Friday, 14 June 2013

Fun times

Our trip to the Isle of Wight was luvverly. 

There was a lot of body boarding to be done.

But not by me. I sat on the beach doing a big round zero apart from reading and chatting and gazing into the middle distance.  Bliss. 

We encountered a field of frisky bulls.  Scarey.  One minute we had the whole field to ourselves and the next, hundreds of the creatures surrounded Little Miss J and P and myself.  Mr J and P, who was ahead of us and safely in a bull-free field, was calling out "keep calm" safe in the knowledge that nothing would happen to him.  I really wanted to leggit but had to appear "calm" in front of a scared Little Miss J and P.

Anyway, we made it to safety: 

See, I told you they were frisky:

We also met killer sheep.  I kid you not.  When Mr J and P announced that there were some sheep ahead in another field, I thought nothing of it.  Sheep.  Pah!  How wrong was I?  One of the sheep (might have been a ram - not sure) took a dislike to me and kept trying to head butt me.  No pics of that little encounter thankfully.  Mr and Little Miss were laughing far too much to take photos.  I was genuinely scared.  Again!

Then there was the killer goat...  Actually, the goat was completely docile and totally ignored us but just take a look at the horns on that!

Thankfully, we didn't meet this pony...

When we got back from the Isle of Wight, it was my birthday.  Yay!  I got this lovely flap clock from Mr J and P:

and lots of music.  Some old timer music:

and some new:

Yes.  Disclosure (read about them here:).   Notice the difference?  Mr J and P didn't.  The one on the right is Disclosure's cd "Settle", the one on the left is a cd called "Disclosure" by a Dutch band called The Gathering.  I asked for the former and Mr J and P got me the latter by mistake.  The Gathering are described on Amazon as "fusing heavy rock with prog, folk and the ethereal sounds of 1980s".  Quite frankly, it's not for me.  Our Dutch friend described them as "truly awful" and he may well have a point.  Some people just shouldn't be let loose on the internet.  Yes, I mean you, Mr J and P.

I'm very excited because this weekend I'm off to climb this:

Yes, it's the O2 Arena in London.  Who knew you could climb it?  Well, you can and I will.

You climb up on a suspended walkway which is 20 metres above the dome itself.  Gawd help me, I do hope that I won't make a complete and utter fool of myself....

And afterwards - cue mass hysteria - I'm off to see:

Siouxsie Soux.  You really can't get more exciting than that.  Meanwhile, Mr J and P is accompanying our darling daughter to the Rhianna concert in London.  I'll leave you with the thought of Mr J and P at a Rhianna concert.  His work colleagues have apparently crowned him "the coolest dad" but he fears he will be spending Father's Day (the day after) as a mental and emotional wreck.  Bless....


  1. Aww, lovely photos and I hope you both enjoy your concerts. Cows can be dangerous, I gave myself concussion climbing over a fence in a cow field last year. I blame the cows because I was mostly paying attention to them.

  2. Belated birthday greeting Loo! Glad you had a good 'un :o)
    As you know I love wildlife, but cows and sheep are always better on the other side of the fence.
    Have a wonderful time with Siouxsie Soux :o)
    Rose H

  3. Lets hope the concert isn't toooo noisy. Mr.T swears he got his tinnitus from an 'Ian Dury and the Blockheads' concert that we went to years ago. lol
    Last concert we went to was Queen. I don't think we'd be able to stand the loudness now.

  4. Happy belated birthday! Glad you had a fab trip despite the very unsettling looking wildlife. Love that clock and Siouxsie, she's brilliant live (and Jon gigged with her a few times in the past and says she's bloody lovely in real-life, too!) xxx

  5. Happy belated birthday to you! Ahh, the Isle of Wight, home of stroppy animals. I used to live in Portsmouth so would often gaze across the Solent at the Island. I don't live that far from there now to be honest xxx

  6. Ooh lucky you going to see Siouxsie, I only saw her once at the Elephant Fair at Port Eliot and was so off my face I don't remember a thing about it - I was not a very sensible teenager! Don't tell my children. I used to do my hair like hers too! Mrs RV x

  7. Who knew the Isle of Wight was full of such dangerous creatures ... enjoy Miss Siouxsie Sioux ~ Sarah x

  8. Oh he'll love Rhianna, she doesn't wear much! Happy belated birthday! The gifts will keep on coming as you won my giveaway! xx

  9. A very Happy Birthday to you.
    Love from Mum

  10. This made me giggle! Happy Birthday, be careful on the dome...sounds like you've had an eventful time already this week! :) x

    1. Happy lat Birthday!
      So much excitement in this post!
      From lots of crazy animals, to amazing music present (Echo and The Bunnymen!!!!!)
      And your husband is taking your baby girl to a Rhianna concert is really cool.
      Have a happy and fun father's day and hopefully there is not emotional mess going on...

  11. Happy birthday, and watch out for dangerous birds up there!

  12. Happy Birthday Loo! Climbing the O2 AND seeing Siousxie, how very exciting!
    Who knew the Isle of Wight was bedevilled by such fearsome beasts? You all made a lucky escape...
    Look at not-so-little Miss J&P, she's getting all grown up. Bet she'll have a blast seeing Rihanna (the Mr will secretly love it too, I reckon!) Xxxxx

  13. What do they say about working with kids and animals Loo? Maybe in your case it should read 'holidaying'?
    I love your flap clock (but I think flip sounds much nicer), and I loved Echo and the Bunnymen too (you and I have got great taste in music...what about the the, did you like them too?)
    And on concert's, I know which one I'd rather go to (but it's lovely of the Mr to take "little Miss"* to see Rihanna)

    *not looking so little anymore. She's very pretty Loo x


  14. Happy Birthday, what great gifts particularly the clock and Siouxsie

  15. Many happy belated birthday wishes to you!
    Hope you had the most fab time watching SS.
    We saw people walking over the o2 when we were there the other week and we branded them mad!
    Lisa x

  16. Crikey - I never realised that IOW was such a dangerous place in the world to visit!
    Best wishes

  17. Happy birthday and have a great time watching Siouxie Sioux - you lucky thing!

  18. Happy belated birthday, Loving your choice of music (old timer cd's)and a tad envious of the Siouxsie Soux gig!

  19. Happy Birthday! Belatedly! Sounds like you were lucky to make it off IOW in one piece xxxxxxxx

  20. a belated happy birthday! here in the IOW where you? That goat is rather worrying, but not as worrying as those cows, they're just so nosy! xxx

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