Saturday, 3 July 2010


Mr J and P loves his rabbits. Not rabbit pie you understand but cute little furry real live ones. When he was young, he had a little brown rabbit that he imaginatively called Little Brown or LB for short. He often regales us with stories of LB, such as the one where LB used to bound up the stairs in the morning and wake a little Mr J and P up by jumping up on the bed and tickling his (Mr J and P’s) face with his (LB’s) whiskers. Er. Yes. Really.

We have a pet rabbit. A very cute black Netherland Dwarf called Dennis (after Dennis the Menace). The problem with Dennis is that he is the grumpiest, most unfriendly rabbit - probably in the entire world. Here is a picture of him.

Don’t be fooled by his loveable exterior. He harrumphs and snorts when you approach. Then when you scoop him up he lunges at you and tries to nip you or rip you to shreds with his evil claws. Little Miss J and P and myself have very little to do with him. However, Mr J and P adores him. I often come down in the morning to find Mr J and P at the kitchen door gazing lovingly at Dennis in the run and pointing at him saying “Aaaaah, look at him”. When Mr J and P picks Dennis up to put him back in his hutch, he always holds him in a way so that he can take one of his paws and waves it at me saying “Look Dennis is saying ‘bye bye’” before bundling him back in the hutch (I have to admit that I duly wave back saying “Bye bye Dennis” - daft or what?).

Anyway, enough of this nonsense. The whole point of this post is to say that as part of Mr J and P’s (forthcoming) birthday prezzie, I have made him a rabbit cushion. Yes. Me. Made it. With my own clumsy hands. Want to see it? (and don’t say that you could do with a good laugh). Here it is.

One side:

T’other side:

OK, you can stop laughing now. Yes, I know its face is a little pointy but I’m hoping Mr J and P won’t notice. I’ve only ever sewed in straight(ish) lines before so this was my first attempt at sewing something remotely curvey (and boy was that difficult).

Oh well, I’ll love you and leave you. Just one more snap of Mr J and P (looking slightly demented if you ask me) with a magnificent lettuce from our allotment.

Bet Dennis would like to get his teeth round that little beauty (the lettuce I mean and not Mr J and P. Mind you..........).

P.S. If I'm feeling brave, I may try and post my work of art on Kirsty's blog here. Why don't you pop along and see what real crafters have been up to this week.


  1. The rabbit cushion is VERY cute and Im sure Mr J&P will love it! Nice lettuce too!

  2. As a not very good sewer I think you have done well, might have to have a go myself now :)
    Cate x

  3. Trying to get on Dennis' good side, eh? :) What a hoot! I can imagine how fun that was for you to make!! By the ears are pricked and ready. I'm patiently waiting to find out where you're going to over here!

  4. This post really made me your rabbit...even if he does seem a little fierce!! Thankyou for sharing!!

  5. I love the fabric you used for the rabbit cushion. I have a rabbit with a similar temperament to your Dennis called Chopper, who only gets on with my husband, must be a male thing!:)

  6. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! Your rabbit looks like a naughty boy, I used to have a rabbit that would sit on your knee and dig like mad!

    Yes, you must get some guinea pigs! They are the most lovely cuddly creatures, I love them! x

  7. Thanks for the comments on my blog!!!

    I used to have a rabbit when I was little. I think it was a miniature Polish rabbit or something like that. Small anyhow. He used to chew through the telephone cord all the time, so eventually he had to live outside.

    That bunny you made is so cute. Love the fabric.

  8. I'm impressed by the size of that lettuce, unfortunately mine have all wilted on the allotment!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog too :-)