Friday, 5 November 2010

Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

Bit of a Spanish theme going on in this post. Does anyone remember the classic hit from 1977 "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie" by those two dusky senoritas (Mr J and P's words not mine) that made up Baccara? I've posted a video below just in case you want to be reminded or to acquaint yourself of its fabulousness. It's one of Mr J and P's favourite songs - he has a nose for the classics you know.

Anyway, my dearest amigos, I admit it.....this is all just an excuse for me to bore you to death about our latest Spanish holiday.

Grandpappy J and P is one of those lucky devils that lives for part of the year in the UK and the other part in Espana, on the Costa Blanca, in the town of Altea. Altea is reasonably unspolit and the old centre has retained some of its character and charm.

The nearby town of La Villa Joyosa is also still characterful in parts.  It is famous for its chocolate museum (we've never been) and its pretty coloured houses.

Benidorm is hugely high-rise (it's known as Las Vegas by the Sea).   If it's a good old British fry-up you're after or shops selling pork pies or a visit to a "traditional English pub", then Benidorm is the place to go! 

Still, there's no getting away from the natural beauty of the place - large, sweeping bays, good sandy beaches (and verging on the empty in October) and the backdrop of the Sierras in the interior is most impressive.

One of the highlights of the holiday for a saddo like myself was going to the Rastro in Benidorm (a flea market).   Here's a pic of little Miss J and P getting it on down:

Not only did we strike lucky with a snorkel and mask set for a mere 1 euro but an episode of the TV programme "Benidorm" was being filmed. For those of you who live overseas or who have a social life and actually go out on a Friday night, "Benidorm" is a comedy series about the exploits of various characters on a package holiday in er....Benidorm!


With that piece of riveting information, I'll say "Adios Amigos" and leave you to enjoy the marvels of Baccara.  If you watch all the video, you will also hear the Sex Pistols over the closing credits of Top of the Pops.  Yes, you did read that correctly - Baccara followed by the Sex Pistols.......the mind doth boggle.


  1. Yes I remember that song, I also remember two girls doing a copy of it on stage at a school show- I thought they looked so grown up !
    Spain holiday looks great
    Sue x

  2. Hello my lovely.
    I'm going to have that song in my head all day now! Still it's better than the theme from Peppa Pig.
    My husband used to live in Benidorm. I've never been but believe that the old town is still nice. His best friend lives in La Villa Joyosa, again I've never been but I believe it's a lovely town.
    Glad that you had a good time.
    Hope you have a great weekend, much love.

  3. I don't know the song, but the photos of Spain look fantastic. I love visiting flea markets, look great! :) x

  4. Hurray, another post...

    This looks like a great holiday. Makes me think I DEFINITELY need another one!

    I'd totally forgotten about that song.

    Yes, sir, I can boogie too...!!

    Who is that mysterious 'sir'? Sounds a bit dubious to me...

    I love the TOTP video. So unbelievably dated. Look at the hair, the glasses...everything. So funny...


  5. Oh I have a real soft spot for that song.

    The flea market looks fab and how exciting about the filming!

  6. I do remember that song! And we love the series "Benidorm" in our house - that would have been the highlight of the holiday for us!! I love the older parts of the town - great photos. xxxxx

  7. Ah yes I remember that song, i'm sure me and my pals probably had a dance routine to it too,. LOL

    Lucky getting to see Benidorm being filmed, my pal used to stay out in Spain and has photos from a drunken night in the pub with Johnny Vegas when they first started filming it. :D

  8. I love the series, Benidorm. It has me in stitches. You are lucky to get to see the filming.
    Jealous of your Spanish trip, I haven't been for years but have been collecting tacky 1950's Spanish retro prints for ever. xxx

  9. Yes, I know the song. Love the coloured buildings, and the series Benidorm is a firm favourite in our house. I'm really looking forward to the new series.

  10. I liked the way you showed some interesting holiday snaps that aren't just beach and cocktails. I'd have loved to go to that flea market; and yes sir I can boogie!! x

  11. Oh I love that song. Glad you all had a fab hols. We had the cheapest hols ever a few years ago in Benidorm. £50 each for the wk! That was before the children and we drank copious amounts of Baileys!
    Lisa x

  12. Great photos, pleased you had a good holiday :) xxx

  13. Hello! Of course I remember Baccara! Great song! I'm happy to hear you had wonderful holidays! Thank you for all these lovely photos! What amazing colours on the houses!
    Sunny wishes from Crete! Teje

  14. Hi there,
    I love that song!! It really takes me back!!! So glad you had a great holiday.
    You have been picked out of the hat to win my giveaway! So if you e mail me your address I will send out your set of cards as soon as possible.
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday,
    Andrea x

  15. Haven't been to Benidorm, but love Spain generally, especially Analucia. Lovely pics - made me want to be there! (especially at the flea market!) Yes, I remember that song - great! (I'll have it in my head for days now!)

  16. What a great trip! Thanks for sharing that little corner of the world with us.:)

  17. i love posts like this. thanks for the little peek into your vacation. those colourful houses are so charming.