Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Awash in more ways than one

Despite the voice of doom and gloom (me) reminding Mr J and P and our friends (repeatedly) that the weather forecast for last weekend was "persistent rain" and "strenghtening winds", the mad fools the brave little soldiers that we are went camping.

We went to Barham, south of Canterbury, Kent.  Friday was a complete wash out.  We arrived at about 7 pm and managed to put up the tent in the torrential downpour without too much swearing and bickering.  Bedrooms were fine, the living quarters, however, were just one big puddle, but luckily there was a wooden shelter on the camp site which had tables and chairs and which we comandeered for the whole weekend.  Our friends arrived at 10 pm (it was raining a bit by then but was pitch black) and took an hour and a half to put up a tent which normally takes them about 20 mins).  Needless to say, we were all a little wet and miserable that night (well, I was, for sure).

Not a pretty sight.....

Saturday was showery.  However, when you've survived putting up a tent in bucketing rain and survived a sleepless night with a tantrumming child, heavy showers?  Pah!

Visited Broadstairs on the coast where there were lots of quaintly dressed people:

That was because it was the start of the annual Dickens Festival.  Hoorah!  There was a parade with people dressed up as Dickens' characters:

No, I don't know who any of these characters are meant to be either...

There were even bric- a- brac stalls.  Didn't buy a thing from the stalls but I did buy a little something from a charity shop which I will post about another time (you know how I like to tantalise you with my purchases!).

A fascinating (er hem) fact.  Did you know that the phrase "What the Dickens...." orginates, not from Charles, but from the 16th century when it was a euphemism for "the devil"?  

Anyway, enough of our camping capers and my fascinating facts, take a look at what else I've been awash with (in a good way) thanks to some of you lovely bloggers.

First off, Lisa from Kandipandi's Pad kindly sent me this folksy teatowel which is so lovely that I can't decide whether to use it as a tea towel or fashion it into something else.

Kylie from Lucy Violet Vintage was so horrified when I told her that some clumsy oaf accidentally set fire to my favourite tea towel by placing it too close to a lit gas ring that she sent me, not a tea towel to cheer me up, dear readers, but TWO stunning groovy tablecloths to drool over.

The very sad and sorry state of  my favourite tea towel

Hoorah for Kylie:

Clever Lakota from Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping sent me this fabulous ring that she made all by herself.  Love it.  Lots.

I've won two giveaways recently.  Firstly, from Annie the Felt Fairy, get a load of this bunch of lovely stuff.

Don't you worry, I'll be showing you my stitching efforts in a future post.

Wowser, look at the Spode set of goodies that I won from Sarah at Modern Country Style.  Aren't I the luckiest blogger ever?

Measuring jug

Pudding bowl

Serving dish - only mine will be in red

I haven't yet received these goodies, but I'm so excited that I had to show them off to you all.  Best thing is that they match my red polka dot jug, mugs and door mat.  I've never been so matchy matchy!

Gluttons for punishment that we are, we're off camping this weekend too.  Your very best positive thoughts involving sun, heat and warmth, dear readers, would be very much appreciated...


  1. First of all, huuuuge commiserations on the camping - we did VERY wet camping the week before so I know exactly how you feel. Grrrr and Brrrr in equal quanities!!

    Secondly, WOWEE, missus! You are the Giveaway champion!! Please will you let me know when your lovely Spode goodies arrive? I've given them your address.

    I'm so pleased you've won so much - you're GPRGEOUS and deserve every single thing.

  2. You must be very tough, don't think I could of camped in such bad weather. Ooooowww to the Dickens parade, did you plan your trip around this or did you just get lucky? Congrats on all your wins, I love the dotty spode ware, I keep looking at the blue shade it also comes in :) Hope this weeks camping trip goes well, shall pray for sunshine x

  3. It looks like you had a great time despite the rain! your tea towels are lovely and well done on your wins, so nice, I wanted the spotty stuff!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. You are so brave to go camping again, every time we go it always rains and we camp miles from the loos!! The Dickens parade looks fab. Have a great time and fingers crossed for good weather.
    Jo xx

  5. Lovely goodies in the post, I love getting parcels, always sooo exciting. Have you ever read the book The Tent, The Bucket and Me by Emma Kennedy, if not it is a must read, you will LOVE it I am almost sure of it xxx

  6. Hmmm....I happen to know the Broadstairs charity shops quite well....always worth a quick whiz round.

  7. I got completely sidetracked in a junk shop in B'stairs a couple of years back - came out with tons of b/w beach postcards. It didn't leave much time for looking at the other charity shops... Hope you've got everything dried out from last weekend - fingers crossed you've had your share of rain already and will get some proper, dry weather! Love the dotty stuff - you'll have to start collecting the Jessie Tait Domino stuff now. X

  8. What a brave lot you are, think you might be lucky this weekend.
    lovely parcels, you'll have spots before the eyes.
    Cate x

  9. wow what a lovely load of gifts ;-)) Love the polka dot set how lovely is that and those table cloths are gorgeous. I am praying for sunshine for the weekend for you fingers and toes are crossed ;-)) Have a great time, dee x

  10. Hello, this is my first comment on your blog! I love Broadstairs. Next time you are down that way hop along to Deal. It's fab. I was there a couple of weekends ago and came home laden with charity shop loveliness. Pyrex a go go!

  11. I must say that gent looks rather dapper, love the Tesco bag, a wonderful mix of very old and new!

    You've done nothing to convince me that camping should ever be considered, hubby keeps going on about it, hopefully your next trip will make it more appealing, not sure how much longer I can keep say no!

    What a fabulous bunch of goodies you have been sent, those polka dots are so cute!

    Hope this weekend stays bright and sunny for you!

  12. Yay some fab goodies to make up for the soggy camping! You are a real trouper I would have had a hissy fit and slept in the car ;0)
    Kandi xx

  13. Oh god, we had a similar weekend a few months ago. The rain rained like a very rainy thing and the wind was blowing a sodding gale - the porch pole did not survive :( I want to get out camping again but I haven't replaced the broken bit yet. *adds to the to-do list*

  14. Hope your next camping trip is a lot sunnier, sure you will look back on the last one and laugh-eventually! Linda xx

  15. Hope the weather is much better for you this weekend!

  16. Oh, you are brave people. I've only camped once, at Reading Festival which seemed almost refined to me. Would never have DREAMED of camping with kids!

    K xx

  17. By gum, you're a lucky one with all those goodies coming your way! I'm loving the tablecloths.

  18. Gorgeous goodies you lucky thing - glad you like the ring ;-)

    You are SO brave on the camping front - there is no way I'd be taking my oiks yet. Also I love my bed too much. Wishing for clear skies for all of us - it's about bloody time!

  19. Wow what a lovely haul of goodies! Loving the red and white spotty stuff. Gorge!! Sorry you had a slightly 'damp' time of it - here's hoping for a sunshiney weekend for you and yours x

  20. You ARE the luckiest blogger ever, loving the tea towelage! Fingers crossed for the weather this weekend - it's my 3 Peaks!! xx

  21. Wishing you blue skies and lots of sunshine for your next camping trip!
    Love the stitchy stationery and spotty servers - lucky you!


  22. Oh you crazy oops I mean brave people for camping in that!! What fun the Dickens festival must have beenArent you lucky with all those goodies.I dropped my spotty jug last night so sad but least it didnt cost me much but it was vintage grr anyway cant wait to see what you bought you tease!!

  23. Love the picture of the people dress in Dickens characters and the explanation of the phrase. But to tell you the truth I never hear the expression before!
    You were brave with the rain and got some presents and won some other goodies. It looks like a great balance took place in your part of the universe.

  24. What a brave camper you are! And well done on the fab giveaway wins. Keep dry this weekend xxx

  25. awwwww sorry abt the rain while you're camping, but i heard from bbc this morning, it would be ok this weekend :) how lucky you are to recieved such beautiful goodies and won adorable things, i love the tea towels, the polkadots and i cant wait to see what you got from the charity shop! annual dickens' festival looks so fun!! love dressing up like that hehehe xx Susan

  26. Shame about the weather, hope your next trip is much better.
    Love all your goodies, esp those polka dot goodies, I am swooning as I type.
    Tea towel would make a great cushion I reckon.
    lisa x

  27. Loving the goodies! Spots rule in my opinion. The pic your daughter drew of you looks uncannily like me also! Maybe we're twins?!

    Madison xxx

  28. One thing about wet camping trips is that they are memorable! Hope you get some sun for your next one , though!

  29. You're made of hardy stuff. I wouldn't have left the house in that weather.

    What amazing prices to win, I am insanely jealous.

  30. This weekend is suppose to be hot and sunny for most of the country, so hopefully you'll get some of it.

    My mother never swears, but I've known her to use the words 'to Dickens with you', if someone had really done her or her family wrong. It's like a curse of wishing you to hell. Used very rarely, but when used you knew she was very very angry.

    Hope you have a great weekend !

    Barrina xx

  31. That Dickens parade looked fab!
    I love that very wet camping photo, it just re-inforces the reasons why we no longer go brave souls you :o)

    Love all your pressies.
    Have a great weekend, and I will pray for the sun for you :o)

  32. Hope the camping goes well and that the sun manages to shine for longer than ten minutes!

    P.S. I didn't know that Dickens shopped at Ye Olde Worlde Tesco!

  33. So sorry amor, I know hastn been very summery here in England. atleast you got some great stuff. love the polka dot crockery.
    characters looked divine.