it...apart from the hordes of tat - its the endless buckets of tea, wobbly knee & dicky elbow discussion you have with all the truly proper British old ladies, who tirelessly support these hig street charities...that really tickle my heart cockles.

    You will adore, and yes, you will get first dibs on said choice items, but you will also be giving sooo, soo, sooo much more - make sure you help out with the window will make it rather delectable me thinks...

    Bon chance mon amie

  29. I imagine by now you've knocked up an impressive sofa and are halfway thought that seesaw...! Getting crafty aint what it used to be. Em x

  30. Ah always make me smile. My world's a better place for having you in it! xxx

  31. Ooooooooooooooooh a charity shop!!!! We are campaigning to get one in a nearby town and I have volunteered - BUT we have all the red tape to get through forst!

  32. I want the couch and the pussy cat pocket them!

  33. Congrats on charity job!
    You got some awesome gifts, lucky biatch.
    i been wanting to work at our village one. Hope that perv doesnt bug you.
    Oh yeah first dibs on junk and stuff.
    I want chick a dee bag and cat sweater.