Friday, 28 June 2013

What would William Morris say

I like a bit of paper bunting.  Not only is it super easy to do and a perfect craft for the craftily challenged amongst us but it's quick too.  I made this little fella in minutes using off-cuts of vintage wallpaper from Jane at Teawagon Tales

Jane uses strips of vintage fabric to wrap her goodies with and I re-used the strip to thread the bunting together.  Genius.  Even if I say so myself.

I'm like that you know.  No, not a genius.  I like to keep things just in case they come in handy one day.  I know, I know, it's classic hoarding behaviour.  I mean, what would William Morris, with his  abhorrence of clutter, say...

I'm mentioning William Morris because we recently went to the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow, east London:

The Gallery was the finalist and subsequently the winner of the Art Fund Prize
for the Museum of the Year 2013
Like the rubbish blogger I am,  I can't find most of the photos I took to show you *raises eyes to heaven* but it's definitely worth a visit if you're ever in Walthamstow.

Well, we all know that Morris and his cohorts weren't keen on clutter.  His most famous quote being:  "Have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful".  But he also said this:

Blimey!  What the heck would he say if he saw my clutter-filled home.  I dread to think.

Anyway, opposite the gallery was this: 

A Sally Army "thrift store".  Woo hoo!  A bit of culture followed by charity shopping never goes amiss particularly when the charity shop has a cafe attached.  80p for beans on toast.  Not half bad for London prices.  And even better, I actually struck lucky for the first time in ages.  Hallelujah!

I bought several metres of this lovely blue fabric with red polka dots for £4.99:

This double duvet cover for £2.50 which has become our camping duvet cover:

And KERCHIIIIING!!!  My new skirt.  One whole pound.  Yes, you read right.  One whole pound for this little beauty:

Before I toddle off, if you see this halfwitted individual on top of the London O2 (see my previous post), approach with caution:

I am pulling this face on purpose you know 
 It's an extra small pic and a bit blurry.  I wouldn't want to frighten anyone unnecessarily..... xx


  1. What fab thrifty finds... the bunting is lovely too ~ Sarah x

  2. Love you Loo, you are very funny and self-depreciating (which you shouldn't be, but it makes me smile) I am amazed at your bravado in climbing really tall things and crafting. I also really like that William Morris quote, his other one gets trotted out far too much. Nice skirt, doona cover and fabric, extra-nice YOU! Have a great weekend x

  3. Oh dear, its made me think of my craft room, its full to the brim with things I don't us but might in the future, William would have a field day here. lol
    Love the paper bunting, what a brill idea.

  4. Come on Loo, I want to see a full length shot of you in the skirt!!! No small pics allowed! I do love the green & brown print, & the doona cover as we call them here is retro gold! Xx

  5. Hi Loo
    How splendidly serendipitous to find a chazza across the road from the William Morris place.
    Fabulous finds, especially the skirt..and for a quid! The paper bunting is a triumph, I'm going to nick that idea, thanks.
    Good luck for the O2.

  6. Culture, charity shop and a cheap caff? - Bingo! Good luck with the O2 - enjoy Siouxsie Sioux! Abby x

  7. I confess to being a paper bunting freak too...I call it funting. Have a look if you need encouragement! Eco Ethel xx

  8. Some great finds there.
    I am a total fan of clutter-filled houses, I think they give the place character. Plus, I'm really nosy and like to see what other people have in their houses! (Sorry, William!)

  9. Love your bunting Loo! Didn't know William Morris loathed clutter, so there you go! Gorgeous skirt, what a bargain find, got to be happy with a culture/chazza combo :) x

    1. Culture and thrifting goes hand in hand!
      The skirt is a great find and so are the fabrics.
      Regarding clutter, I hate it! I like to have collection of things but all within a decent amount of space and volume in order not be a members of hoarders anonymous!

  10. Trust you - everywhere you go thrifty finds are sure to follow! I'm certain you are a magnet! :-) Love the Salvation Army bargains, so impressed at the price of the skirt too - £1?! Brilliant!

    William Morris - the more of his patterns I discover, the more I'd love something Morris patterned in every room! :-)

    Jem xXx

  11. Lovely bunting, and fabulous thrifty finds! Thanks Loo for your help on the Google Reader crisis ... much appreciated!

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Love Claire xx

  12. Great bunting....I tried this but it kept curling up! :) x

  13. Love the bunting, the fabric and the skirt, but WOW, you're brave - I hate heights! xxx

  14. The bunting's useful - you can wave it around and it looks beautiful to me. As for the skirt - that is extremely useful and is made from a beautifully patterned fabric. Win, win as far as I can see!
    Love from Mum

  15. WOW such lovely scores. That duvet cover is a beauty and I love your skirt.
    That Thrift shop is in such a cute building.

  16. Clever you to make that gorgeous bunting and using up every scrap! Love all your finds, especially that skirt - a stunner!
    Good luck with the O2 event!
    Gill xx

  17. Yes, that does look like the perfect day out, bit of Pre-Raph culture then charity triumph! Great print on the skirt, and the bunting looks simple enough that even I could manage it... (Though am a little bunting-ed out, it's everywhere!)
    Well done on your O2 climb. xxxx

  18. What a perfect day! Culture, beans and bargains!! I absolutely adore that skirt - I'll raise you £2 for it! Jane x

  19. Love your skirt! Jealous now and sulking....

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  20. I love William Morris, what a fab exhibition that must have been.
    The skirt is ace, what a bargains and the wallpaper bunting is genius! xxx

  21. Love your new skirt the most!
    Love the paper bunting too, so simple and yet so effective.
    We have that purple duvet, good buy there.
    I was hoping you were going to show us a pic of your o2 experience, hope it was as good as you hoped for.
    Lisa x

  22. Seriously... I love your sense of humor! You crack me up!
    When I first saw these photos I thought it was scrapbook paper and then read it was wallpaper!! So very cool! I never seem to have any luck when I go to 2nd hand shops, maybe because I only go once every couple of years, but I really do mean to go in more often!
    Your skirt is a perfect find!
    Tammy x