Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Twitty bits of Tat

There is much consternation in the J and P household.  Mr J and P is threatening to launch a rival blog solely devoted to complaining about the "twitty bits of tat" (try saying that after a few drinks) that he claims are taking over the house.   Classic attention-seeking behaviour, if you ask me.

Let's ignore the poor deluded fool and instead have a look at what I've been buying recently.

Some weeks ago now, I went to what was advertised as a "humble jumble" in Westcliffe on Sea in Essex.  A bit of a way to go (50 mins on the train) but you know what I'm like - dedicated to jumbling and chazzing above and beyond the call of duty.  Plus, did I mention the 8 charity shops in Westcliffe plus 8 more in neighbouring Leigh on Sea?  Huzzah!  What could be more perfect?  Little Miss J and P was very patient with me (for a bit), however, we did have to cut the shopping short as the beach and ice-cream were calling.

The humble jumble had the usually jumbley things.  Tea and cakes were served on vintage crockery and there was a band dressed in vintage garb and playing classics from the 40s and 50s.  Sorry, folks, no pics, I was far too busy scouring the place for bargains. 

A Kate Sheridan bag.  Never heard of that make but had a look at the website and the bags were quite pricey, so was very pleased with this large tote with its grasshoppers design for 20p:

Little Miss J and P is delighted with her Tumtum bag which is now her new school bag.  20p.

At the charity shops I bought this silk tie for Mr J and P.  50p.

It's always great when you see something in a charity shop that you have genuinely always wanted.  I've been after a sun catcher for aaages and look what I found for 75p:

There's a little crack in one of the panes of glass but for 75p - who cares?  Not I that's for sure.

A pack of vintage playing cards.  Loving the roses.  50p.

I very nearly jumped for joy when I spotted this peeping out of a 10p basket outside a charity shop.

Oooh, what can it be.......

OMG, yes, it's a TG Green (Judith Onions backstamped) gold and white Cornishware salt pot.  Eeeek!

Little Miss J and P had to restrain me from doing a happy dance  when I poked about further and discovered its little friend, the pepper pot:

10p each!

What I like about this set (apart from them being 10p each) is that they are gorgeously chunky, measuring 13 cm high - that's a fair few inches I can tell you.

Look, here's the salt pot being clutched by my eager little mitt just so that you can get an idea of the size:

And here they are again next to my Gaydon melamine salt pot:

Oh and did I mention they were 10p each?

On a different note, I recently saw these in my local charity shop:

Not the prettiest of sheep in my opinion, but did you notice the price?

Yes, that's 99 of your good POUNDS for the pair.  Yikes!

I did enquire within and was told that they were late Victorian and had been valued by an auctioneer at between £100 and £120.  So, it just goes to show (Mr J and P, I'm talking to you) that "twitty bits of tat" can be real nuggets of treasure.

One final note, we're camping, yet again, on Saturday.  This time sans children and at a festival.  Yay, we're off to the Hop Farm Festival.  Very excited about Morrissey and rather over-excited about Iggy and the Stooges.  There'll be lots of gratuitous happy dancing I can tell you...


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  1. Fab finds i love the grasshopper bag and them salt and pepper pots are huuuge but a grt bargain :)

  2. Ooh how very they dare they - bits of tat indeed LOL! Great finds there with the bag and the salt and pepper pots - lovely!

  3. What super finds, love the silk tie and playing cards..... Shame the person who thinks they can achieve £99 for a pair of 'not the prettiest of sheep' can't spell :0
    Sue Xxx

  4. Wow you got some fab finds. Worth the trip! I love the cornishware, what a terrific find.
    Oh amnd ha-ha-ha at the sheep.

  5. My hubs says similar things, apparently I have many pieces of furniture laying around the house unfinished, he just doesn't understand! Those salt and pepper pots are a great find, bloody huge though!

    Enjoy the camping!

  6. The salt and pepper are amazing. Can't believe you got them for 10p!! I'd love them.

    Really like the design on the bag too x

  7. 10p?! I can't believe it! You scored big time. Well done. Looks like your hubs and my hubs should get together and start a joint blog. They seem to have the same views!

    Madison xxx

  8. Haha, I bet there'd be a fair few partners of your followers following Mr J&P's rival blog! That is quite a pair of condiment pots!! And so pretty, what a find! And can I just say - if those sheep are worth so much, WHO thought it would be a good idea to whack a great big sticky label all over one of them?!

    Enjoy the festival - I hate Morrissey, but if you get chance try and see Manu Chao, he is amazing!! :) xxx

  9. Blimey wish there were twitty bits of tat like that round here .... we just get genuine bits of tat! Our CS shops seem to have cottoned on to what is popular and inflated the prices.I know it is for charity but it has somehow taken out the fun of rummaging. Keep up the good work x

  10. The salt and pepper pots are HUGE!!! Won't need to fill them up very often. Great bargain.

  11. Wow, great find on the 10p salt and pepper pots, 10p really?!! ;) isn't it funny that we all buy loads of treasures but hubby always thinks of it as tat? it's the same with mine, he always takes some convincing!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  12. Love the bags but my oh my Mrs J&P you have surpassed all previous bargain hunting finds with those stupendous pots. You lucky girl!
    Hope you do much happy dancing at the weekend.
    Lisa x

  13. Never mind saying it when I've had a bit to drink....I misread it the first time! Ha!! I thought I'd come to a blog of ill repute. ;-)

    But, no. It was YOU showing us your lovely finds! I bet Little Miss J and P is the cool missy of her school with that natty bag.

    Big hug to you, my gorgeous,


  14. I have to break my little embargo on commenting and say have a fab time at concert and please DON'T forget my pic of Morrisey, Loo.
    Happy camping, happy dancing, happy days! xxx

  15. Ooooo loving the grasshopper bag. Have a super duper time this weekend, fingers crossed for good weather x

  16. love the salt and peeper pots- what a bargain. i may have to pop down that way soon. I dont think i could drag my man through the shops though - unless i drugged him..... x

  17. Lovely finds. Love the bag, and you lucky thing with the cruet set!
    I wonder if they will get £99 in the charity shop.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  18. whoaaa..looks like you bagged great stuff there! i love the bag and the huge chunky salt pepper shakers, lucky you! i do love how you find treasures for as little as 10p! i thought at first the sheeps were 99p but when i read your words, i'm totally shocked and looked again in the pic and cant believe my eyes! it's £99!!!! i love everything you bought, have a great time for the camping trip again! xx Susan

  19. Fab salt and pepper. Mr PFVT always moans and groans, except, when I do a fair or show and come back with a money belt overflowing with cash.

  20. Must have another trip to Leigh I didn't find anything last time.
    Those pots are huge giants of the condiment world.
    I have a husband who collects as well we can't move for tat, I mean treasure :)
    Cate x

  21. How funny... twitty bits of tat. I can't imagine my boy saying that though he calls them many other things!
    I do love the bags that you found... such a fun print with the grasshopper. :)

  22. 10p each you say?? Well worth the trip!!

  23. Oh I had to chuckle at Mr J & P because my hubby complains in exactly the same manner instead he calls it "shabby sh*t"!!


    Look your thrifty finds!! I ate my poached egg this lunchtime off a lovely car boot vintage plate and I'm sure it made it taste better!!

    S x

  24. Hi Loo , love that salt n pepper !!
    Much nicer than the £99 sheep :0)
    Did you try and find out of your 10p bargains could bring in a profit ?
    Jacquie x

  25. Flipping Ada, why didn't I know about the Humble Jumble at Westcliff?! It's right on my doorstep! I shall certainly be making a trip to the High Street there. I love Leigh and go there as often as I can.
    I love your word 'chazzing' and have nicked it to use when winding up my daughters about my charity shop jaunts.
    Great finds. I salute you!

  26. I love those giant salt and peppers, what a brilliant bargain. That bag is gorgeous, perfect for carrying your cahrity shop finds home in.
    Those rams look like fake Staffordshire Flat backs to me, the colour is too bright and the moulding doesn't sit right.
    Have a brilliant time at the Hop Farm. We went in 2008 and absolutely loved it. Mozza will have you in tears, I guarantee it! x

  27. Have a wonderful time at Hop Farm!!

    LOVING your salt and pepper shakers - they were the bargain of the century!!!

    Jem xXx

  28. Gosh, Wow and Blimey! They were excellent bargains! Clever you xxx

  29. Love it - you are so funny, I get the same excitement about rummaging through a box of who knows what!

  30. Love all of your finds, dont know which I like best tho'.

    Hope you enjoy the festival!


  31. Wow awesome finds, I adore your cricket bag and the salt and pepper ... shall we call them jars (they are huge), wonderful! It's odd how you can see nothing but tat for weeks then hit the motherlode.
    Kandi x

  32. What a wonderful haul, I just about managed to resist being jealous of all those lovely things but reading that you're going to see Lou Reed tipped me over the edge!
    Have a fab day.

  33. Wow, those salt and pepper pots look like real bad boys! Excellent finds all round, but they are they real deal!

    As for those sheep figures - £99? No chance.

  34. You always find the bestest of things, how dare Mr J and P say its tat! he should come here then he would see what tat is.
    Love the T&G Green, blooming bargain.

  35. You so know how I read that title don't you? Anyway, fabulous bargains all round. Are you sure you don't just have freakishly tiny hands? Love the suncatcher too, some of them are a bit gaudy, but yours is classy and pretty.

    My husband complained about all the time I spent doing competitions until I won him a Nintendo DSi and a year's supply of Magnum icecreams...You just need to find that Ming dynasty cat food bowl and he'll never be able to complain again! x

  36. Wow what a find, I just love the salt and pepper and yes I do think you need a clear out and let the good people of eBay in on your finds. With Mr. P on that score.
    Thanks for popping by.
    Have a great festival
    Beverley xx

  37. Love the tote bag!

    I absolutely hate it when Charity Shops try to charge so much for things because "it's been valued by an auctioneer" or "we've seen them on eBay for that price" I think if that's the case they should sell them on eBay or at auction, not through the shop!

  38. You're right about the plates etc being Meakinesque - well identified! I must admit though I got similar comments to you about bringing home bits of tat which I chose to ignore! ;)

  39. I love the chunky salt and pepper shakers and sun catcher. vintage playing cards,such a pretty design.
    have fun on your holiday, Im so jealous Morrissy mi amor.

  40. Goodness me, those are some splendid finds you got at Westcliffe. I'm particularly loving the grasshopper tote and those fabulous TG Green salt and pepper pots - total bargains.

  41. What great finds!!! I really love little miss j&p's bag and the salt and pepper! I'm glad you showed one compared to your hand-I had no idea they were so big!

  42. Wow, great finds, love the grasshopper bag and the tie but oh I do covet your shakers, they are soo great. I do happy dances too, I can now tell my mum I'm not the only one!

  43. Men! They just don't understand do they?
    Fabulous finds...love the tie and the salt & pepper WOW!

  44. Jeepers. Why didn't they just sell the sheep to an antiques dealer or something? I can't imagine the sort of people who go bargain hunting in charity shops are going to want to pay that sort of money for ornaments!

    I LOVE those salt and pepper pots.

  45. Happy Camping!
    What fabulous finds! 20p for that T G Green..Wow!
    And I adore those vintage playing cards! I've been looking for some for months now, but to no avail :(

    Have a great week. xx

  46. check my blog - cos your a winner...... hope you like. xx

  47. 10p!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in awe of your bargain prowess - love love love them! And of course love the cards :o) Scarlett x

  48. You lucky Mama, Thanks for the info.I want to go see him this month ,but I dont think as we are saving for my visa renewal. I havent seen him in concert since 2007 in California:(

  49. Love your grasshopper bag & thoroughly appreciate the bargain that is the salt & pepper shakers for 20p!

  50. Ha ha, my hubbie just doesn't get it either! And wow, 99 pounds for those sheep!?!?!?

  51. Did you see Morrissey? I'm a huge fan. OH MY GOD those Cornish Ware shakers are the bee's knees!