Friday, 27 April 2012


I do like a good snoop around people's homes don't you?

Of course you do!  So, while Grandpappy was away in Western Australia, I had a good poke about his house and I've taken a few pics just for you.  I know, I know, I'm just too good to you.

I hate to shatter your illusions of me but I'm a bit of a domestic slattern.  However, even I would be keen to do a bit of dusting if I had these rather glamorous looking ostrich feather dusters:

I could even get into a bit of rug beating if I had this pair of rug beaters which the Grandpapster has displayed on his wall:

I like this rather large copper receptacle which is also displayed on the wall:

I love this thingymajig don't you?

This my favourite drawer in the house:

My favourite tin:

Egads! A yummy suitcase:

And inside - Mr J and P's toys when he was a little boy:

Another yummy suitcase in pink:

The only surviving piece of vintage wallpaper in the house (in the cupboard under the stairs).  When I first started going up to the house in the Lake District, there was rather a lot of gorgeous 70s wallpaper in evidence.  Sadly, this is no longer the case.

Grandpappy's mother (so that's Mr J and P's grandmother), Gladys, was a keen painter of flowers.   She started painting in her 60s!

Not only was she a talent painter but get a load of her amazing quilted stuff:


Bedspreads made from very small hexies.  Lordy, must have taken her absolutely ages to do:

More teeny tiny hexies:

Oh and look what Mr J and P's brother made:

Yes, that's a pic of the old ginger wino himself, Mr J and P.  How sweet.

Have a great weekend.  I'm off, any minute now, on a 50th birthday (not mine) weekend away with 17 other females.  God help me.

Cheers m'dears. xx


  1. I love snooping in other peoples homes, such fun seeing how they live! That thingamejig does look great, and oh my goodness, those hexies, very talented lady sewing all those together.
    Have a great ladies weekend!

  2. oh I do love a good ol' snoop in other people houses..I just love to see the objects they have collected over time. Thanks for letting us have a little snoop around in your grandpappy's house :)
    I do love the retro tin and those quilts are just lovely (such pretty fabric's and colours).
    Have a fun weekend!
    Magie x

  3. Your Grandpa's house must be a treasure trove. I love the wall thingimijig too, & that quilt is amazing. Xx

  4. Love those dusters! I could do with them round here, it looks like Miss Havisham's at the moment.
    Great paintings too, what a talented lady. And I'd probably fight someone for that pink suitcase!
    Having a snoop round is great, especially when there's good stuff to see.
    Have a smashing weekend!

  5. I'd love to be able to paint - those are such lovely pieces and don't even get me started on the quilts - I can't even imagine how much patience they must have taken, eeek!

    Hope your weekend away is fun!
    Jem xXx

  6. I love that house, so much amazing stuff, I do love stuff. I definitely wouldn't be able to resist snooping around. I love the drawer and the suggly quilts and those delightful paintings too!

  7. Tut, tut! Fancy snapping photo's while he's away - glad you did though! I used to use one of those thingamejigs at work (many, many years ago) The blank spaces on the left were filled with cards with the directors/managers names on, and we had to slide the sliders over to show reception/telephonists if they were in or not. A good system if only the bosses had always let us know!
    The paintings and quilts are gorgeous, certainly a very talented lady.
    Now, off you go Loo and have a lovely time!
    Rose H

  8. Oh wow that hexie quilt is beautiful and the cushions, swoon! Thanks for letting us snoop round his house, I am terrible for being nosey :0)
    Kandi x

  9. Enjoyed the snooping photo - have a lovely weekend.

  10. Lovely pics - fascinated by the hexi patchwork
    Julie xxxxx

  11. OOh I've been busting fr one of those carpet beaters for the shop...WA is a bit far though, LOL!! Would love to taste the ginger wine.xx.

  12. Thanks for sharing your snoop, some great things here! just love the pink suitcase :) have a wonderful weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  13. Thanks for the nosey around. Beautiful quilts and paintings Love Katie xx

  14. What a great place to stay, your Father-in-laws house is a treasure trove! Love that drawer! And what a talented lady his Mother was.

  15. Thank goodness your a snoop! ;) Love the thingamejig and those patchworks must of taken years, gorgeous. Have a fab weekend away x

  16. I do love a look around other people's houses. Your grandpappy's house is so interesting. Lots of old knick knacks and bits and bobs. I love the flower paintings x

  17. Wow, he's got loads of great stuff! I insist he starts a blog as soon as he's back from his hi-jinks in Oz! I am very envious of the hotel thingamajig, that's super random and really rather awesome. And his wife was an amazing quilter - how beautiful are those blankets?

    Have a great weekend (nursing your hangover)

  18. Gosh, those hexagons must have taken ages to sew together. What a very talented lady.
    Love from Mum

  19. Wow and double wow to those hexagon quilts they would have taken your nan months if not years to sew those all by hand simply stunning and amazing and what gorgeous family heirlooms. Love her cushions and art work to she was full of talent. Lovely that your granddad has kept it all. Love that pink suitcase to. Have a great weekend and enjoy your party, dee x

  20. Oh what treasures at Grandpa's house. And such special ones too made by his mum.
    Lisa x

  21. Wow, what a lovely post! The paintings are truly fabulous, Gladys is a very talented lady. Amazing quilts!!! She sure had a lot of patience, wow!

    Have a fab weekend,
    Barrina x

  22. Grandpa J&P has some treasures, doesn't he? Would he notice if you snaffled a few? What am I like!
    Hope you aren't feeling too jealous of all the patchwork - do you fancy having a go at the teeny-tinies? No?!
    My mum has one of those cane carpet beaters, love the tin and the pink suitcase, and Gladys' paintings are delightful.
    Enjoy your weekend - TRY and behave yourself, Loo! xxxxx

  23. Oh the " in and out" room wooden display thingamajig is amazing!!! I wonder what the history is with that????
    Thank you so much for showing Grandpappy's treasure.
    Love v

  24. I think I'm a little in love with Grandpappy, Lou!! Is he available! xxxx

  25. Snooping round other people's houses whilst in my jim-jams is my idea of heaven!!!


  26. Oooh its just like 'Through the Keyhole' minus David Frost!!! Loving the tin and the 'thingymajig', but the patchwork and paintings are the best, especially the anemones painting. xxx

  27. I always like seeing glimpses of peoples homes, I always think the most interesting homes are those that are lived in and not just for show. So many great details, I am a suitcase lover and the hexagon detailing in those quilts is to be quite admired xxx

  28. Oh my goodness so many lovely things.
    Those paintings are ALL so gorgeous, I love them. "Whenever I go to yard sales I look for pretty paintings like those. So far I have 3."

    The quilts and cushion covers..... ABSOLUTELY BEUTIFUL. I want to make someting like those so bad but I am afraid it would take me 3 years to make a lap quilt.

  29. Oh my! i love seeing glimpses of your grandpappy's home! what a cute ostrich feather duster! I'm in love with all those grandpappy's mother paintings, they're oh so lovely and also those beautiful quilted stuff, so talented and creative! I love the copper receptacle on the wall and those yummy suitcases! i'm like you, i am very nosy too hehe, thanks for sharing this!

    xx susan

  30. just popped by to let you know I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award Hope that ok with you details are on my blog x

  31. Love the quilt, cushions and wallpaper - all very boho pretty. I like snooping and peeping in peoples' front windows when all the curtains are open - love to see how people make up their homes. :)

  32. I think I want to go and live with Grandpappy J&P!