Friday 12 July 2013

If a picture paints a thousand words then these don't count at all

The art of photography has always alluded me.

And, so it seems, Mr J and P.

Mr J and P has many talents.  His runner beano vino (see here) may not taste the best but it sure hits the spot (as I know to my hem...).  His raspberry jam is delish:

 and as for his jar of Rhubarb Love....

Rhubarb Love?  What the heck is that about?  Mr J and P tells me it should be rhubarb jam but he was thinking of me when he wrote it.  Yeah right.

Anyway, here are some pics, courtesy of Mr J and P, of our exciting Saturday at the Rolling Stones (as mentioned in my previous post).

Photo warning:  they're not very good.

This is Temper Trap

These were Palma Violets.  We liked them.

The Stones!

That would be Keith

That's Ron Wood

In the midst of all the lights and bluriness, Mick is wearing a little white dress.  Yes!  He donned one for a couple of numbers.  A little white dress just like the one he wore at Hyde Park in 1969. 

I told you they were rubbish.  Could it have been something to do with the fact that every time Mr J and P went to the bar he kept coming back with 4 pints?....There were just the two of us.....(poor Mr J and P - must have been seeing double).

We both had terrible headaches in the morning.....

Well you have to don't you?



  1. Rhubarb love......perfect!!!!
    yay the Rolling Stones.....amazing.
    Yes you just have to do it.
    Love V

  2. Haha, I'm very jealous that you got to see the Stones!! I'd have been too busy dancing around like a mad thing to think about photos anyway.

  3. you saw the stones?!! sooooooo jealous right now! happy weekend loo x

  4. I think I need a magnifying glass. I can't make out a single Stone or Parma Violet!

  5. The joys of photographing live music when alcohol is involved :)

  6. You could have a spot the Stone competition

    As I beleive Golden Earring sang "We've got a thing they call rhbuarb love!"...Rhubarb Love...Soft Cell...anyone?

  7. Did you love them so much as we did? We didn't even attempt a photo - booze and cameras definitely don't mix! xxx

  8. Watching the Stones while knocking back a few pints sounds like heaven - who care about the photos?! And if you have a man who makes wine, jam/love, then you can't complain too much about his photography.
    Ahem, just realised I've typed "a man who makes... love" But that's OK, isn't it? I'm sure he does that better than he takes photos, hahahaha! xxxxx

    1. Four pints each Mr. J have the right attitude maybe not the best photography skills but it doesn't matter you were there and got to enjoy The Stones!!!!!

  9. A little white dress....and 4 pints woohooo!!...wish I was there, sounds a right old are what I see without my diff where are my glasses?
    ahem I am now woman of a certain age i guess....
    d x

  10. i think the pics are great...and i totally love that ur post features both handmade jam and rock n roll.that is very hip of u, i think!

  11. I've just had a nose around your blog, it's absolutely lovely! I'm your newest fan :)

  12. Home made jam is one of the best things on God's earth. Fact. I've never tried Rhubarb Love. Is it good for when you are feeling a bit down? I've been to concerts like that. I've decided they need a height system, you get graded as you go in. What do you think? xx

  13. One thing I would love to do this summer is learn to make jam! Rhubarb Love sound tasty!
    Barrina xx

  14. sounds like an amazing day out!! you lucky things. ooh and the jam and the love both look amazing too. yummy xxxx

  15. You are so hilarious!!
    I demand that we become instant friends!!! :)
    PS... Love the Rhubarb love!