Friday 6 December 2013

The Postcard Wall

Friday is my day off and recently, Little Miss J and P asked me what I did all day.  "Oh, I'm very busy,"  I lied.  I explained that I go to Aqua Aerobics in the morning with my fellow over-50s.  It's a dead cheap session - a bargain at £2.70  The only downside is the music.  Last week I had to endure such gems as Cliff Richard's "The Young Ones" which the old dears sang along to with great gusto  and Rod Stewart's classic "Do you think I'm Sexy?".  Such fun...

Anyway, back to my discussion with Little Miss J and P.  "Oh and I do lots of cleaning, " I lied again.  "Funny that," said Little Miss J and P "every time I come home from school on Fridays, I notice you've been fiddling with the postcard wall again."

I can't deny it, dear readers, I just can't leave the postcard wall alone.

I recently rediscovered Mr J and P's vast collection of postcards languishing in the loft.  I rescued them and stuck some on the wall on the landing.

First of all they looked like this.

I wasn't happy.

Now I've stuck them over two walls so they look like this.

I'm still not happy.

Particularly as the washi tape that I've used to stick the posties on the wall is not fit for purpose and they keep falling off  *cross face*.

I've noticed that Little Miss J and P has taken a leaf out of my book and stuck her postcards on her bedroom wall like so:

I must say I'm liking the randomness of the display.  I may have to copy.

Talking of Little Miss J and P, I've also noticed strange pre-teen behaviour on her part.  Look what she's daubed on her globe light:

And this:

 And it can only get worse.....

Peace and love.  xx


  1. And it will Loo, it will.
    (get worse that is)

  2. But it does get better once they leave home...promise, just don't expect a postcard. xx

  3. Hmmm, I feel a Goth in the making! And she has a fab way with postcards too! xxx

  4. Dinkle ??? How v. ladylike!
    I'm not a mother but it looks quite normal to me, keep some gin handy and you'll be OK. xx

  5. Teenagers are a treat aren't they!
    Must admit I do like the random postcard display, although I think yours over 2 walls looks good too!
    Lisa x

  6. I like the random display, and the one that goes over two walls.
    Teenagers are great aren't they........... Its OK its just a phase and they do out grow it!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  7. Uh-oh! Hold onto your seats, it's about to get bumpy! :) xx

  8. The plop postcard made me giggle as I immediately got Moss from The IT Crowd in my head gearing up to swear .. "Ploppers!"

  9. I like the random display and the one across the 2 walls and poopy poop to you.
    Love from Mum
    PS Once they've left home the worry starts again!

  10. I think I might be needing my own postcard wall....looks like fun, great way to spend a Friday.....if only they knew! :) x

  11. I'm loving the postcard wall and the way you've displayed them. I predict a riot... xxx

  12. I am rather partial to Christmas time...mistletoe and wine...'
    Re: postcard display - could you please adjust second row, third from the left....thank you.
    Best wishes