Friday 24 May 2013

Bye Bye Mr Smiley Face

You may well wonder what I'm going on about now. 

Well, I've only gone and done a little tutorial for you lovely peeps. 

Hell yeah! 

May I present to you the Jumbles and Pompoms first "how to".

How to make a round cushion cover.

I used this little fella (99p from a charity shop) for the cushion

and this supersoft combed cotton material, also from a charity shop (£4.99 for several metres).

Firstly I measured the diameter (width at widest point) and circumference (perimeter or outside edge) of Mr Smiley Face.  Then I cut out a rectangle using the diameter measurement with a couple of centimetres added on for the shorter sides of the rectangle and the circumference measurement (plus a couple of cms extra) for the longer sides of the rectangle.

I then machined stitched the two short ends of the rectangle to form a cylinder.

Gratuitous shot of the sewing machine in action
 I sewed a line of running stitches around one end of the cylinder about 1 cm from the edge and gathered the end of the cylinder by pulling up the thread tightly and then knotting:

The gathered end

I then placed Mr Smiley Face cushion inside the cylinder

Bye bye Mr Smiley Face

trying to ensure that it lied perfectly central

and then gathered up the other end of the cylinder with running stitches as before:

I then picked two large buttons from my rather extensive collection of buttons and sewed one in the centre covering the gathered bit:

I then carefully pushed the needle through the cushion (fortunately Mr Smiley Face cushion is rather lacking in stuffing so it wasn't too difficult a job) to the other side and (hopefully) to its centre and sewed the other button on.  I then pushed the needle back to the other side and pulled the thread tightly so that the buttons sink down into the cushion a bit.  I wound the thread round the button to secure and then snipped the thread.  Lo and behold it's a round cushion cover. 

A work of *er hem* minutes.

Instead of buttons to hide the gathered bits, you could use a doily or some such round thing (a piece of fabric perhaps) if you so desire. 

In other news, the Student Union at the University where I work has organised a Meet the Animals petting session for stressed out students with exams.  Petting animals, apparently, relaxes the frazzled soul (which is something that I hope you won't be if you follow my little cushion cover tutorial!!).  Word has it that there'll be a miniature pony, chicks, rabbits and mini pigs.  Not only that but...wait for it..... it's also planning a Puppy Therapy session where you get to cuddle ickle labrador puppies. *Squeeeeeeal.*  I somethow think that us frazzled adminstrators will be schlepping along to join in the fun.

I'll love you and leave you for a bit as I'm off to the Isle of Wight for half term fun, frolics and fine charity shopping (yes, I've heard that the charity shops are good'uns).    Byeeeee. xx


  1. Have a great holiday on the IOW!
    I used to live there in the '70s and had holidays there near enough every year after moving. I haven't been over for a while though, so can't comment on the charity shops, but hope you find some bargains.
    It's a great place for children and doesn't take long to travel anywhere.

    Have fun!

    Mandy x

  2. You've made that look sooooo easy peasy....I have a round cushion (Dunelm Mill) that I bought specifically to make the Dottie Angel cover but haven't worked up the courage to do it yet - but seeing your tutorial I think I will have a go over the weekend.

    It's lovely, by the way - - great fabric find there too!

    Have a super weekend - I'd love to visit the Isle of Wight...have only seen it from the air en route to France.

    ps. did you get my email re the hanky thing?

  3. Fabby fabric it looks great ...have a good holiday ... Sarah x

  4. That looks great, and such a simple idea. I'm sure he's still smiling on the inside!

  5. aahh looks like you in for a lot of love and laughs and relaxing :-) Great cushion love the fabric. Have a great time, dee x

  6. Great little cushion there, I'd like to make a vintage sheet one for my bed! Have a lovely holiday, hope the weather is kind! :) x

  7. Cute cushion!! And I want to hear ALL about those chazzas!!

  8. Love your cushion makeover Loo, the fabric is lush and with all the gathering it looks uber luxurious. Good luck at the IOW chazza's

  9. What a beautiful cushion. Have a great time on the IOW. June

  10. Ooh, you did a great job, Loo, love that fabric. Though poor Mr Smiley Face says can he come out now, he can't breathe...
    Have a great holiday! xxxx

  11. Great tutorial, I'll be in the lookout for a round cushion now. Have a great holiday xx

  12. Oh that's lovely fabric and a good looking cushion :) Enjoy your holiday.

    1. Great and easy to follow tutorial.
      And a petting session with mini pigs, rabbits and chicks would calm and un-stress any breathing human.

  13. Thanks for the tutorial, I have a Lloyd loom chair crying out for such a cushion! Have a great holiday, loved outer trip to the IOW last year, just hope you get better weather.

  14. Scrumptious material and a great tutorial :)
    Hope the sun keeps shining and you have a gorgeous weekend x

  15. I love the material you have used for your cushion cover! It's fabulous. I don't sew a stitch, but if I ever decide to take it up, your round cushion tutorial will be my first stop. Enjoy your holiday! : )

  16. I love it, looks brill, well done! Though when I first saw Mr Smiley face I thought he was a pie (I know, my mind often turns things into food that aren't at all) so I did wonder why you were covering a pie. Once I actually started reading though rather than leering at imaginary food I decided you are a genius!
    Have good Hols lovely!!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  17. Great cushion and you got a bargain with the fabric! Have a lovely holiday :) xoxo

  18. That's gorgeous! Happy chazzing on the IOW xx

  19. Fab looking cushion, much nicer than the smiley face me thinks.
    Have a wonderful team over on the Island, you'll be practically going past my front door to get to the ferry if you are going from Southampton!
    Lisa x

  20. Make Do And Mend! that's my kind of gal!!! Just found your blog on Julia's from Toad Stall House.......xx

  21. what a clever, wonderful and thrifty way to get yourself a new cushion!!!1 love the fabric, love it all! mezz x

  22. I hope you had a good time over on the Island, it's a lovely place.
    Your cushion is rather nifty I must say xxx

  23. WOW what a fantastic tutorial. And just knowing there is a little happy face hiding in that pillow makes me happy. *hehehe*

  24. Oh wow, I'm so glad you showed how to make this as I have been wanting to make a round cushion for ages - thanks for sharing this!It looks great.
    Brilliant idea re: pet therapy,all those cute puppies, and pigs and a pony too!Let us know how it all goes!

    Hope you had a great holiday on the IOW.
    Gill xx

  25. I always wondered how those glorious cushions were made!!! Thank you so much for the trip down memory lane (i.e. my Nana's couch) and sharing your tutorial here - I'm gonna do it because hell, I could always do with more cushions! I hope you enjoyed your heavy-petting sesh and have a wonderfully relaxing time, plus copious chazza hauling on the IOW:) xoxo

  26. My gosh, isn't it perfect. it's nice to have a round cushion in amongst all the standard square ones.
    love your fabric choice. x

  27. Thank you for posting this tutorial - sadly I do not have a round cushion but I could fashion something out of an old jumper perhaps!! I note that you were/are visiting my neck of the woods (IOW across the water) - may I suggest Ventnor as a palace of delights and several CS purchases....there is an old book shop in Ryde that I am also found of....
    Best wishes

  28. That's such a lovely pillow! I posted on Craft Gossip with a link to your tutorial: