Friday, 7 December 2012

They're dropping like flies

There always seems to be some sort of pet related "happening" here at J and P Towers.  They're either popping their clogs - see here and here.  Or, if one has popped their clogs, the other has gone into a steep decline - here.  Or we're finding mangled deer legs in the pets' hay - see here.

Last weekend was yet another pet hoo-ha.  On Friday, Dennis the rabbit who I posted about here, went the way of the fox.  I know!  What a shocker.  We have, for many years, let him run about in the garden and the first time Dennis actually manages to dig his way out, foxy loxy gets him *very sad face*.

Mr J and P and I were talking about him and Mr J and P said that he could never imagine Dennis as an old rabbit and then muttered something about "living fast and dying young."  Y'know, like:





 and Dennis:

Mmmmmm.  maybe not.......

The next morning, I went to feed the guinea pigs and noticed that Ginny looked very still.  Yup, she'd only gone and kicked the bucket *another sad face*.

Two out of three pets in two days!  I swear when we had to tell Little Miss J and P that another of the pets had died, she looked at us suspiciously as if we were, somehow, responsible for her beloved pets' demise.  It's really not true, I promise!

Here's hoping for a happier, non-pet related weekend this time around. xx


  1. Oh No! Two pets in as many days, it's sad when they go...we always give ours a right royal send off, hope they aren't too sad :( x

  2. Oh no! RIP Dennis and Ginny! Sarah xxx

  3. what on earth are you doing to them? Is it the cold snap? Poor Dennis and Ginny :(

  4. Oh No im so very sorry to hear your news thats not good at all. Sending you a hug, dee x

  5. Hi Loo, well you couldn't have timed this post more perfectly. Today, not only did Annabel's fighting fish cark it, but (after finding a lump yesterday) I have just been to the vet's with our pooch, who is now booked in for surgery on Monday to remove said lump ($750 thank you very much!!!) The vet can't tell us what it is, the lump will have to be sent to pathology for a diagnosis - blah, blah. I love our dog -the Jedster - very much, so I'm hoping, and praying even, for the best. I'll keep you posted. Life round here will be bl**dy awful if it's serious, for me, Anth and the girls! Keep your fingers crossed. Please. Denis was very cute. We had a rabbit called Fitzy who hopped off to greener pastures too btw. I'm thinking of you Loo, deepest sympathy and all that, Kylie x

  6. It all sounds very suspicious to me, Loo, I think Miss J&P is right to look at you with fear and dread... Serial Pet Deaths. Very dodgy. The poor child is probably terrified!
    Poor Dennis and Ginny, off to the Happy Hopping Ground in the sky. xxxx

  7. Oh, I'm so sorry, poor wee Dennis; RIP Dennis and Ginny. It's hard enough losing a pet; I can't imagine having to tell your wee ones, but at least you were honest with them and told them right away. Thinking of you. Xo

  8. I am so, so sorry Loo. It's times like this that I am so grateful we have Bobby indoors at all times xxx

  9. They will be remembered in the same vein as Kurt, Amy and Jimi. Our guinea pigs went west when the builders left the back gate open - they made a bid for wild freedom and never saw them again...
    Oh dear
    Best wishes

  10. Poor Miss J and P! And poor little pets too!

    Was it the cyanide in the food? It can do that, you know...


  11. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about the pets.
    Hope Miss J&P is taking it all ok.
    Lisa x

  12. Oooo thats an awkward one to cope with?
    Poor Dennis! but how very rock and roll his death appears to be!
    d x

  13. Never did like that rabbit!!Are you sure it was the fox & not that greedy carnivour MR J & P???X

  14. Oh bless them. I'm so sorry for your losses. Ginny must have died of a broken heart when Dennis died. I've heard of that happening to old people. They are together now. x

  15. Awww poor Dennis and Ginny, I'm sure they will be remembered as great pets xxx

  16. Oh bloody hell, I bet Miss J&P is looking at you suspiciously! I remember my goldfish popping off with alarming regularity when I was a kid and I always suspected my Mum who couldn't abide them. xxxx

  17. O no!!!
    I couldn't bear to have to pass the news onto the kiddies....X

  18. you have some serious bad pet karma! poor bunny, she looked like such a darling too. maybe a per fox is the only way forwards?!!

  19. I love your comparisons.....Take care of your other pets.....poor babies and right before the holidays, hugs Heidi