Friday, 14 September 2012

I made me a skirt out of an apron!

Oh yes indeedy!

Mr J and P bought me a rather large apron from the charity shop the other day.  It really was far too big for little old me but he liked the fabric and so did I.  So, I sewed up the ends and tied the ties and OMG I've actually made a skirt:

Yes, a skirt!  Made (almost) by my own fair hands.

I never ever find any decent vintage clothing in charity shops anymore but, joy of joys, I did discover this lacey little number lurking in one of our local charity shops for a couple of quid.

It's a bit boxey but I'm sure with my newly acquired dress-making skills *er hem* I can sort that out.

Loving the lacey sleeves

and the Peter Pan collar *squeal*:

Back to skirts and I bought this vintage style skirt for another couple of quid recently.  It's a skirt from Topshop and reminds me of my 50s skirts and dresses that I used to wear all the time but are now languishing in my wardrobe.  The trouble is *whispers* they're all a little bit snug these days.  I'm really going to have to get to grips with them one day.

My last charity shop buy is this little number which I'm loving and adoring big time.  It reminds me of a silk head scarf my mum used to wear.

Oops, you can't see it properly can you?  Here's a close up:

It's silk (from GAP orginally) and has cute horsey worsies cavorting all over it.  What more could a girl ask for!

Going to work recently,  wearing said silk skirt,  I got on the crowded tube, shuffled inside and stood in front of a woman sitting down, who was a little younger than me.  I noticed that she was staring at my skirt.  Admiringly, so I thought.  Seconds later she offered me her seat.  I was so taken aback that I mumbled something like "No, I'm fine thanks" and buried my head in my book.  Awkward.

Mmmmm, I expect I ought to be  flattered that the woman thought I was young enough to be pregnant.  Yes, dear readers, it's always good to put a positive spin on these situations and not dwell too much on the ample stomach issue.  Dontcha think?  Besides, my jam doughnut and cup of tea are calling me (they really are).  Gotta dash.

Bye, bye and hope you all have an embarrassment-free weekend. xx


  1. This made me laugh! I think your clothes are great! Ada :)

  2. I really love that last skirt, you find some great stuff!! xx

  3. Oh, lovely Loo, you're so funny!
    All of your skirts are gorgeous, including the one you so cleverly re-fashioned from an apron. I love that lacy shirt too. What's with all those headless shots though? I've had to mentally super impose your daughter's portrait atop them. I'd prefer to see the real you x

  4. Bought a smile to my face! Love the Gap skirt and the apron makeover skirt!

  5. Well, I'd say she must have been talking to someone else because this skirt looks fab on you.

    What a great find! I love the design - and the horsey-ness is just gorgeous!


  6. Oh I love the print on that skirt, and the lace peter pan top is perfect! :) Well done on your sewing skills! x

  7. Perhaps she just thought that anyone wearing such a fabulously stylish skirt deserved to sit down because she's so special. That would be my positive reframing of said Tube incident anyway!
    You have found some lovely things, and well done on your seamstressing! I agree with Kylie though, please can you include your head next time? Please? Just for meeeee?! xxx

  8. Love all your new clothing buys, well done on the sewing too. They are all really lovely.
    Enjoy the doughnut!
    Lisa x

  9. I like the blouse you bought, gotta love a peter pan collar!
    Great job on the apron come skirt. I will have to attempt some kind of sewing project like this, must keep an eye out for pretty aprons now :)
    Enjoy the jam doughnut and cup of tea...I have a cheesecake that is currently calling me in the fridge, 'eat me' it says...well who am I to argue :P
    Have a good weekend x

  10. Making a skirt out of an apron, i've never thought of that, good job! I love your lace blouse and yes once you take it in a bit to show off your figure it will be magic.
    Who knows what the chic on the subway was thinking, maybe she was just about to get off or something?

  11. All such great buys - especially like the pleated Topshop skirt - it's all swirly pretty.

  12. Love all of these but the last skirt is just gorgeous. M x

  13. I love your apron skirt...very clever! And your horsey print one is fab too!

  14. Pregnant, no she was just being kind to you so you would make friends and one day give her that fab skirt, I love it! Clever pinny work too, so impressed! xx

  15. I love the blue lacy sleeves, and the horsies too, nowt better than ponies. And you did a great job on the apron to skirt refashion.

    You don't look even a weeny bit pg, are you sure you didn't have a limp?

  16. You did do well! That remade apron skirt is ace and the print on the Gap one is lovely. I bet the commuter was just worried in case your fabulous skirt got creased or something cos you certainly don't look in the least bit pregnant to me. x

  17. Clever you Loo! I'd never find an apron BIG enough to make myself a skirt ;o)
    Love the other bargains,especially the silk number.
    Rose H

  18. Loo you must think I'm absolutely nutty, posting on an old post of yours that you haven't blogged in a while when you clearly have - I looked at this post as well but for some reason thought it was an older one I'd missed! Do ignore me.

    I can't believe someone would put that gorgeous horsey skirt in the charity shop and as for looking 'with child' - anyone who can wrap an apron fully around themselves to make an actual skirt is no fatty in my book! :) xx

  19. oh my! you're so creative on that apron, Loo! im in love with the topshop skirt! loving the peter pan collar on that vintage top as well as the lovely scene on the other skirt! well..i was once also was thought pregnant by a few strangers..but for someone who wanted to be pregnant for ages..i took that as a compliment family was thinking about taking a new route for our next road trip..maybe we would tackle the Sumatra island route next time...(abit ambitious i say but hey it should be fun!) Lombok is Beautiful! xx susan

  20. Nice work with the apron skirt - I love the print on it. I'd probably have to sew at least three aprons together to get one to fit round my middle!! Also very much liking the Peter Pan collar on your lacey shirt, I believe Peter Pan collars are very much 'en vogue' at the moment.