Friday, 25 May 2012

Stuck in a Timewarp

Yes, that's me.  Stuck in a musical timewarp to be precise. 

We've been listening to Absolute 70s on the radio at work.  70s music all day.  Marvellous.

Now, I'm not at all embarrassed about knowing a lot of the music but really.... the fact is...that my colleagues think I'm some sort of 70s music guru.  I know! *slightly exasperated*.

They've taken to asking "Loo, what's this one?" and when I tell them and I'm inevitably right, they turn to each other in almost reverential wonder and say things like "She's got it right again!" and "She's not got one wrong today!".

That is what I'm finding embarassing. 

Blimey, dear readers, I've not had so much attention in years!

One last little work-related snippet before I toddle off.  There is a woman at my work called Barbara Job.  Her email signature is B Job.  She is the Secretary in the Department of Adult Oral Health.....

Just thought I'd share that little gem with you m'dears.

Love and Peace.  xx


  1. Knowing your 70's music is nothing ti be ashamed of, just think, you could ace a Quiz Night one day with that knowledge!

    Poor Barbara, I'm sure you are all much to professional to make any jokes, not sure I would be that professional, almost like they gave her that job title on purpose!

  2. Oh what an unfortunate position to be in with a name like that, bless her!
    I would be proud of your musical knowledge, I'd have you in my team for any Pub Quiz.
    Kandi xx

  3. I don't even care, there's nothing I love more than old school tunes!
    GLORIOUS BLOG, by the way :)

  4. Yeah, I second having you on my pub quiz team!! You'd be PERFECT!!


  5. Heehee, B Job. Hope she never googles herself and finds this post!

  6. ahahahahah! I've seen a Dr Henrietta Brain (geddit?!) on a letter before. Where do you work, sounds NHS related like my job.

    I'm also a 70s music guru, not sure why, a touch of autistic obsession perhaps. No shame in it - bask in your superior 70s knowledge! xxxx

  7. Brilliant. Wonder if she married into it, or are her parents just very naive/cruel.

  8. I had a colleague called Izzy White and she phoned up a company to speak to a person from an ethnic background. His secretary said - who should I say is calling. She said - Izzy White. The secretary said - I hate you racists and put the phone down! I too could join you with the 1970's music!

  9. There is nothing remotely wrong with knowing lots of 70s music. All the best people do! I like Absolute 60s and 80s too. The kids often ask how come I know EVERY song on the radio (I think they get fed up of me singing and dancing round the kitchen, especially when they have friends for tea. Embarrassing mother alert.)
    B. Job? No! Really? OH likes to invent book titles to match silly names, eg. "Prehistoric Aquatic Life", by Celia Canth, or "Scalp conditions and their treatment", by Dan Druff. (Sad, I know.) What book might poor B. have written? Mind you, my friend found a book at our jumble sale called "How to tickle his pickle" on that very subject. Yes, a whole tome devoted to the fine art of the B. Job. And as Samantha once noted in Sex and the City, "Honey, they don't call it a job for nothing!"
    On that note, I think I should go! Have a great weekend, Loo! xxxxxx

  10. Love this post. Started my day off with a good chuckle or should I say laugh!

  11. The B Job thing made me giggle :p

  12. Oh my, that has to be the best name to accompany a job title.
    We had Mr Angle for maths and Mrs Pattern for needlework - but B Job? Priceless!

  13. Love the sound of that radio station. Hope they play Robin Starsedt!
    Poor old Babs!
    Lisa x

  14. I found myself singing a Gary Glitter song the other day - how awful! One forgets! The tunes of those first awkward school discos are hard wired into my brain, but I doubt I'd be able to tell you who they were by, or what they were called, so well done!

    Mrs. BJob probably has huge fun watching people struggle not to laugh when she tells them her name and title. Reminds me of hearing that British plastic surgeons are members of BAPS - you couldn't make it up! xxx

  15. I bet everyone wants you on their pub quiz team! I do like the BBC4 TOTP reruns and haven't heard of a dedicated 1970s radio station.
    B Job is hilarious, poor woman. x

  16. I'm loving your Brit expressions in the last post! I've never heard the words "manky" or "pongy" but somehow I know exactly what they mean!
    Great blog site, btw.

    Toronto, Canada

  17. Ooops! Guess that should be "Australian" expressions. Sorry, hadn't read thoroughly.


  18. I worked for a politician and we had a constituent who called in regularly with, "This is Mrs. Harry Beaver." Yes, that was her name, but if you were her, wouldn't you think of using your FIRST name?
    Fortunately she couldn't see us smirking over the phone. ;)

  19. Brilliant!

    You crack me up my dear :D

    Hoping you have a fab n sunny weekend.
    Love n hugs,
    Donna xx

  20. I'd giggle every time I spoke to Ms Job.
    I fear I'd be the same as you at knowing all the 70's choons.

  21. I'd probably know them all too - plus a dance move to go with each one! Oh dear... does Ms Job have a sense of humour about her position? Sarah xxx

  22. Must apologise! By accident I deleted your comment on my blog ... Meant to be deleting my reply but deleted you instead ... Just in case you were wondering why you disappeared! Claire xxx