Friday, 7 September 2012

Out with the grubby pink, in with the bland white

Well hellooooooo there.  It's been a wee while has it not?

We had a lovely time on holiday in bonny but a rainy and midgey Scotland.  Since we've been  back, Mr J and P and  myself have been driving Little Miss a wee bit bonkers because we've both developed a very annoying  lovely  Scottish accent and we really cannae stop.  Remember Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire?  Yes, dearies, just like that.  V authentic.

We went to the Isle of Mull:

Tobermory is the capital of Mull with a population of 700

Tobermory's colourful houses line the harbour

I like this picture of a church's gate painted in the Scottish flag colours

Little Miss J and P painting her nails on one of the many gorgeous beaches we visited

This beach was on the Isle of Iona.  And it was postively hot!

Mr and Little Miss had this beach on Mull all to themselves.  In the distance, those mountains you can see are on the Isle of Jura.  They are called the Paps of Jura, although there are three of them, oddly!

We also visited the Grandpapster himself in the Lake District.  Here is Little Miss J and P sitting, rather precariously on a fallen tree trunk in front of a raging waterfall (I promise you, it really was raging):

The Gosforth Agricultural show suffered from a little mud this year:

We've also managed to paint Little Miss J and P's room.  Now, I've nothing against pink but the grubby pink walls were really starting to grate.  So, we've obliterated all traces of pink and now her walls are a perfect white.  A little bland, I know, but, to tell the truth, I'm quite enjoying the blandness of it all.

Ruined only by too many pics of Justin Bieber:

Btw, guess who's drawn the short straw and is going with Little Miss J and P to see Justin Bieber in concert next year?  Not me!  Mr J and P is not a happy bunny I can tell you.  *snigger*.

Oh yes, back to the room........I have offered to perk up her exceedingly boring but very cheap bedside drawers from IKEA....

with a lovely patchwork of vintage wallpaper.  But she won't have it!  Mr J and P says that he doesn't blame her.  I know, I know, *shakes head sadly* they've got no taste.

See this:

Nice isn't it? 50p from a jumble sale. Perfect for Little Miss J and P's plethora of knicknacks, don't you think? I've offered to spruce it up a little. You know, paint it white and pop some pretty papers in the cubby holes.   She's not having that either. *cross face*.   I think I'm going to spruce it up anyway and drill it onto her wall when she's out. That'll teach her.

I was fully prepared for a snort of derision and a cry of "That's disgusting, mum" (as is her want) when I showed her this mirror.  I retrieved from the ancestoral home.  In fact, I remember my dad painting it gold many moons ago.  Anyway, Little Miss actually liked it. But not the colour.  Well, that's alright.  I've been rummaging in the cellar where we keep old paints and found the aqua colour that we used in our kitchen.  That'll do nicely, methinks.   I'll let you know how I get on.

Love you all. xxxxx


  1. Lovely pics from Scotland - hoping we might take Bertie up there one summmer once I can find a midge repellant that works.

    Love the little nick-nack box - perhaps you should just keep it for you & paint/paper it.

  2. aahh looks like you all had a gorgeous holiday i used to watch tobermory on the TV with my kids when they were little if its the same place. Ha ha i did smile at the who was going to see Justin with with you daughter ;-)) Look forward to seeing your finished projects i have the same pack of vintage wallpaper sheets as you do tea wagon tales ;-)) she does lovely things. Have fun, dee x

    1. Thank you Dee. Meant to mention that I'd got the wallpaper squares from Jane at Teawagon Tales:

  3. Miss J and P sounds exactly like my girls Loo.
    They've completely wrecked all my plans to make their bedrooms nice (my take on nice ie)
    I think a wall papered in vintage paper patches would look gorgeous, but (cue eye rolling here) what do I know!
    Good luck painting that mirror, looks tricky to me, but i think it will look awesome in aqua.
    Miss J and P is looking quite grown up since the last time she had a starring role on your blog x

  4. Aaaaagh - Justin Bieber! What is it with that wretched boy that makes girls lose their reason? (Am conveniently not thinking hard about my own youthful crushes on the likes of David Essex and David Cassidy et al. )

    I cannot fathom why peeps do not like vintage wallpaper patchwork. It is beautiful. I want to do that to some of my furniture too - only in my sewing room, mind you, as the hubster will not have it anywhere else. *sigh*

    Love the white walls - fresh and bright. Peaceful.

  5. Nice to see you back Loo! Those beaches look lovely, so peaceful xxx

  6. Well hello Loo, welcome back! Sounds as though the summer has been busy and great fun. Stunning beach pics, it looks so beautiful.
    You've been busy then, while I have had a mantra of "when the kids are back at school, I will..." in the face of all the jobs that need doing at home... I am such a lazy beast! Show us the mirror when it's done, and the shelf unit (tarted up if you dare!)
    Now I am going to sort out The Cupboard of Doom. I am. After a cup of coffee.... xxxxx

  7. Your Scotland pics are so wonderful it looks so gorgeous there :)have a wonderful weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x

  8. Sounds like a great trip. I've always wanted to go to Tobermory after growing up with the wombles. I loved seeing the Celtic (?) way of writing it. Thanks for that. Good luck with the crafting. Glad to hear you banished the pink. We're still in full pink mode with a 7 year old and a 3 year old, but no Justin Beiber posters yet thank goodness (my 7 year old thinks he's called Justin Beaver).....

  9. The Justin Beiber wall has ruined my day. Here I was patiently waiting for the Disney Princess phase to be over so we can embrace plain walls again! You've just burst my bubble! Ugh!
    The vintage wallpaper patchwork looks amazing! Perhaps children are like men and can't visualise how great something's going to look? I think I'd be inclined to threaten them with adoption...

  10. Since we came back from Edinburgh boy2 has been using a dubious Scottish accent and saying "Heave awaa lads, I'm no deed yet" which he picked up from a story about a house falling down sometime in the 15th century and killing everyone except one boy. It's a bit unnerving.

    The nic-nac house will look great painted and papered - she fancies the Bieber, you can't take her opinion too seriously ;-)

  11. I love your beach pictures especially the one with the flowers. Bedroom looks great. Lucky girl.
    Love from Mum

  12. Glad to hear you had a great holiday up in Bonny Scotland :) Thanks for sharing the photo's..
    I think the nic nac box would look lovely with the wallpaper.
    Do share a photo of the mirror makeover..would love to see the colour transformation :)
    Have a great weekend
    Magie x

  13. You went to Balamory! T so wanted to go there when he was little. I would like to go there now too and paint my nails!
    I have been painting S's room pink and white, thankfully she has not wanted anything JB related, although we do have a smattering of High School Musical.
    Love the little house, another brill find.
    Lisa x

  14. Hi I'm new to your blog, stumbled upon it from somewhere. Love your pictures of balamory sorry Tobermory. I laugh at your poster issue, when I painted my daughters room (lilac) she was then only allowed poster on her door. Yes I am a mean mum!! Sarah

  15. Nice to have you back and to see photos of your Scottish trip. I wouldn't allow Justin Bieber f she won't allow you to brighten up the Ikea chest of drawers!!!

  16. Welcome back, Lou! That beach looks gorgeous, not so the mud. I've seen far too much of that at festivals this year!! Justin Beiber is just appalling, I swear the kids' idols these days just get worse and worse, lucky you not drawing the short straw to accompany her to the wailfest! x

  17. Holy awesomeness - I would be THRILLED if someone wanted to spruce up a dull chest of drawers with some fab old wallpapers!! And I would gladly live in one of those beautiful, bright coloured houses in the harbour - aren't they splendid! Sarah xxx

  18. that mirror is great! oooh I want to see it in aqua. I see your Little Miss doesn't share your taste for patchwork, what a shame!! I would've loved it!

  19. One day I hope to visit Scotland, in fact the UK. I've managed to get to Heathrow 3 times but I've always been in transit.
    My girls have yet not succumbed to idolising pop stars, here's hoping I can hold it off for a few years yet.
    I think your idea with covering the draws would look lovely. Oh well! Sometimes we have to choose our battles wisely.