Monday, 21 June 2010

Apron Love

I’m in love. With my new apron. Is that possible? It's a splendid charity shop buy – rather expensive at £2 from the rather expensive local charity shop, but for the pleasure it has given me it’s well worth it. Just look at it.....

Have a closer look.

Look at the lovely orange and yellows (and browns and greens).

Isn’t it gorgeous? Too gorgeous to wear I feel. It is currently draped seductively over a chair so that I can gaze at it adoringly. Is that weird?


  1. OOOOOh. I love the fabric! Such bright, sunny colours. x

  2. I've been looking for a good apron. I can't understand why they are so hard to come by at thrift stores or yard sales. You scored with that great apron, even though it cost a little more than you wanted to spend. It's cheerful and well constructed and will probably last awhile. Enjoy!

  3. followed you here from apron thrift girl... those are some of my favourite colour combos, greens and oranges! and yes, you absolutely can be in love with an apron. :D

  4. oh its lovely! So bright and colourful, i brought an apron on thursday from a cs, it was £1.50 which i didnt think was too bad, some of the shops here are really expensive for charity shops! If you would like to join the challenge I'll pop your name with a link to your blog on mine! fliss xxx (joshy and belle)

  5. wow what a funky apron I love the colours what a great find .
    Thanks for leaving your comment earlier the wallpaper is from a small local wallpaper shop in my town called brushstrokes

  6. Hi ,love your apron.There's one in my post today too!
    Mines from Home Bargains and it was very reasonable .Can't remember exactly how much.
    There are some expensive charity shops near me too. They sometimes ask £5 for a primark top ,
    Probably didn't cost that new !!
    Jacquie x

  7. I love the bright colours - gorgeous!!

  8. it's lovely - definitely the kind of apron for making happy yummy things!