Friday, 15 February 2013

Not feeling the love

You know how it is when you're making something (hark at me pretending to be some sort of arty, crafty, makey person) and then part way through, you look at it and you realise that you just don't feel the love? 

This was how I felt with my latest patchwork project (I know, I'm patchwork obsessed, I can't help it):  a patchwork blanket for a friend of mine. 

Only I can't show you my beautifully styled photos *er hem* because my darling daughter deleted ALL the photos on MY camera.  Every. Single.  Last.  One. Of.  Them.   Deleted them to make room for some half-witted video she made with friends.  I'm a bit cross.

And my friend has swanned off home with the blankie, as she is most entitled to do, and I've got nothing to show you all (Mr J and P is saying that he bets that there's a collective sigh of relief across blogland.  Rude). 

I was going to tell you that I was not feeling the love for the blankie but then once I'd put on the plain light blue backing, which was formerly a duvet cover, the whole thing came together and it looked really rather good and I did feel the love for it (which is something I'm not feeling, at this moment, for Little Miss and Mr J and P.......). 

It's great when it all goes well for you in the end........  How unlike the pompom wreath that I made many moons ago which I found recently - discarded and gathering dust under the bed.  Dear readers, it was not my finest hour.

Recognise it?  Yep, it's my header.

I'd almost nearly finished the thing before abandoning it in disgust.

I can't decide what I dislike about it most.  The colour combo is bleurgh, the pompoms are not the best *shudder*.   What the heck was I thinking of?  No, I am most definitely not feeling the love.

I am, however, feeling the love, big time,  for these beautiful cards that Kylie made and sent to little old me:.

She made them from pages from an old Ladybird book. Isn't she clever?

I love the stitched border:

The Queen of teatowels also sent me this very regal looking tt.

Thank you so much, Kylie.
Have you ever made anything that you instantly thought "What the heck was I thinking of?".  Do tell - you know you want to.
Big love. xx


  1. Arrrgghhh at child deleting photos - mine would have been sent to the Tower for that!!

    I have a knitting project on some needles that I am not loving - probably because it is very fine - 4 ply? yarn and it takes for ever to grow!! One day it will be a felted bag until then its a guilty secret at the bottom of a basket!!

    Loving those Ladybird cards - instantly back to my childhood :)

  2. Oh no, I think I would have been just a tad cross too if my photos had been deleted!
    Loving the cards.
    I once knitted a jumper and it was hideously mis-shapen but I just had to finish it to say I'd done so. An achievement of sorts!
    Lisa x

  3. Yes it happens all the time, I don't have the confidence in my choices of style, colour combos and fabric :(

    I think your wreath is salvageable - I would remove the light blue ones and keep going with the purples and green and hey presto - a Heather Pompom Wreath! ? xx

  4. Oh Loo, I feel your pain!! If you ask your friend, would she kindly take pics of your masterpiece for us to drool over? As a fellow patchwork fanatic I must see this work of art! I imagine the lassie did an eye-roll at your dismay? I guess it depends whether she's a teen or not ;). xo

  5. Not to worry, I'm sure all crafters know the feeling of starting a project and getting disillusioned with it, most of mine are like that but if you keep going it nearly always turns out okay in the end.
    One project from many years ago was a knitted hedgehog for my then youngest, it had all the spines put in with a rug hook and I got fed up with it. It was never finished and he always reminds me to this day and he'a 41 now. lol
    So, if it's an item for one of your own, my advice is, finish it whatever or you'll never live it down. lol

  6. yeah, quite often actually! it used to happen all the time at my pottery class and i eventually just gave that up because it was just too frustrating. but i actually quite like your wreath, especially the green and purple together, it's an awesome combo! i got some of those cards too, i love em x

  7. Oh Loo.... I would have had the biggest tantrum ever! if anyone 'en famille' had deleted even one photo of mine, luckily we have our own cameras phew.
    d x

  8. Such a shame about your pictures :(
    I like your wreath, but I know what you mean about not feeling the love *cough*birdblouse*cough*.

  9. I am the world's best at starting some project or other, then leaving it half-finished for about a year, then getting back to it and thinking what on earth WAS i thinking?! I definitely know this feeling. Even more annoying is when you find a half-finished garment, finish it and then it won't fit you because you've changed dress size in the time it's taken you to complete the silly thing. Gah.

  10. I'm gutted for you, I'd be beside myself if that happened.
    Desiree's right, you must ask your friend to take a photo so we can see your patchwork in all it's glory.
    Love the pompoms and Kylie's Ladybird cards are a masterpiece! xxx

  11. I've been making curtains and one has unfortunately been made with the fabric upside down! Doh! I am very cross at my stupidity. Have a lovely weekend! x

  12. How infuriating about your photos - I think you're very restrained - I'd have sent her to The Tower too, as VintageVicki suggests! Quite like the wreath - it's definitely salvageable. AND you got a header pic out of it! Have a good weekend x

  13. Yes, often, sometimes it comes together in the end, sometimes they get recycled! It's all part of the learning process.....well that's what I tell myself! :) x

  14. Oh yes...I do it all the time...end up with big old FAIL projects, that is. I used to try and salvage them but now I am much harder and bin em faster than you can sy Jack Robinson.

  15. Oh bum I pressed publish instead of preview...sorry. Meant to say how lovely are the cards Kylie sent you...smashing idea.

  16. You've got to get your friend to take some pics - it's only fair after you made and gave it to her! I have some of Kylie's lovely cards too, they're gorgeous aren't they?

    I make terrible things all the time - I dug out the first felt corsage I made and it looks like an elephant trod on it! I was proud of it at the time!

  17. Gaa, I would have thrown a mini fit, too bad about the styled photos. I'm not crafty enough to not feel the love for a given project, but I have had thrifted regrets, which thankfully are becoming less and less thanks to an ever evolving discerning eye. I think the wreath is kinda cute, and yes, since it's part of your header, I do identify it with you, so it's a happy thing for me! Xo

  18. Hey Loo, I feel your pain - my youngest deleted all our photos of my sister's wedding - one's I actually looked good in (a rarity!)
    Kids, you gotta love 'em! Sometimes!

    Do not throw out that wreath. Look:


  19. I've done many projects over the years that I hated when I'd finished, or I gave up on 'cos I knew they'd end up in the charity shop bag! I'm currently obsessed with quilting too and you never quite know how they're going to turn out...but so satisfying and I can't wait to get to my sewing machine this afternoon. I agree with Kylie, don't give up on your pompom wreath, it just needs a few embellishments to finish it off. x

  20. Bloody kids! And husbands, if they are cheeky...
    Never mind, we can imagine the loveliness of the patchwork, and I like the pom pom wreath, what's wrong with it, Loo? Are you being grumpy?!
    Now me, being an expert maker/crafter/sewist, I NEVER make anything other than delightful items, loved by all. Ha! Actually, I have just finished my first sewing project, and while not perfect, I feel inordinately pleased with myself! xxxx

    1. I had made, cook and done many things that later on I think: What the on earth was I going for?
      It also frustrating when others look at our projects and can't find anything wrong with it but for us is crappy!
      I think is part of the creative process, sometimes we get it right and other times we don't.

  21. Oh no sounds like you needed those pressies to cheer you up!! I have made lots of things and thought 'oh dear what have I created'! tehe. I have even worn a few outfits and thought that! In fact every other day there is normally something that makes me feel that you are amongst friends...:) Karen x

  22. Forgot to mention that my original blog that I did a few years ago was 'sittingohsopretty'. I think you may have started about the same time? I had a long break and then decided to start a new one...thankyou for following me again!! Karen :)

  23. UH-OH! I bet I know what your going to buy the kids for their Birthdays..... Their very own CAMERA'S!! That's what I would do. *LOL*

  24. I used do that a lot. Though usually it was something cheapish so I didn't feel too disgusted with myself. It's amazing how a new colour or layer added to an indifferent project can really bring that certain something it was lacking. I reckon you ought to reuse the pompoms elsewhere, they'll be perfect for something...

  25. Oh dear! I've started so many things that are now sitting in bags.
    I was knitting my 8 year old a Tintin jumper but lost the love. Think he was 6 when I started it. Found it recently and think it could be ok..just!
    Lovely to find your blog. Your patchwork duvet cover is gorgeous beyond words! x

  26. Hi lovely, first i want to say thank you for your lovely comment and about me not looking my age i will be 42 this year goodness knows how the past 10 years have zoomed by. But im thankful to my mother for her genes :-) Those little postcards are really sweet and i agree with Vintage Coconut about buying your daughter her own camara :-) take care, dee xxx

  27. Oh I throw out at least half of all of my craft attempts - I realise half way through that I haaaaate them or I never finish them and throw them out ten years later... life's too short!

    Sarah xxx

  28. Eeek to photo deleting! I did chuckle at your post, I have many not feeling the love craft moments. Although at the mo any chance to attempt something crafty would be a god send ;) Scarlett x

  29. O,gawd, happens to me ALL THE TIME!
    Hahahaaaaaaaa, so glad I'm not alone!

    O, child person needs a jolly good spanking!

  30. I feel your pain! I stored all my work photos on my laptop hard drive (forgetting to back them up at work!) and then the drive crashed - pics lost for ever!

  31. Well in the days where you had to load a camera with film my college sweetheart (now Mr K) happily took all the photos of my graduation for posterity - if only he had remembered to actually put the film in it. Oh how we laughed (grrrrrrr) x Jane