Tuesday 24 May 2011

One out of Three aint bad. Yup, I'm still going on about it.

I've finally managed to get on the computer to write this post as Mr J and P has been hogging it all week, claiming to be writing some so-called report for work.  How could he!  Does he not realise that my readers are gagging for more jumble sale spoils?

OK, everyone, let's milk these jumble sale finds even more.....

Two Vogue knitting books, a how-to and a patterns book:

I love looking at the photos:

Just lounging around playing a game of cat's cradle with the one you love - how idyllic....

Hidden among the pages of one of the books was a cutting from The Daily Mirror 26 March 1947.  Must have been a slow news day.....

For all you knitters out there, it advocates the Swedish method of casting on saying "Our English  way of casting-on is the worst in the world.  In the long history of knitting it must have wasted millions of yards of wool and years of work."  Fascinating.

Even more fascinating is this:


Yay for the cows and her triplets!

I bought quite a few items of clothing - all size 10 and none of them fit me.  That's because I'm NOT a size 10.  What was I thinking of?  Luckily, I have a friend who IS a size 10, so she's going to be a lucky bunny indeed.  However, these 2 items fit me to a tee:

Cheery towelling beach robe thingy:

Little Miss J and P has stated categorically that she does not want to be on the same beach as me if I wear it.  Cheeky children and their opinions eh? 

I love Welsh tweed and this pencil skirt fits me perfectly. 

Now, I do like the look and colours of mohair scarves:

But sadly, not to wear, as they are just too itchy for my liking.  Instead, I prefer to drape them in, what I hope is an appealing way, over the arm of our armchair. 

The two "new" scarves in the middle join the blue and red yesteryear jumble sale finds at either end

Not appealing, though, to Mr J and P, who complained "What are those stupid bits hanging down from our armchair?"  I shall rise above his silly comments.

An aran jumper which looks like it's never been worn:

I love this purse:

Books, lovely books:

All two of them

While my collection of Puffins and Ladybirds are coming on a treat, my collection of teatowels has never really taken off.  I just don't see them in charity shops anymore.  So imagine my joy when I spotted these.  Not the most wonderous of teatowels but I was excited about them anyway:

This one is definitely my favourite

I like a map on a teatowel

If you want to see some truly wonderous tts, (as we teatowel afficionados like to call them) check out Kylie's blog Lucy Violet Vintage.  Kylie has an immense collection and features one every time she posts.  Swooon.

Finally, take a look at what Mr J and P bought for 20p (brace yourselves, dear readers):

It's a banana guard of course!  You know, for transporting your banana safely to work or school without it getting squashed and bruised.  Aaaah, yes, of course it is.

What a marvellous invention, no?

And with that dearest readers, I'll love you and leave you.  We're off to sunny Cornwall for half term, so see you when I get back.

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  1. haha i love the banana guard, but i was always a little concerned that they would make shopping more complicated, as you would have to search through all the bananas on offer in order to find ones which met the size and shape requirements of the guard? i never invested in one for that reason..

  2. Great jumble finds...love the banana guard!! Have a lovely half term in Cornwall.
    Jo xx

  3. I have the 'nana guard in a sunny yellow! Amazing item. Love the purse and the news paper clippings are fun! They looked at me strangle at the jumble as bought clothes in all different sizes to make my ebay millions! Scarlett x

  4. wow, some lovely finds there. I haven't been to a jumble sale for years, I didn't even know they where still around. I really must read the local paper more often!
    I love the vintage patterns and the books. :)

  5. Those banana guard are a fiver in Lakeland so that's a very good find. Apparently they're shaped so you can fit any old banana in their - fascinating facts from me. I know, I know!!!

    I used to have that pink Something To Do book when I was little! It was a goodie!


  6. Love the photographs and your armchair looks very chic. Mr J and P knows not what he says, although he did well with the banana guard. And I love your towelling beach romper affair, you can come to the beach with me and my enormous hat and we can embarrass our offspring together!

  7. I used to have that "Something To Do" book when I was a kiddie! Love the towelling robe and the clever use of the mohair scarves, I'm going to have to copy that idea, I've got loads too and they are far too scratchy to wear. xxx

  8. Wow! Great finds as always! I love all your lovely goodness, especially the vintage books!!! :)

  9. Had a giggle at that banana guard lol

  10. Great finds ! I love the Welsh tweed and this pencil skirt and the teatowels.
    I'm sorry to say that my mind went into the gutter when I saw the banana guard. So Sorry, I'll try to keep it P.G. next time!!!!!

  11. Banana guard? Is that a euphemism? ;-)
    Super jumble buys Loo, especialy the Welsh tweed skirt, purse, beach robe and knitting books. I love reading about a brilliant jumble haul, like yours.

  12. I'm off to Cornwall too! I shall watch out for that dress on the beach!!!! xxxxxxxx

  13. haha, i just got your comment re banana guard being one size fits all - that's a whole different kettle of fish in that case! or perhaps a whole different bunch of bananas?! :/
    i think i should never ever become a comedian!

  14. Oh that banana guard could so some serious damage!

    I need to get myself to some jumble sales I think. There seems to be so much more loveliness there than at car boots.

    Great finds.

    Madison xxx

  15. Hello, my lover. Great finds as usual. I was a bit concerned when I scrolled down but thankfully it is a banana holder and not what I first thought.
    I love the beachwear and I wouldn't disown you if you sat next me wearing it.
    Have a great week in Cornishland.

  16. A banana guard! Of course!! Wow, I love your finds but the Something to Do almost brought a tear to my eye, I had that as a little girl and absolutely loved it!

  17. The banana guard made me laugh out loud!!!
    Love how you used the scarves xx

  18. Fabuolous finds there I love the purse, I had one identical years ago! You will have to email me your address I have a funky Tea Towel I got a while back that I think you might appreciate.
    Kandi x

  19. A girly giggle giggle at the banana guard ;)

    Have a lovely time in cornwall x

  20. Love the purse,
    20p well spent I think, one of the children in my class has an apple guard it's like a blow up beach balloon what will they think of next.
    Cate x

  21. Oh good god, that banana guard scared the life out of me! I've only ever seen them in yellow before.

    If Miss J&P doesn't want to be seen on a beach with you then I'll be your holiday buddy! Mind you, we might fight over the beach robe because it's AMAZING! The skirt is rather good too, and the purse, and the tea towels...I could go on...

  22. Left you a comment earlier, but there seem to be gremlins about! LOVE the idea of sitting around in the evening playing cat's cradle with hubby, both in our newly knitted jumpers!! Enjoy Cornwall. Abby x

  23. Super treasures I had to laugh at the banana guard......love all the linens!
    again a bit jealous!

  24. It seems to me you guys are always on holidays Loo! I hope you have a lovely time beside the seaside beside the sea.

    My daughters are the same, especially when I wear vintage...they look me up and down and their usual comment is "you're not wearing THAT are you?!" Charming! Shouldn't it be the other way round?

    Love ttts especially the cat and Canadian x

  25. ;-)) great finds. I bought my son a yellow banana case great idea but after one day he told me he hated banana's "doh". Love the bath robe thing great colors and fabric but i can see where your children are coming from ha ha ;-)) Love the purse so pretty and you just have to love a good vintage magazine and or book i can spend hours looking through them. Have a lovely half term and enjoy your break, dee x

  26. Finshing on a high note with that banana protector!!!
    I adore seeing your jumble scores! The knitting books are fab,and I love the pix too!
    Generally,a great haul.Keep it up!

  27. Fabulous find! I love the mohair scarves but like you they make me itch! Aboye the flowers, mine have 4 on the outside and then 3 in the middle! When I've stitched the centres I pull them upwards with my fingers!
    Seems to work! Hope it helps you!
    Rachel x
    p.s have a wonderful holiday!

  28. I used to have the 'Something to do' Puffin book - I used to LOVE it as a kiddling. I found it on the market the other day and nearly bought it again but I'm 95% sure that my mum kept those books of ours.
    I love that Canadian tea-towel. I'm never thought of collecting tea-towels because my nana used to collect them - but hmmmmmmmm - I'm starting to see ones I really like!

  29. 'Cow has triplets - all doing well' Now isn't that the sort of lovely news we like to get?! I must admit being back in the countryside I do see more of that sort of thing in the local paper and I love it :-)

    Your finds are amazing!

    Jem xXx

  30. Oh how I laughed, your tales of jumble finds and subsequent family comments made me roar with laughter. I too have a family who don't really get my love of jumble treasure, and a daughter who frequently says - mum you're so embarassing!

  31. Hiya
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    Your swap partner is Land Girl

    Thanks for playing along!

  32. Have a lovely time in Cornwall. Your tales of jumble finds made me laugh.

    San Diego Mobile Notary

  33. Great buys! The banana guard had me giggling though! :) x

  34. i almost choked in laughter when i scroll down slowly to your BANANA GUARD! wuahahahahaha it's soooooooo cuteeee, love the pencil skirt design, the purse is sooo lovely and i love all the vintage photos, hehehehe to the cow that gave birth to triplets!! love everything you bought!!! xx Susan

  35. Banana guard! now I have seen everything. Although actually, it would be pretty useful!

  36. great scores, love the knitting books although I dont knit, cat teatowel is my fave too,I would proudly wear that robe.thought banana was something else.

  37. Just to say: I hope you're having a BRILLIANT time in Cornwall - and can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

    Missing you...


  38. Lovely finds! I have never heard of a banana guard!

  39. I was going to comment sensibly about how I love that towelling beach robe, and that I sometimes hook attractive scarves on the back of a door (internal, with coat hooks on it natch)... then I saw the bananaguard, snorted with laughter and had to re-read the post again as I forgot what I was going to say. Ahem. Bananaguard: genius.

  40. I had that pink something to do book too, looks like quite a few of us did! I love jumble sales but we dont seem to get any round here sadly

  41. I lived in Norway for years so tend to cast on the way they do and as neighbours of Sweden I would have thought their methods would be the same. I've never seen it done the way it's described in your clipping though.

    Love the skirt. Absolutely stunning :)

  42. LOVE the British Birds tea towel!! A little jealous right now... xx