Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A minor rant and a lot of Roxy

Browsing in one of my favourite local chazzer shops this week, I overheard one of the ladies working there saying to another that she wasn't looking forward to the new manager coming in next week and something about "a lot of changes."

I must admit that the thought of "changes" concerned me a little. The good thing about this particular charity shop, unlike the local "chain" charity shops which seem to specialise in uninspiring books, clothes and bric-a-brac, is that it has all the items that you just don't see anymore in lots of the bigger "chain" charity shops, namely: knitting needles, old knitting/sewing patterns, wool, bed linen, doilies, buttons, tea towels, aprons, granny blankies, etc etc. You know those quirky items that makes charity shopping fun.

As we all know, part of the joy of chazzing, is the thrill of the chase, the discovery of a little gem in and among the racks and shelves of bland High Street stuff. It's one thing upping the prices in charity shops but losing those interesting, unusual and kitsch items, well that would be a great shame.

Minor rant over (for now...).

On a different note completely, my good self and some friends are off (sans children) to Lovebox Festival on Saturday (Victoria Park, London). Just look at the line-up:

The highlight for us old timers will be ROXY MUSIC!!! Soooooooo excited!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!! Whoooooo Hoooooooooo!!

Er hem, must calm down (deep breaths)... Have a good w/end. TTFN.


  1. Have a great time............Roxy music....ummm now that takes me back! x

  2. I know just what you mean ... we have one little one left now that is worth a rummage in ... the rest just sell stuff that is car boot leftovers. Roxy Music .... that's my era ... I love Ferry singing These Foolish Things .... have a great time!

  3. Hello from your newest follower! Loo, you are a girl after my own heart. My favourite chazza shops are the ones with baskets of old zips, dress-making patterns and discarded cosmetics. I love somewhere I get down and have a good old rummage in.
    Have a great weekend, caught Paloma Faith at Glasto. Worth it just for her outrageous stage costume.

  4. Know what you mean about charity shops - just don't get me started.
    Roxy Music is my era too.
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. My fave charity shop closed down a few years ago, they had some fab treasures in there, now all we have is the chain charity shops which sells nothing worth buying really! xx

  6. Ooooh, how fun! You girls better behave! Don't do anything I wouldn't do! :)

  7. i hate chain store c s well thats how they seem to me more new than old

    Enjoy your night out deep breaths
    Cate x

  8. oooh, the festival looks good - not so sure about roxy though - I would be streight to the rizla tent!

    Did you see the Mary Queen of Shops tarting up the chazzer??


  9. You are right about the charity shops...some are starting to look like department stores...too organised...so that there is no hunting required..much prefer the messy aladin's cave looking ones...Have a great time!!!! Sounds fun!!!Pop over to mine as I have a little award for youxxx

  10. Oh I just love that word 'Chazzing' never heard it before but it sums it all up in one word. I agree with you about the independant shops, we have one in Bolton the Hospice and I love it as you can get all sorts of fantastic stuff as you would see if you ever pop by and pay me a visit.
    Beverley x

  11. Wow,Roxy music, sure they will be brilliant, I did see Paloma Faith a while back and she was amazing:)

  12. I know what you mean about sanitised chazzer (great word!) shops, especially those that don't stock knitting needles because of the 'health & safety' issues - I have yet to hear of someone being stabbed to death in a chazzer shop with a knitting needle!

  13. Wow, I haven't heard of Roxy Music in a long time. I had sort of forgot about them. And how can you possibly forget about Roxy Music. I just look at their tour schedule and they aren't coming to the US though :(.