Monday, 28 June 2010

Two men and a fondue

Camped again this w/end and unlike last w/end, weather was v.v. hot, in fact toooooo hot if you ask me (some people are never happy are they?). Still, we had a lovely time. Camped in a little place called Small Dole in Sussex just north of Shoreham and all for £8 per tent per night - bargain! You're in luck, dear readers, I didn't take many pics this time - so this'll be mercifully short:

Our friends had this massive balloon which the children flew on Saturday morning and named Brontosaurus (for fairly obvious reasons):

Mr J and P and brother cavorting by the sea. What a pair of ninnies oops I mean what a handsome pair they make:

Sunday - chanced upon afternoon tea and home-made yummy cakes at a local church. Very pleasant sitting in the shade of a tree sipping tea. Here's a pic of Mr J and P with his tea and an interesting local character in the background.

I thought you might be interested in some of my belated birthday pressies that I got from our friends this w/end - lucky old me.

Lovely spotted jug:

A Hornsea lidded dish to add to my ever growing collection of Hornsea stuff (yet another collection in the making):

I'm soooooooo excited about this one:

Published in 1973, it is jam-packed with instructions on how to do every single knitting and crochet stich you can imagine. It also contains the history of knitting and crochet, how to make embellishments such as tassles and pompoms and even the "correct aftercare of finished pieces of work". And as for the patterns - loads of them - with the best pictures ever:

Loving the alliteration here:

Fabulous cardies and crocheted tops:

This is Bertie Bottleguard (come on, you know you want to make one):

I'm really not sure about Trendy Trudy - she looks a little odd to me and a tad scarey:

And talking of the odd (and scarey) - I also got this tray:

It's marvellous don't you think?!!


  1. Ha ha how fab is that tray? I am very tempted by the bottle cover. Glad you had a fun weekend had a giggle over the word ninnies, haven't heard that for ages!!
    Twiggy x

  2. Cool balloon! Mr. J&P is quite lovely the way he stares into the camera letting us all look into his soul and innermost thoughts. Ha! :)
    I heart Bertie too!

  3. My kids would love that ballon!
    Glad you had a lovely weekend!
    Hasn`t the weather been great?!


  4. I was going to say that tray is soooo cheesy then I noticed they were having a cheese fondue!

  5. That is a very fine tray indeed! Love the patterns too - seventies craft books are the best!

  6. The tray is truly amazing!!

  7. I love your finds, you had me laughing out loud and particularly loved the interesting local character behind Mr J and P!! The girl with the Humpty Dumpty looks like the girl that used to be on the TV test card (think it's called that) in the 70's playing noughts and crosses with the clown doll or perhaps your not as ancient as me!! I do love that tray, I will never look at fondue in quite the same light now!!
    Jo xx

  8. Can I please please have the spotted jug?? thankyou very much!

  9. I love all your quirky finds and this tray is the business!! i am your newest follower!

  10. The tray is a hoot, what a find, I'm lovin it.