Friday, 16 September 2011

Missing out on a Jumble

I've been grumpy all week since I realised that I missed out on a jumble sale last weekend.  And not just any old jumble sale, dear readers, - it was advertised as "probably the best jumble sale in the world".   Aaaargh!

And what the devil was I doing last Saturday morning?  Tending to ailing pets (see my previous post if you must) that's what I was doing.  When I could have been jumbling to my hearts content.  Bah!

Luckily I have the spoils from a jumble sale earlier in the summer to show you.

So what are we waiting for?

Let me introduce to you my gorgeous Hornsea mugs (a John Clappison design):


A Chinese temple theme going on here

These mugs go for silly money on eBay so I was more than happy to pay 50p each for them.  Quite frankly, dahlinks, I wouldn't drink out of anything else.

I was delighted to add this wooden handled ermmmm utensil thingummy to my ever-increasing collection.

I think it's some sort of mashing implement.  I dunno.  Who cares.  I love it anyway.  10p.

My first proper Pyrex casserole dish complete with lid.  30p.

Since taking the piccy of the Pyrex, some clumsy oaf (mentioning no names) dropped the lid and smashed it.  *Sad face*

Doilies galore for 20p:

A selection of linens - some of which will be perfect for patchwork purposes when I have the time:

I really wondered what I was doing when I picked up my next item and found myself paying 50p for it.  We already have 4 colanders at J and P Towers and this one was in a very grubby and sorry state.  Well, it scrubbed up brilliantly, as you can see and is now doubling up as a fruit bowl in the kitchen!

Mmmmmm, what do you think this little beauty is?

It's an Empire made garden umbrella with a clamp that you can attach to your sun lounger.  How genius is that!  It's in fabulous nick and only cost 50p.

I cannot, for the life of me, remember the make of this.  I'm not massively keen on the design but I quite like the shape and it's a perfect receptacle for my vintage knitting needles (40p for the receptacle and the knitting needles - bargain).

A rather manky letter holder but I'm going to spruce it up, you see if I don't:

I'm a bit OCD about flasks.  Yes, I did say flasks.  As you know, we are a family of 3.  We now have a grand total of 3 food flasks and 6 ordinary flasks plus one of those insulated mugs and I have, for my own personal use, a NATO issue flask mug.  (I know exactly what you're thinking).  Anyway, we are very fussy about our flasks.  No cheap rubbish for the likes of us.  We favour the Aladdin and the Stanley makes of flasks - the Mercedes Benz and the Rolls Royce of the flask world.  I'm sensing that I'm losing some of you non-flask aficionados out there, so I'll cut to the chase and suffice to say that I was jumping with joy when Mr J and P scored the Aladdin Adventurer food flask, brand new and unused in its box for a mere quid.  Result!

Well, that's all folks.  Mr J and P is cooking dinner and I'm off to quaff some vino.  It's Friday night after all.

May you have a bargain filled weekend.  TTFN. xxxxxx

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  1. How annoying - there are so few jumbles these days. But at least you got some lovely things previously x

  2. Rats to missing the jumble!
    That's Denby's Arabesque. Mum and Dad had the entire coffee set for their wedding in 1966 and it's pretty much intact.
    Loving the mugs and I'm a culinder addict, too. Can't help myself! xxx

  3. Oh those doilies! I am dying to find some more my stock is running very low.

    And your kitchen utensil is a pastry blender. For cutting in the lard/butter and making it all crumbly.

    Lovely finds you have there - all of them.

  4. Fantastic finds! Love the Hornsea mugs. Have a great weekend.
    Jo xx

  5. Great stuff! I love those mugs but honestly have no clue about the designer I'm afraid- I wouldn't be great on Bargain Hunt! Haha I know what you mean about flasks; I had a few Poundland travel mugs for taking a nice hot brew to my morning lectures at uni before the handles broke, they got coffee all over my work etc. etc. I invested in an £8 Aladdin travel mug and never looked back! xxx

  6. Wow - some very impressive jumble finds there. Sadly we are very lacking in jumble sales in this neck of the woods. We missed a few summer car boots when the car blew up in July and was not replaced until a couple of weeks ago so have been suffering terrible withdrawal symptoms. BTW is that vase thingy Denby?

  7. If I ever need a flask, I know where to come....flask-lady to the rescue!!! I LOVE seeing all your finds, lovely Loo.

    And now I'm thinking of all sorts of uses for your mashing thingummy - and not all of them polite. ;-)


  8. well done, what an amazing haul! I love my pastry cutter, helps me make a very light shortcrust as it keeps the ingredients cold whilst mixing. love you knitting needle vase.

  9. Someones already beaten me to it but I can confirm your utensil is for pastry making :)

    Those mugs are a great find - utter bargain :)

    Hope you find a jumble this weekend xx

  10. That unknown thingy you're using for your knitting needles is Denby I think, ugly to many but very collectable, so keep buying it if you see it. Cute pyrex dish! Once you start using Pyrex you get the bug and keep buying it, mark my words :) I have trouble passing it up these days. The masher thing is a pastry kneader, as others have said, and I LOVE the umbrella, good score!

  11. Can't say flasks really float my boat...but just love the sunshade and linen... so pretty!
    Well done ..keep up the huntin'..

    Vicky x

  12. I would be mad as well...yes, pastry making utensil. Hospice shops/sales are often the best, and we should support them

  13. Some great finds there, and shame about missing the St Joseph's jumble sale. I bet they had some great stuff. (I'm not rubbing it in!) Being a bit morbid, everyone I know in Hackney has someone in their family who died in there (us included) and will donate anything to St Joseph's because they do such a great job.
    I like the pastry maker, Wendz got in before me, but I knew what it was as my mum has one that I may well be nicking tomorrow when I go round there.
    I am gutted on your behalf about the Pyrex lid, the lids are like flipping gold dust. I love the pattern on that one, I haven't seen that before. (Like I know every Pyrex pattern...) I bought one the other day with fish on it and was parading it round my kitchen all excited while my kids looked at me like I was a mentalist.
    Happy weekend.

  14. Wow that must have been a great jumble sale to get all that lot! Love the temple mug. I have a pastry thing like that but I use it to make crumble to save getting messy hands!

  15. I too have a thing about flasks - The family all do their bit when they see me wandering toward the flask section of a store with a glazed look in my eye and run to intercept with a firm "NO - you don't need more flasks!". Bit silly of them really I know I don't "need" any more flasks, but it doesn't stop me "wanting" them!

  16. How annoying to miss "The Best Jumble Sale in the World!" Love the stuff from the other jumble sales, doesn't everybody use their colanders as fruit bowls.......?
    Julie xxxx

  17. Gorgeous brolly Loo and those Hornsea mugs were a super buy. Funily enough, we have more than enough flasks too although Husband is the main collector.

    P.S. You can never have too many vintage knitting needles!

  18. aww sorry you missed the worlds best jumble sale but you did do rather well at the other one dropping the pyrex lid sounds like something I'd do .Love the letter holder and that kitchen utensil thingy looks really useful
    xx fee

  19. Hi there, you found some lovely things so don't be too disappointed about missing that particular jumble...
    Love the mugs and the pyrex - well, all of it really. Not sure I'm getting the flask thing, but then we all have our particular fetishes, don't we?!
    Thanks for coming over to my blog and commenting,
    love Curtise xxxxx

  20. oh my god you found the probably the most fabulous umbrella i´ve ever seen!!! i love the colours and design, with this umbrella i wouldn´t mind if it rains every day haha
    love and kiss,mary

  21. ahhh nooo! We will never know now it it was the best jumble sale in the world! Gutting! ;o)

    All your finds are fabulous, esp the colander, i love 'em and have more of them than i need but they have become a fave toy of my little man at the moment so its a win win situation buying them ;o)

    Scarlett x

  22. Damn it, I just left a comment and then closed down forgetting about that pesky word verification thingy! Anyway, it was something like - Yay, you're back! And sorry about the lid and missed jumble, but you have some great treasures anyway. Love the print on the dish and the designs on those mugs are fantastic! x

  23. sorry you missed out on the jumble sale... I haven't been to one in years. really love the things you found at the other jumble sale :)


  25. I love the hornsea mugs, they're lovely, and such a bargain!

  26. aww sorry that u missed out the jumble sale! hope ur pets are better now? i love those mugs and the pyrex, they're just so cute! and the umbrella looks so fun and summery! hooray for the aladdin adventurer food flask for a mere quid!!! x susan

  27. I love those hornsea mugs! How lovely are they!?

  28. Hopefully there'll be another 'Best Jumble Sale in the World' soon :)

    love the doilies, very pretty x

  29. Aw, that's a shame. There aren't nough jumblies any more - I miss them a lot. When I was a teeneager there were a couple of amazing ones at the posh end of town each year - I was a very well dressed student!

    Totally love that sun brolly - divine

  30. We used to jumble religeously every weekend back in the dark ages but jumbles are just not what they used to be here now.
    I do car boot but usually have to pay more than a jumble for the same stuff.
    MIght be worth my while popping onto the train and coming up. lol

  31. Lovely, lovely finds...especially the cups, doilies and yes, the thermos :o)

    Your holiday looked fantastic too :o)

    Have a greeat week.
    Donna xx

  32. Gotta love jumble sales! =)

  33. Those mugs are awesome. And that Umbrella! What a find! Good scores :-)

  34. Amor,
    Fabuloso scores!
    I die when i miss a Boot sale or jumble sale.
    I bug buddy all day of what treasures i could of found.
    Love the mermaid/chinese temple mugs, so unique.
    Pyrex i have to buy it once i see it, i am on the look out for a pink one at the moment. Adorable Doilies, my mom used to knit doilies all the time. Cool thermos. I am waiting on village jumble for november. Maybe thete will be more best jumble sales in the future.

    About my blog, unfollow me and follow again.
    That should do the trick.
    Gracias for your lovely comments.

  35. As everyone else. The kitchen thingy is a pastry maker - so you don't get your delicate hands all floury etc! I have used one for years and everyone always remarks how 'light' my pastry is. I haven't been to a jumble for years either, and I really miss them. Used to help run one frequently when I was with St John Ambulance. We used to make lots of money and everyone got the most amazing bargains, because most stuff only cost 20p per item, or 50p a plastic bag full of goodies. Aaah, the old days ..... Ann x

  36. I would have been furious about missing such a huge jumble! Love the handle on the new utensil thing. I think all those doilies would look fab sewn up into a snowflake curtainy thing for xmas decs. Your love of flasks comes shining through, hope you have many happy outings with it!
    Lisa x

  37. Hey thanks for popping by My Vintage Vow and following. Wow you've got some sweet finds there, I love the umbrella oh and I can't go past vintage knitting needles too.

  38. So sorry you missed the jumble sale that is pants ;-( But wow great finds on your last trip to one. I love those mugs i haven't seen those before. And i love the garden umbrella that is gorgeous and so cheerful. And wow to the pyrex dish to you just have to love these ;-)) dee xx

  39. I feel like we might be due a wooden-handled implement collection update. How many do you have now? Also endlessly impressed that your followers can identify even the most obscure ones!

  40. Oh woe, it's one thing to miss out on something but quite another to miss out and find out about it later! :( Nice haul here though, love the Pyrex (I'm sure you'll find a dishless lid soon) - but no idea what the masher thingy could be! xxx

  41. I love the print on that umbrella! Awesome finds.

    E :)

  42. great umbrella, loving yellow at the moment. That's a gorgeous piece of Pyrex even without the lid x

  43. What great finds, just love the pastry mixer, I had one years ago, don't know what happened to it...though I did use it often!
    Thank you for your visit and comments. Hope you try the fig jam recipe I was bowled over by the flavour.
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  44. Ah, the old fashioned pastry mixer -- what a lovely find among your other treasures.