Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Fortune favours the brave - apparently

Just a quick post about my w/end. We camped again at exactly the same campsite in Kent as last time. With different friends. Weather – fffffffffffflipping fffffffffreezing. Chilly on the Friday night but the grownups gathered around the campfire for a bit of campfire camaraderie – singing (yes, it's de rigour I believe)and supping copious amounts of red wine (it's warming, you know, especially in sub zero temperatures).

Saturday, to Whitstable, pretty place on Kent coast famed for its oysters. Rainy and windy and charity shopping was very uneventful. Nonetheless, my good friend and I braved the gail force wind and lashing rain (OK, the lashing rain might be an exaggeration but the wind was definitely erm...windy) and enjoyed walking along the beach looking at the beach huts while the dads took the kids bowling.

At the risk of repeating myself, Saturday night was still very gusty and cold but we managed to have a barbie and stay up way past our bedtime for more campfire shinnanigins.

It was even colder in the tent that night and I was thankful that I had gone to bed fully clothed with my anorak on and hood firmly on my head (needs must, dear readers). Mind you, when I had to get up in the early hours to spend a penny, I discovered that someone, who shall remain nameless, had left the inner door open - no wonder I was freezing. Grrrrrrr (or should I say brrrrrrrrrrrr).

Here's a pic of the campsite - note complete lack of campers that w/end apart from a few brave souls:

Mr J and P sporting a lovingly crafted coffee cosy which doubled up as a balaclava (see, I told you it was cold):

Junior and friend at Whitstable:

I wish I could tell you more about these "knitted bikes" - well, real bikes with lovely knitted bits but I was being hurried away by the others. I think they were knitted by a group of "grafitti" knitters called Incogknito - but that's about all I know.

Well that's all for now. There'll be more camping capers next w/end (yes, we're gluttons for punishment). Hope the weather, which has now vastly improved, stays good. TTFN.


  1. Thanks I needed some of that cold! It's blazing hot over here. Love those knitted bikes. People have been knitting over stuff here in Austin too. I think it's by a group called "Knitta, please!" How fun!

  2. Aren't those bikes fabulous! x

  3. Just look at all that space you had to yourselves you could have had a wellie throwing competion :)
    crotchet bikes that's different
    enjoy your next camp
    Cate x

  4. Those knitted bikes are fab! :) xxx

  5. i love those knitted bikes! fliss xx

  6. waaaah! Now I want a knitted bike too!!! These are the coolest bikes ever! Thanks for the fabulous inspiration!

  7. I'm glad you managed to enjoy yourselves in spite of the weather. Those bikes are fascinating! Little J is horrified that I'm planning to 'grannyfy' our nissan micra! I'll have to show her the bikes...it could be worse! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  8. Hiya! - you are my 50th follower! thank you.

    Love your blog - thos bikes are so coo, I am dying to become a grafitti knitter...

    Love the photo of the campsite - we are such an intrepid nation!


  9. We have a monthly Bike Bazaar here in Northampton selling vintage or handmade,it would brilliant to turn up with a knitted bike:)

  10. Thanks for popping by!!!!! I live about 10 minutes drive from Whitstable, I was charity shop hunting only last week there!!! Our paths may have crossed hehexx Look forward to reading your posts. Karenxx

  11. Thank you for popping along to my blog.
    The bikes look interesting!
    Julie xxxxxx

  12. That campsite looks fabulous. Just had a trip to Kent doing our family tree, but didn't get to Whitstable, more's the pity. The knitted bikes are amazing. Some people are so clever!

  13. how FUN are those knit bikes?! i've heard about that.. guerilla knitting or something. you wake up one morning, and your tree out front has a trunk warmer knit around it. or the mailbox has a cozy! funny stuff.

  14. The knitted bikes are fantastic. If it wasn't for you showcasing it on your blog I would never have seen it them. So Thank you so much for sharing.

  15. I just love these so much, I'm going to try and beautify my bike also. Just to let you know I've used your photo's on my blog with a mention of your blog, hope you don't mind, but this is so good I wanted to share the love.