Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Skippity doo dah part 2 and a jumble

I've been skip raiding again! On my way back from my yoga class last night, I spotted this little beauty peeping out amidst a discarded pink bathroom suite.

Wanna see some more?

Yes, a hangity hang shelfy type thing. It's not half bad for free is it? It just needs a clean and a spray (oh yes...) with my trusty spray paint. Can't decide what colour to go for. I'm planning to put it in our bathroom which is all white with a white and dark blue checked floor. I was thinking bright red for a change. Alternatively, an aqua/turquoise. Your thoughts, dear readers, would be much appreciated.

Our weekend was very busy - spent entertaining our good friends from Norfolk (2 adults, 3 children and a dog) and an old friend from Oz and her daughter. Before they all descended on Saturday afternoon, we managed to get to a JUMBLE SALE!! Huzzah! Oh the excitement! Unfortunately, it wasn't the word's best jumble sale, but we got a few items nontheless. Little Miss J and P got even more Whizzer and Chips/Beano/Dandy/Cor etc etc annuals to add to her rather worringly large and ever-increasing collection.

The rather large and ever-increasing collection here:

There are more annuals on shelves below and loads stuffed in here:

They're taking over as you can see.

Mr J and P got 2 demijohns to add to his collection of demijohns. Don't worry everyone, I'll spare you pictures of his demijohn collection.

I got this natty 70s bag for 50p:

A jug which I doubt is very old but pretty for 20p:

A needlecraft book from 1970:

It has one chapter entitled "64 useful stitches". Yes, I said 64!!

"Aprons as gifts are always welcome." Yes indeedy. Take a look:

Can anyone tell me why you would want to make an apron with very sheer nylon fabric as per the one in the top right corner (the one that looks like an enormous pair of see-through knickers)?

Lovely groovy armchair cover here:

I'm puzzled as to why there is a bowl of red peppers on the table. Most odd!

Top buy this week was Stevie Wonder's Definitive Collection (CD) for 50p which I don't think was ever played (why ever not?) but I more than made up for it on Saturday night that's for sure...


  1. Wow! What wonderful buys. Love the jug. If it were mine I would spray the shelf probably as you say bright red or perhaps shocking pink!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. If I were you I'd be putting that sheer nylon pinny on Ebay! Say no more, wink wink. xx

  3. Great finds! I think the shelf should be RED!

  4. Lovin' that hangy shelf thingy! It geometrically pleasing!

  5. Good finds, love the book and groovy 70s bag. The apron is very kinky !!!
    Twiggy x

    PS I'd paint the lovely shelf, aqua blue.

  6. Great purchases - that jug is gorgeous!

  7. That needlecraft book with the owl is gorgeous. What a find!

  8. Great finds! I wish I could see more of that needlecraft book. That owl is lovely!

  9. I'm with you on the apron. If it's see through and flimsy why bother wearing an apron? I doubt if that one would protect your clothes from spaghetti sauce or anything. I vote for turquoise for the hangy thing.

  10. What great finds! That handing shelf is adorable, Have a sweet day!

  11. I'd go for white again or a really deep pink!
    Think the jug is a brilliant find, very pretty:)

  12. Well hello there! Was so overwhelmingly happy to see your lovely comment on my blog today...after a tough week it really cheered me up so thank u! Must say u have an eye for a bargain! I, myself, have visited a local charity shop this evening & brought a couple of lil treats too! Loving your work! Will pop back soon! <3 p.s. red is definately the way forward!

  13. Hello Jumbles,
    I love your blog. Looks like we're passionate about the same things. I've been wondering if thrifting culture exists in the UK. My husband is from London, but despises garage/yard sales and has no patience to go into thrift stores. But that's just him.
    Thanks so much for following my humble blog. I'll follow yours and link it too. I'll write up a little mention of Jumbles and Pom Poms soon.
    Keep up the great work. Yes, beware of the Pyrex bug. It starts with one piece and becomes a full-on addiction if you're not careful.

  14. So glad you found me, now I can enjoy your oh so lovely blog, it seems we have a common passion. I like the shelf as it is, however red would make it jump out. The bag is so groovy, you lucky girl, you've scored.

  15. I saw your bathroom caddy and thought aqua! Do it! Great skip find! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) *s*

  16. Hello! I was sent over by Toronto Yardsaler (hello up there!, and I'm glad I stopped by. You have a fun blog, which I shall have to follow.

    I just thrifted the same clear jug, but alas mine has no flowers. It may seem odd that you in the UK and I in the USA have the same jug, but it was made in France. I just took photos to blog mine. It has photos in it instead of on it.

    Thanks for sharing your fun finds!