Friday, 30 March 2012

My Patchwork Prowess knows no bounds

Oops I did it again.  As our Britney once said.

Yes, dear readers, I'm turning into a patchwork-making mad thing. (See my previous post for my first foray into patchworking).

Now look what I've done.

It's a patchwork bath mat:

I backed it with an old towel which you can just see peeping out of the sides:

Red pompom trimming.  Squeal.

Picture after picture of it:

Will it never end......

In the (doctored) words of the New Seekers circa some time in the 70s:

I'd like to build the world a home
And furnish it with patchwork.......
Grow apples trees and honey bees and snow white turtle doves....

Imagine how glorious that would be.  Lots and lots of patchwork.  Everywhere.

Patchwork (and lego) walls:

Patchwork chairs:

Patchwork floors:

Patchwork mirrors:

Patchwork tea cosies:

Patchwork pumpkins.
Er wait.  Did I just say patchwork pumpkins?
Yes I did.

Every home should have one.

OK.  OK.  Enough already.  I need to lie down in a darkened room....

TTFN. xx


  1. Looooooo! It's beautiful, so so so lovely! I'm all of a dither in envy that I didn't come up with it first :-) You know you're singlehandedly winning me around to patchwork? ;-P

    Jem xXx

  2. Very pretty. It shouldn't go on the floor in a bathroom, what are you thinking of? It should be displayed on the wall!
    Love from Mum

  3. Just lovely - too pretty for just standing on after a bath with wet feet.

    I love patchwork :)

  4. It's amazing! Keep Patchworking! Don't stop! I'm not sure you can! xxxxxx

  5. I would like to live in that world too!
    I'm amazed that you are prepared to let people stand dripping wet on that beautiful mat.
    Kandi x

  6. Great minds and all that - I was going to say it's far too loverly to let people stand on. Please ensure a sign goes up in your bathroom - Do not stand on the mat! Then you can sit back, relax and get on with patchworking the world!

  7. Oh that's gorgeous! how looks sooo much nicer than any bathmat I've ever seen!

  8. Well now you've got me singing the New Seekers, for which I must thank you (currently on "You won't find another fool like me", singularly appropriate...)
    But the patchwork, Loo, the patchwork! You truly are in a patchworking frenzy. The pom pom trim is delightful. What next in your bid to make the world a multipatterned place? xxxxx

  9. I don't think I could let a human foot stand on it, it's so gorgeous.

  10. Rah! I love patchwork. You are the mistress! I draw the line at patchwork pumpkins though, that might beat the burlap ones!

  11. Well. Thanks very much. You have just added ANOTHER project to my list. I am thinking cheap towels and ric-rac....

  12. Loo! Your'e taking over the world! One patch at a time!
    I love your bathmat, I'd never thought it. Brilliant. And those red pom-poms = GORGEOUS!

  13. I'm with you on should take over the world! I love the red pom-poms. I can't believe you can have a patchwork bath mat. Patchwork wonders never cease! Xx

  14. Mrs, you're on a roll! I love it. No chance of having something like that in my barfroom though. My lot would be risking their lives by standing on it in shoes. I love the patchwork chair, I'd make room for that and sit on it smiling.
    How clever you are! Keep going, what next?

  15. Your bath mat is so cute & sweet. I love the pom pom trim.
    Lego walls are so intriguing I rather like them.

  16. Great idea - looks lovely!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  17. I don't think I could ever do patchwork - ironing, straight seams - a far cry from the brown and orange wonky hexagonal cushion cover from school sewing lessons.... so I admire those who can! Genius! Pompoms - more genius! Hope your toe nails are co-ordinated - no silly, not in patchwork, but shiny red. And so should the toes of every member of Chez Jumbles and Pompoms ;)

    I lurve the wall and floor possiblilities though - excellent for the indecisive yet creative who hate ironing! xx

  18. Oh I really, really love that matt, must admit to being rather partial to a bit of patch work myself, my house is full of it.
    I may have to add it to my list of to do's, if you don't mind? x

  19. Its seems you’ve fully embraced the patchwork way of life and of course what a fabulous art. I’ve always admired the fact patchwork is always so random and unique, no patch is quite the same xxx

  20. I love the bathmat, wnat a great idea.

  21. Umm...may I suggest a stiff drink??
    either that or send me the bath mat, LOL!!
    Coz just quietly, I love it.xx.

  22. Best bath mat ever! Love that pom pom trim. x

  23. Hey, that bat mat is looking really good and I love that idea about using the old towel on the back.

    I'm a bit taken with the patchwork theme too; I've got enough paper to patchwork the chimney breast in Monkeyshild's room, so that's on my 'To Do' list!

  24. ha ha ha ha its addictive once you start ;-) Love your bath mat its so pretty but i would be afraid to stand on it i have to say. Love the red pom pom trim can't wait to see what you make next ;-)) dee x

  25. What a great bath mat - maybe you could start a new trend!

  26. Such a pretty bathmat... I can see me making a foray in to the world of patchwork sometime soon

    I have always wanted to have a wall papered with patchwork made from pages from a wallpaper pattern/sample book (do they still do those?)

  27. Your patchwork bathmat is gorgeous! I'm hoping to get in gear soon and make my first patchwork anything/something!

    Barrina x

  28. oooh your patchwork bath mat is a beauty! I wouldnt let any feet on it if it was in my home ;o) Its so funny as ive been a patchwork fiend too recently (just been too lazy to photo it!) Scarlett x

  29. Soooo pretty! Our bath mats are on their last legs and I can now imagine some kind of replacement of the patchwork kind - what a lovely idea! I wonder if I could generate a loo mat to match? Thanks for your lovely photos - have fun patchworking!

  30. OK I only JUST found this gorgeous post and I'm afraid it's rendered me completely speechless - lucky I can still type though, because I'm just making strange random moaning noises at each glorious patchwork piece of heaven! I LOVE your bathmat and how you've supplied many pictures to salivate over **sigh**. Thank you xo