Wednesday, 9 April 2014

DIY Dolt

DIY Dolt....
That's me.
In case you were wondering.

I talked recently about being slapdash and impatient about making things - see my wallpapered clock here.

Well, I'm sorry to say, here are a couple more tales of crafting mishaps.  All you perfectionists out there, look away now...

Buoyed up by the success of my Suffolk puffs here, I thought I'd make a big Suffolk puff and turn it into  a round cushion cover.  Only I didn't measure up properly and when I'd finished gathering the puff around my cushion, there wasn't enough fabric.  Doesn't matter, I thought.  I'll make a second, smaller suffolk puff and stitch it to the gaping hole where the fabric didn't cover the cushion  (I hope I'm making sense here).  It looked OK.  But a little off centre.  So I thought I'd shake the cushion, hoping that it would lose its skew-whiffness.  No chance.  It made it worse.

See what I mean?  And this is looking at the cushion dead on.
 And I'm not unpicking the stitching.  Because I can't be arsed.  I've just turned it round so no-one can see the mess I've made of the other side.

Perfectionist?  Not moi.

I'm also a bit of a twit when it comes to following instructions.  (At least I read them unlike some people in my family who shall remain nameless).

I bought this dinky suitcase from the charity shop recently and discovered some fabulous old legs on a table that was literally rotting away in our damp cellar.

I thought it would be a good idea to make a suitcase table.  Lots of these on the internet.  Instructions say that you should put a piece of plywood or mdf  in the bottom of the case and drill the leg attachments in.  I'm embarrassed to say that I ignored that bit.  I didn't think it was necessary and attached the legs straight onto the case.  With the result that the table was VERY wobbly.  VERY WOBBLY INDEED.  Mr J and P reminded me that the reason you need the wood or mdf in the suitcase bottom is to make the whole construction sturdy and stable.  Aaah yes, that would be a good idea.  So I had to remove the legs and find a bit of mdf and do the whole damn thing all over again.

Here it is in its finished, only slightly wobbly state (it is SLIGHTLY wobbly, as the mdf I used was too thin and I really can't be bothered to remove it and start the whole process yet again).

See what I mean?  A DIY Dolt.  With First Class Honours and a Distinction in Can't be Arsedness *sigh*.

Some people never learn eh?  My mum used to say to me "you get older and you get more stupid every day".  Dammit, she was right after all....



  1. Oh, you did make me laugh with your mum's comment ... at least you give it a go, hehe!! I must admit, I'm a bit the same - I like to get everything done quickly and don't always do enough prep and then wonder why the finish is a bit rough. M x

  2. I thought the suitcase table was amazing. Your mums comment really made me laugh...I'll remember that one.

  3. Oh Loo I give you full marks for effort. Thx for sharing these projects because it just goes to prove that we can't always be good at everything and that's ok. When we really need perfection we can muster it up.

    Jean x

  4. At least you can be arsed to make us laugh, Loo!! So funny. Are you a Gemini by any chance?

  5. Nothing ventured... the cushion looks great, just don't expose it's backside...I never expose mine in public! xx

  6. You always make me smile! I think there is beauty in the imperfections....and that's coming from a perfectionist! Xx

  7. Oh Lord, at least you are actually making things, Loo - I just SAY I'm going to... and then I don't. I love the fabric, and the suitcase table looks great (you just need to be gentle with it!)
    I might pinch your mum's saying. I already use "you haven't got the sense you were born with" (one of my mum's, happily recycled by me!) xxx

  8. I love the suitcase table, can you actually use it for storage and things as well? Genius!!
    I have to admit, I'm THE most impatient dressmaker ever. I just have to hope that nobody ever sees the insides of any of the dresses I've made lately as they are A MESS.

  9. Don't fret Loo, I didn't realise there was anything wrong with your cushion until you mentioned it and it still looks fine to me. It's original and unique.... if anyone asks. That's what I say about my cock ups anyways!
    Mums sayings - I use loads of them now but when she said them I used to laugh at her. The suitcase table looks fantastic. xx

  10. I'm exactly the same - at it like a bull in a china shop and half the time its a right cock up! Loving the wonky case and the backwards cushion! x

  11. Tee hee, I love it! The material you used for your cushion is lovely... and the suitcase table is stunning, I need one! :)

  12. Oh Loo, you've made me laugh, I'm just like that! I do 't do instructions ... Oh no, I know best ... I once put a bookcase together inside out and upside down. I love the suitcase table, it looks fine, just don't sit on it.

    Thanks for visiting me, and hope you enjoy The Lakes, can't wait t hear about it! Whereabouts are you going?

    Love Claire xxx

  13. Oh, I really like them both! I wouldn't have seen anything wrong with them if you hadn't have pointed it out!

  14. Bless! Love it, and I think there's a little bit of doltiness in all we crafty folk. I have just made dozens of hexagon motifs for a blanket...with only five sides instead of six doh! And I thought I read the pattern.

  15. Well, I think they're both fabulous! We only learn by doing so now you'll be a pro at suffolk puff cushions and suitcase tables. xxx

  16. You gave it a go though and that is way better than having ideas to do stuff and then never doing it.
    I like the fabric you used and the table looks fab, just don't place anything valuable on it!
    Lisa x

  17. They both look pretty good to me, I usually give up before I start so you're ahead of me!

  18. I like the table, just the job for storing the current crochet or knitting project. I see one in my future. As forthe cushion being lopsided, once you are sitting on it or leaning against it who will see.

  19. Dear Loo
    I too graduated from the 'University of Can't be Arsed' - with First Class Honours and a special mention at the award ceremony at that. I don't remember seeing you there but we all had a laugh when the Chancellor sat on a very, very wobbly legged suitcase.............we did hear someone gufffawing behind the Vintage Velvet Curtain (which had my beady eye on the WHOLE ceremony and concocted all sorts of wonders to make out of it....).

    Anyway your makes and embellished bottom all look jolly fine to me.

    As I am here could I please offer you a possibly slightly cock-eyed horse thing (as seen on my last blog posting) - as it will only sit in the drawer of: 'Makes with no home of their own' Drawer. If agreeable could you please send me your address and I will trot it in the post by way of thanks for the laughs over the years.

    Best wishes
    Fellow Graduate

  20. I keep meaning to have a go at those Suffolk puffs, will probably start with some smaller ones though. Love the material for your cushion. Table looks lovely too and extra, handy storage is always a bonus.