Friday 5 July 2013

Resistance is futile

Some of you may remember that I've got a ridiculous amount of jars cluttering up our kitchen worktop (see here and here for evidence!).  So, when I saw a set of three 1960s Crown Devon sugar, tea and coffee jars in Oxfam recently for a reasonable £9.99 (I've seen them for sale elsewhere for at least double that), I said to myself sternly  "Loo, you do not need yet another tea, coffee, sugar receptacle.  Walk away.  Walk away now before you do something you may later regret." 

Or words to that effect.

The design is "Carnaby Daisy" and was inspired by Mary Quant

So, I walked away. 

Later, Mr J and P, who had a half day off, rang me from the station to ask whether we needed anything from the supermarket.  I told him that we didn't but could he pop into Oxfam and buy the three vintage looking jars for £9.99 please. 

He did. 

I know, I'm a very bad person indeed. 

In other news, I was very lucky to win Emma-Kate's giveaway recently.  Just look at this beautiful wooden crate that she painted especially for Little Miss J and P. 

Isn't she clever?  Emma-Kate I mean.  You are too, Little Miss J and P, but you are "easily distracted"  (just like your parents) and need to focus more.  Plus you need to spend less time on social media.  Just saying.....

Where the heck was I?  (Perhaps, you could tell that we've recently been to parents' evening..).  Aaah yes, back to Emma-Kate.  I also got these glorious tea towels and fabby nail varnish. 

Thank you Emma-Kate, I love everything and Little Miss has declared the wooden crate "sick" which is high praise indeed.

Before I toddle off, just letting you know that this Saturday, Mr J and P and myself are off to see:

Too excited for words.....

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend too. xx


  1. Fab CS find - can see why you had to see Mr back for them - as they were still there they must be meant for you ;)

    Have fun in Hyde Park and enjoy the Stones :) Btw King Charles is awesome too :)

  2. Remember Mr J and P paid for jars, if you had bought them you would have had to pay for them!
    Enjoy the Rolling Stones.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Those canisters are oh so lovely. I often have to give myself a stern talking to when op-shopping. I must admit I have become more picky now with shelf and cupboard running out. x

  4. oh my! you were so right to buy those canisters! they are on my wish list. I am a fiend for canisters, especially when they look THAT great!!! nice one. xx

  5. Canisters are super. Green with envy about the concert. Have a fab time.

  6. Canisters are super. Green with envy about the concert. Have a fab time.

  7. It was out of your hands really, wasn't it Loo? Those canisters were meant to come and live at your house with all the other canisters.
    What is it with that easily distracted, must focus line, teachers constantly trot out? Can't they think of anything more original to say? Jeez!
    Have fun at that festival you crazy, mixed up, easily distracted, unfocused girl.

  8. love that crate!

    think you were meant to have the canisters!

  9. Love your jars Loo and you are not bad, it was just fate. Obvs Mr J & P thought so too otherwise he wouldn't have bought them or did you threaten not to cook his tea if he came home without them? I would be beyond excited if I were you...The Stones! Is Mick wearing the white dress from 1969? and is Mick Taylor playing? We'll need photo's please. Have a blast.

  10. Wehey! Glad she liked the crate.
    Loving the cannisters. You can never have too many. xxx

    1. Loo, you a lucky, lucky woman!
      Hyde Park and the Stones, winnings and those delicious looking jar with prints inspire by Mary Quant does makes you a luck magnet.

  11. I would have had to buy those too!
    My gosh they are LOVELY!

  12. The jars are lovely. I just bought a set of hornsea 'heritage' coffee, tea, sugar, biscuits jars and a coffee pot all for £5. It has been pointed out that I don't drink coffee or tea, but I say pah to these nay-sayers...jars are useful and pretty...we Need them!

  13. Love the jars, I collect too many also! xxx

  14. I would have scolded you for NOT buying those amazing jars and at such a good price too! One must have one's vices Loo!! I love homewares designed by the great MQ and congratulations on winning such a delish prize:). xoxo

  15. Wow Loo! Hope you had a fab time and weren't burnt to a crisp in Hyde Park! Lovely things from Emma Kate and so glad you got the gorgeous jars, would have been a crying shame to leave them! Destined to be yours xx

  16. Love your jar collection! So bright and beautiful, I bet they cheer up your day when you see them.

    I am very jealous of your musical outing too, hope you had fun!!!

    Kate Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  17. Oh - I feel a little ill - I had two of these that I gave the charity shop about four-five years ago.....regrets....I've had a few...Still yours look lovely...I'm not bitter...ho ho!
    It is terrible how certain items gnaw away and you know that you have to buy them....that has happened to me once or twice in my time....
    Have a lovely sunny day
    Best wishes

  18. I'm still kicking myself for not buying that set from a Walsall chazza last year, even more jealous now!
    Hope the Stones rocked - I bet they did! xxx

  19. I can see why you wanted them, they're lovely. Perfect and practical canisters indeed x

  20. Are you still buzzing? No, not from seeing Mick and the boys - from the joy of getting those canisters! Ha, I am so droll...
    Nice win from Emma Kate. We have an easily distracted one in this family too (Littlest), there's a lot of it about. xxxx

  21. You did exactly the right thing: walked away. I always think if you keep thinking about them afterwards, you are meant to have them. All's well that ended well! xxx

  22. you have to tell us about the Stones!! But yes I love the jars and I know what it's like when you see something, then don't buy it, the just have to have it - I love the feeling when someone else gets the desired item for you! xxx

  23. Gorgeous jars, love the design. Well done on your little win. Have a great day.
    Barrina x

  24. I want those jars so much! How do you find these lovely things?x