Friday, 11 May 2012

The only campers in the field

Joy of joys.  It's actually sunny this morning and tomorrow, we've got a jumble sale to go to.  What could be better!

On our first camp of the season to Devon last weekend, heavy rain, high winds and cold temperatures were very much in evidence.  It was soooo windy one night that the tent was flapping like errrrr.... a big flapping thing and as I was trying to sleep, the sides of the tent kept bashing me in the head.  So annoying.

We were the ONLY campers in the field on the first night:

Yes, the blue speck in the distance is our tent

The second night we were joined by more campers including some youngsters who were celebrating a mate's birthday.  Good grief, their music was LOUD.  Mr J and P sidled up to them at some point and said "It's a bit loud isn't it?".  Well, that did the trick. They were at it (loudly) until at least 1.30 am.  So I'm told.  Fortunately for me, I managed to get to sleep, despite the noise.  Contemplating future patchwork projects (I kid you not).

Little Miss J and P NOT riding the waves as there was no wave action to be had

The next morning, people had obviously complained to the owner of the campsite as she had asked them to leave.  At one point, three lads came over and actually apologised for the all the rumpus that they'd caused. I looked at them rather sternly and said "Well it was a bit loud." (I like the way that both Mr J and P and me said "a bit" when what we really meant was "ear splittingly").   As they scuttled off to apologise to our neighbours, I found myself saying "Good music though".  Mr J and P did not find that very funny.  He should think calming thoughts of patchwork fancies if you ask me.

Some old biddy on a bike wearing the most hideous anorak in creation

A poor, exhausted child after miles of bike riding

Little Miss J and P up a pole

Little Miss J and P with a blue tongue

Talking of calming thoughts.  We once had a yoga teacher (German, eccentric, very touchy-feely) who used to pair us up and get us to  massage each other.  Not so calming for us *cough* shy and retiring types.  I mean.  Massaging complete strangers.  Not my thing.  Fortunately, I always paired myself up with Mr J and P.  Anyway, her brilliant catchphrase was "Sink...Sag.....Sigh."  I love it!

Where was I?  Aaah yes.   I must thank some fellow bloggers who, some time ago now, sent me parcels of sheer joy.

Look what the lovely Scarlett sent me:

The beautiful blue felted brooch was made by her own fair hands

OMG.  It's a flask to add to my ridiculously large collection:

The amazing Kylie sent me this parcel of wondrous items all the way from Australia:

I love this crocheted bag (a much deeper blue in real life) and its boomerang like handles:

 Lovely apron:

Lovely necklace:

The beautiful Amanda sent me this gorgeous purse which I love love love:


And look what Amanda's hubbie, Spencer, made:

The most gorgeous candles and they smell divine too.

Aren't bloggers (and their hubbies) great?

I'm off out tonight to meet up with a friend that I bumped into last week after 18 years.  And do you know the odd thing is she actually lives about a mile away from me!

Have a good one. xx


  1. I must say you do make camping sound rather appealing, hubs is trying to talk me into it! I've obviously been looking into the wrong yoga class, massaging strangers seems to be frowned upon, how odd.
    Ohhh what a lovely bundle of goodies, so many kind and talented bloggers out there.

    Have a great weekend

  2. Ahh camping something I refuse to do! I like doors and windows thanks!!! Sounds like you had a good time and look at all that loot! Blogger friends are awesome. x

  3. I love camping. Want to go again soon but the weather (rain, rain and more rain) has really put me off. Lovely bloggy gifts xx

  4. I haven't been camping in some time..I do enjoy it though. It does put a damper on things when you get noisy 'camping' neighbours though..such a shame.
    Such pretty pressies from you blogging friends. I like the retro flask and the crochet bag (and of course the bunting!).
    Have a great weekend :)
    Magie x

  5. I'm not sure I'd be able to move after a night in a tent these days!! But it does sound/look like you had a lot of fun!
    Drooling over your lovely new treasures too, especially the jigsaw, the flask (& patchwork it's sitting on), tea towels & crochet bag....oh all of it! I'm very new to blogging but getting addicted quickly, thank you for following my 'newbie' blog. Cheers.....Lynley

  6. Oh the wet windy nights in a tent - my solution - ear plugs & a nytol - don't hear a thing then!!

    As for the mad lady in the anorak on a bike - there's one of those near me - oh sorry that is me!!

  7. We camped out about thirty-two years ago - NEVER again!! It thundered, lightnened and whatsmore we had fork yes FORK linghtening in the next field, quite spectactular but I was cold damp and fed-up by then end of the weekend and to make it more exciting we were getting married a week later!
    Lovely gifts.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  8. I've got a week camping on the Isle Of Wight in June which I am worried will have similar yoofs causing a similar racket. I'll try not to mind too much as I've done some noisy festival camping myself. It's not just the noise it's the lurking about they do, I honestly didn't lurk around as a teenager. partly cos I never went anywhere.
    You got some wonderful parcels of delight! I need to get my act together and start posting stuff! XXXXX

  9. Your camping sounds great, even with the noise, love the shots of the exhausted bikeriders :)

  10. To me it seems like you are always on holiday, you lucky thing! I love that crochet bag very much. A good noisy early morning is an excellent revenge on noisy late night campers i find, especially sudden bursts of pan lid clanking!!!

  11. You're braver than me, I would never camp, as Andy likes to say, "Melanie doesn't do things like that." The idea of being near mud or roughing it gives me cold sweats.

  12. You are brave, Loo! It killed me to walk as far as the bin last weekend. The mere thought of Miss J&P paddling sends shivers up my spine. I can cope with noisy campers if their musical taste is decent but it rarely is, is it?
    Great pressies, love the lion tea towel, the bunting and the bag!
    Have fun with your friend and good luck at the jumble. x

  13. Love all those gifts - wonderful! Enjoyed the camping story. Have a great night out!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  14. I love camping it's so much fun.
    Great photos!
    That flask is FANTASTIC... Gosh its a beauty.
    That crochet bag is wonderful, I would have to snap it up in seconds had I come across it somewhere.

  15. SO funny! I went camping last year and it was a complete washout - in fact WHENEVER I go camping it's a complete washout. I find myself saying "Never again" at the end of every trip, and then somehow I get brainwashed into trying it "one more time"! The children and my husband love it I'm afraid, and I'm FAR too weak to deny them their pleasure...sigh!
    Beautiful blog, gorgeous pictures and very witty! Paula x
    p.s. LOVE the crochet bag!

  16. What little blue speck? I can't see anything...
    That old biddy on the bike looks nice, I think I coulod be mated with her. And little Miss J&P is adorable, blue tongue and all.
    I love English complaining... ooh, that's a little tiny bit annoying, I'm ever so sorry...
    Super duper pressies, aren't you lucky!
    Have a good weekend - not more camping, surely?! xxxx

  17. Lovely photos, nice to have included the strange biddy on the bike!!!
    Hope you had a good catching up evening.
    Lisa x

  18. A PROPER British holiday - I love it! Character building for children and makes returning home a treat (just kidding!). Miss J&P looks lovely and lots of fun - I adore an outdoorsy girl. And that anorak looks fine - just the job! Love that the partying campers came and apologised - they were obviously well brought up! xxx

  19. The only camping I've ever done was about five years ago in Bournemouth. We were lucky to have quiet neighbours and the weather was gorgeous. Oh, and it was in my brother's back garden, ha! Don't think I could do it for real, I'm a bit of a scaredy cat. Maybe one day!
    Love all your goodies, especially the pretty bunting.
    Have a lovely weekend!

    Barrina x

  20. We went camping last year in a fairly remote area. When we turned up we were the only ones there and then another family turned up and decided to camp right next to us! We were not impressed especially when their toddler decided to cry for most of the night. Oh, the joys of camping!
    Hope you found some bargains at the jumble sale today. M x

  21. Thankyou for your lovely comments over on my blog,i have always fancied camping but im too dreamy and i imagine it in the sunshine but i know the reality of it is very different ,i must say i love my home comforts more xx

  22. Awesome post, I love that purse!

    Eilidhbelle x

  23. You are BRAVE! I'd be too scared to be in a field all by myself. It's a bit too much like a horror film. I'd lie awake waiting for something horrible to happen. Yikes!

    Madison xxx

  24. I love camping! Shame about the noisy neighbours though. Looks like you had great fun! :) x

  25. Wow your brave camping i gave it up a couple of years ago after to many wet and damp nights it was enough me with my poor old joints. Wow what gorgeous gifts love that flask that is lush ;-) And so is the crohet bag and those candles. Enjoy it all, dee x

  26. I remember going camping a few years ago and being the only ones in the field, I must admit it felt a little strange having no neighbours like most campsites!

    Lovely packages, the purse is so gorgeous xxx

  27. See THAT is exactly what puts me off about camping (aside from wet canvas and spiders and the like) - other people. I'm proper anti-social, me.

    Bloggers are fab, great gifts all round. I think I must owe you, but have found bugger all good recently!

    ***Ta-dah! Tuesday tomorrow - link up your amazing makes, fabulous finds and outrageous outfits!***

  28. We've just bought a new tent and I am MOST excited to take it away at the end of the month. Sympathies about the noisy kids on the campsite - one of the places we go to is usually heaven, unless the DofE kids descend :(