Friday 30 September 2011

I demand to have some booze

Here at J and P Towers, thoughts have well and truly turned to booze production.

It's that time of year, it seems to me, when you look at your tough, leathery runner beans and think "What the devil am I to do with these!".  (Come on humour me, dear readers.).

We all know that we can pod the beans and save them to plant for next year, but, here at J and P Towers, we are making runner bean wine.

That is when we're not posing for silly photos....

Here it is - two whole demijohns worth of delicious runner beano vino:

Remember Mr J and P's magnificent beetroot?

Well, magnificent it may look but, unfortunately, a tad woody to the tooth.  A drop of beetroot wine anyone?

When Mr J and P's neighbour at the allotment offered him some grapes to make wine with, he thought he was just getting a few bunches.  Never in his wildest dreams did he think he was going to get this ginormous boxful:

There's kilos of the little buggers.

Mr J and P is going to be a busy little bee this weekend that's for sure:

OK, that's enough from me.  Tonight, I'm off to a 50th birthday party where I shall be downing copious amounts of wine I can tell you.   Cheers m'dears!


  1. ;-)))) Wow runner bean wine i have never heard of that one. You will have to let us know what it tastes like. Great photo's ;-)) I have pounds of green tomotoes i have alread made 9 jars of chutney so my brain is thinking what else i can do with this little things. Enjoy your weekend and your party. dee xx

  2. What great veg and fruit! have a brill time tonight and a great weekend!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. I've never heard of runner bean wine before, but why not? Love the photos! My only attempt at making alcohol was a ginger beer concoction that blew out one of the bottles it was stored in and threw sticky boozy stuff five feet up the wall! The room has never quite lost the smell LOL! xxx

  4. Runner Bean wine you say...interesting. Will it make my kitchen stink less than the (delicious, but foul smelling to produce) runner bean chutney I made (and am now banned from making again)? Have you made it before, or is it experimental? Where does it sit on the hangover chart?

    Have fun tonight!

  5. I find I'm much better at drinking booze than making any, I've never heard of green bean wine, could be interesting!

    Have a lovely evening and weekend!

  6. I love Mr J and P's runner bean moustache. On holiday this year there was a man at the hotel with a real one like that. Oh how we tried to get a sneaky photo of him. I used to wonder how much time he spent making it all high and twirly.
    Nice to get a repeat view of Mr J and P's massive beetroot again. Thanks!.
    Have fun.

  7. Hmmm, runner bean wine? I would have to try it, of course! But the beans make for a fine moustache, and I'm sure there is all manner of vegetables-as-body-parts fun to be had, if you put your mind to it!
    Have a great party. Will the wine be of the ordinary grape variety? Enjoy! xxxxx

  8. Ooo let us know how the wine turns out and enjoy yourself tonight! x

  9. So very Good Life - hope it tastes nicer than their peapod burgundy ;) - am sure it will :)

    Enjoy the party and have a great weekend xx

  10. I'm very curious as to the taste of the runner bean wine!!! Does it have to mature for a while first??

  11. I've never heard of runner bean wine, and I'm not sure if it sounds....hmmmm....nice or not ;o)
    But I have to say, beetroot that sounds Scrummy!!
    Have you drunk beetroot wine before?
    I've had strawberry wine once, and that was delicious! ;o)

    Have a great time at your party my dear,
    enjoy the weekend,
    Love Donna xxx
    P.s. Thankyou most kindly for the lovely comments you left on my blog :o)

  12. Intriguing! Our runner beans are disgustingly stringy this year, that sounds like a plan.
    Have an excellent time at the party and have one for me. xxx

  13. Looking at your pic's I can hear the music to the show 'The Good Life'. Well done :) x

  14. Hello Loo, I love runner beans, they're my favourite veg - so wine made from them sounds great!
    I'd like to welcome you as a follower, I have returned the compliment as I love what I've seen here too :o)
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  15. Very Tom and Barbara! We have some ginger beer on the go as well as our perry. I can really recommend a wonderful homebrew book called Booze for Free by Andy Hamilton.

  16. I've never heard of runner bean wine before, you'll have to let us know how it turns out..hic! Do an Oz Clarke for us!!

    Blimey, your family does a good turn in giant veg! On the subject of beetroot, I used two of our modest sized ones to add to a chocolate cake - it tasted gorgeous and I'll be raiding the allotment again this weekend to make another batch!

  17. Runner bean wine sounds crazy fun - you need to tell us how it turns out. Have a fabulous weekend hun Scarlett x

  18. wonder how runner bean wine taste!!!
    I picture you and hubby like the Lucy episode when Lucy & Ethel made a mess making wine. :)

    have fun at the party amor

  19. You can turn runner beans into wine?! Well I never. In the interests of proving that you aren't just kidding us, I think a mini bottle should go up as a giveaway prize ;-)

  20. Cool - I love the idea of runner bean wine! Lemme know when it's ready for drinking and I'll pop round for a tasting session! ;-)

  21. Beano Vino, love that name! Hope it's super tasty.
    Lisa x

  22. Replied to your comment on my blog saying I'd commented here and Blogger deleted my comment (can I put 'comment' in this sentence any more - apparently yes!) - but its here! Box went blank when I did the password thingy, and it didn't appear - must have been a very lazy Blogger day, or I'm going mad which is v. likely :) xxx

  23. So interesting! Love the photos :) Very funny :) Your newest follower, XOLaura

  24. Thanks for popping over, those cups and saucers are gorgeous aren't they! I had my eye on them for ages but then the charity shop slashed the price to £2.50 and I had to have them! You are going to need a cup or two for all that booze you have there! :O)

  25. runner bean wine?
    I'm intrigued.......
    tell us how it tastes

  26. hahahaha loveee the photo of you and Mr J & P donning a runner bean moustache! i never tried runner bean wine before but i love those huge bottles! Enjoy the birthday party!

    x susan

  27. I somehow managed to miss out on this corker of a post. A mystery!! But I'm glad I happened to scroll down because those photos have quite made my day!!!