Friday 27 September 2013

Pouffe Palavar (it wasn't really a palavar, I just couldn't think of another "p" word)

I always love it when something I've been hoarding for no particular reason or purpose actually comes in handy.

I'm talking about the single duvet languishing in a bag under the spare bed together with the cushions that had lost their oomph.  What I was keeping the cushions for, I know not.  They really were useless and not fit for purpose. 

Anyway, I decided to knit a pouffe and use the duvet and useless cushions as stuffing. 

I was inspired by Pickles' so-called Puff Daddy here:

Cute huh?

I couldn't quite follow the instructions (because I'm a fool) but I found this one easier to follow.

I used this deliciously soft chunky yarn which is 51% wool and 49% acrylic.  It's probably far too lovely and soft for an item of furniture but it was cheaper than the equivalent 100% chunky acrylic.

Now, I would have liked to show you the steps leading up to the pouffe's creation, but Little Miss J and P has, YET AGAIN, deleted the pics from the camera *tries to suppress evil thoughts*.

Anyway, if you follow these instructions you can't go wrong AND it's the same principle, would you believe, as my round cushion here .

So, you knit a large rectangle, sew together the two short sides to make a cylinder, gather one end of cylinder with running stitch, stuff with spare duvet and useless cushions, gather and sew the other end so it looks like this:

I didn't much care for the gaping hole at either end so I knitted two small squares and stuffed them in the holes at both ends:

Aah that's much better

Here it is in situ:


And here it is, for some reason, posing proudly on the sofa:

The pouffe cost just under £20 which isn't bad when shop bought pouffes cost a whole lot more.
On another note, rejoice with me, dear readers, as there are a whole TWO jumble sales to go to tomorrow.  I am so excited that I fear I won't get a wink of sleep tonight.....Seriously.....
Bye bye one and all. xx


  1. Oh my gosh, it's fab!! And I think it's a bargain for £20.
    Good luck with your jumbling.

  2. Oh my goodness that thing is absolutely gorgeous!! I love everything about it!
    Have a great weekend,

  3. What a proud and plump pouffe. xx

  4. That is bloody fantastic, you should be very proud of yourself, straight out of a swanky design magazine!
    We have the same coffee table! x

  5. That's fabulous! So clever. I think your sofa is so stylish too. Is it proper vintage?

  6. That is so cool! Will definitely be putting this on my already massive list of things to knit.

  7. Oh WoW! Thats wonderful
    Julie xxxxxx

  8. Love the colour.
    Love from Mum

  9. Good work with the needles Loo!
    Love the colour too btw.

  10. That's bloody fabularse!
    I'm hopeless at following instructions....I have to get G to translate! X

  11. Can't beat a bit of alliteration when it comes to post titles!
    You are clever Loo, your pouffe is magnificent & I like your cushions too. I can understand your excitement re the JS's, I went to one last week, shame they aren't more frequent. Will be looking out for your scores. X

  12. Brilliant! How clever of you! And what a great way of using up the old duvet and flat cushions!

  13. Wah it's brilliant! Making one of these is definitely on my Things To Do When I Have A Spare Few Weeks list. Did you have to use massive needles?! xx

  14. Love it! Also love the word 'palaver' I use it a lot ...

    Hope there were rich pickings st the jumbles, I've got one to go to on Thursday ... what rock and roll lives we lead!

    Love Claire xxx

  15. Wonderful, very clever!! I hope you found some bargains at the boot sale- do tell us!

  16. How were the jumbles? Well, you've got one helluva big pom pom there, so I'm expecting great things, Loo! xxxx

  17. oh my gosh these are awesome. wish i was talented enough to make something like this.

  18. Hi, I've just stumbled upon you. Not sure why I hadn't done it earlier, as have enjoyed trawling through your posts. Love the pouff, and love that you are a knitter - I am sick of seeing gorgeous crochet that I have a snowballs chance of recreating (don't tell me you're multi-talented and can hook too! I haven't trawled enough to find out.) S:)

  19. You are a knitting genius. Love it!
    Hope you feel rightly proud of yourself.
    Did the jumbles turn up trumps?
    Lisa x

  20. Wow,fantastic,well done,Your pouffe s amazing,love the colour, I've seen these, so expensive in the shops too. have a great weekend,love Julie xxxx

  21. You've done a great job! It looks so good. Genius!

  22. Holy arsebiscuit - you made a poof!

    It's absolutely gorgeous and I'll bet I could figure out how to crochet one pretty easily (she says blithely... but honestly, I see tantrums in my near future).

    I especially love the poof on the sofa. It is right.

    Sarah xxx