Friday, 25 March 2011

A Mishmash of Style. Part 2.

We've had some gloriously sunny days in London Town with temperatures reaching a heady 18 degrees on some days.  Meanwhile, here at J and P Towers, I've been feeling poorly and very sorry for myself.  I've got a STINKING cold, the second one in as many months and I'm not a happy bunny. 

Oh well, that's enough moaning from me.  I'm soldiering on, dear readers, to present to you - part 2 in the Mishmash of Style series!

This time, I'm going to focus on the vintage and the ethnic.  (It's so exciting isn't it?  Isn't it?).

I'll start with some vintage stuff that I haven't shown you before.

I love this clock.  Sadly, it doesn't work anymore and our local clock mender type person (so-called) tells me that he can't fix it because he hasn't got the parts.  Call himself a clock mender - I don't think so.

This1960s clock is a terrible time keeper and has an annoyingly loud tick tock but I love it anyway.  It has an inscription on it which says "Presented by the Management and Staff of the HLB 5 November 1964".  How sweet.

This is my Yogi Bear from when I was an ickle girl.  Mr J and P is using this picture as his profile pic on Facebook!  I think I may have to steal his idea and have it as mine on Blogger.

A family heirloom.  A rocket lamp. From the 60s or 70s - one of those decades....

Ignore the clutter at the base of the lamp

 Lovely standard lamp from eBay.  Bought it off an Australian woman who lived in a very posh flat in very posh Highgate (North London) and who was going back to Oz.

Our dresser (not old) which houses, if you look closely (sorry for terrible pic), our collection of coffee pots and salt and pepper sets.  (I'll be boring you to death with my collections of egg cups, salt and pepper sets and jugs in a future post - oh lucky you!).

On the ethnic front, I used to have an obsession with all things Indian.  All in all, Mr J and P and I have been to India three times (different parts each time).  Loved its weird and wonderful ways.  Desperate to go back, hopefully when Little Miss is a bit older.

We have a Ganesh in virtually every room of the house.  Ganesh is the Hindu God of Obstacles and he's worshipped as a remover of obstacles, although he can also place obstacles in the path of those who need to be checked.  I might be driven to praying to him before the next jumble sale in that case!

These are just a small selection of our Ganeshes.  This one was a present from Mr J and P's bro.  It sure is big and heavy and doubles up as a perfect book end:

I love this hanging papier mache Ganesh atop Garuda (a mythical bird like creature) which dangles from a light in our hallway (bought from Varansi):

Ganesh and another god (I'm sorry to say that I've forgotten who the other god is - Shiva, I think) in our spare room:

This trio of gods are Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra - bought from Puri on the east coast of India:

You can just about see a small selection of my rather big collection of Ladybird books.

A cute little tin which we bought from outside a temple in Trichy in south India.  Haven't a clue what it was meant to contain.  Does anyone know?

We have loads of these Mexican tin ornaments throughout the house.  I've never been to Mexico, but these were prezzies from Mr J and P's bro who has:

An Indian elephant towel holder.  Don't think that was its original use!

Another family heirloom.  Great Grandma and Great Grandpappy J and P lived in Singapore in the 1930s.  The Buddha lamp base is from there and is topped with an Ikea shade.

Are we still awake? 

Well, folks, stay tuned for the next installment in a few days time where I'll be showing you my embellished/ revamped bit and bobs.  Oh the excitement of it all.....

Have a great weekend. xx


  1. your house is very much like ours! A mix of lovely treasures that tell the story of our lives!

  2. Another great post, im jealous of the dresser as ive been after one for ages and every bloggy friend seems to have one! Getting impatient in my quest to find one lol. Love the ebay lamp, and as im a huge fan of the mexcian 'Day of the Dead' festival or as they call a 'holiday' Im green with envy over the owl holding a skull, would love to find one that that. I also seem to have attracted a lot of Buddhas in my home, mainly from trips to Thailand and people giving them to me so I love the lamp.Have a fab weekend, I'm still waiting to find any jumble sale near me as they are as rare as hens teeth, going to check the local rag just in case. Scarlett x

  3. Yogi bear!!i used to love him and boo-boo.
    I love all the colorful bits and bobs around your house especially the ones from Mexico
    Have a nice day

  4. Firstly Loo, I hope you feel better soon...I swear by mega doses of garlic/vit c/horseradish.
    Next, I love, love, LOVE your childhood Yogi Bear! I love your clocks too specially the one with the blue face. I also love your rocket lamp and all of the stuff on your dresser!
    There's a whole lotta love going on here because, let's face it what's not to love!

    p.s. do you find Ganesh does what he's meant to?

  5. Yes I'm still awake, love the lamp (buddha) and the things from Mexico. It's been so long since I have had a overseas holiday, I don't think I have anything around the house from that last trip. I think it was returning home from Britain at the end of 1980, sad woman aren't I. Never mind I have a tin for small change which I hope will one day pay for a big trip.

  6. Thanks Loo for letting us have a good old nose at your things.
    I must admit that I got very excited when I spied a number of Meakin coffee pots on your dresser.
    Have a great weekend my dearie.

  7. i really love that all of your things have a story ;)
    my flat is full of stuff and it's mostly all just things i have bought as i liked them, no exciting stories or memories..

  8. Wow - you have an amazing collection of things! One of my parents' friends used to have a similar rocket lamp - I loved it! xx

  9. I love your style - very eclectic, colourful and full of character. xxxx

  10. What a great collection of goodies - love all the coffee pots on the dresser. Did you see the Passage to India with Caroline Quentin - it was a really interesting series.

  11. What lovely things you have.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  12. You're the only person I've ever come across (other than me) with a house bursting with post modern collectables juxtaposed with Indian kitsch.
    Off to India next week (for the 16th time) and will no doubt come home with lots more tat. xxx

  13. Looking forward to seeing more of the coffee pots.It's good to have an interest in more than one thing I reckon.
    Lisa x

  14. Cute idea for Mr. J&P to use Yogi as his photo! I'm loving the rocket lamp. Very cool!

  15. Liked hearing where everything has come from, the coffee pots look great on the dresser Linda x

  16. O wow far to much for my little head to retain and comment on its all far to lovely ;-) My heart was ticking very fast when you started showing your clocks i adore clocks and have at least 2 in each room ;-) I love your wooden one thats lovely. And all your gorgeous 60's coffee pots and jugs my eyes were popping out ;-)) What a great collection, and all your lady bird books to ;-)) Wow great post, have a lovely weekend, dee x

  17. Ooh I love the elephant towel holder!

    Indian stuff isn't really my thing but I'd quite happily pinch all of those gorgeous coffee pots, clocks and lamps!

  18. Crikey, you do have some lovely things - especially loving your Buddha lamp.

  19. Wonderful items. You, like me, seem to have a collection of collections! Keep it up I love a nose at other people's STUFF. :)

  20. Oh I do like these posts. More fabulous things around your house and as Char says it is so great that they have a story or history behind them. The little wooden clock is gorgeous.x

  21. You have so seriously cool stuff! Can't wait for the next tour :)

    My big brother has that Yogi Bear, he's 47 now and Yogi is still going strong, well with a few minor repairs. LOL

  22. What lovely cool things you have, my favourite is the retro clock at the top :) x

  23. What a lovely and lively house. My first time reading and commenting on your blog. I read you comment at The Annimal House blog and realized that we both like The MC5 and The Stooges!!!
    I also love mixing many different decades and counties in my decor.
    Have a great weekend, Carinos

  24. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comments, I get to see your fab blog now :) love your dresser, the owl and skull is great too!

    Bee happy x

  25. More groovy things - my eldest has Ganesh on his windowsill, now I know why it's such a mess in there! Love the mexican bits, I'd love to go there - will add it to the list...

  26. What a shame that blue clock doesn't work! I totally want a standard lamp with a big chintzy shade - hadn't thought of ebay :)

  27. Pleased SOMEONE could see my photos LOL :)
    I love your 'mish mash posts' :0)

    I also love your...egg cups, coffee pots, salt and pepper shakers...we all do :0)
    I love the little tin mexican ornies too..they remind me of those colourful things full of sweets that kids bash at parties! (Sorry i've forgotten the name, but you know what I mean lol)

    have a great week Vicki, and yes, I am looking forward to another mish -mash post :0)

  28. Oooh I'm going giddy for those coffee pots- I see you have the Aztec Meekin- super! I saw one of those New Devon Pottery vases in a chartiy shop the other day but put it back as it was £7 (too much for a single impulse buy) but I've been thinking about it wistfully ever since x

  29. Hi sweet-pea,

    That tin is gorgeous - the one with holes in. Could it be used as a tea-light holder? Then the light could shine out of the holes and look all pretty. I love your elephant towel holder - how cool is that? Answer: VERY!!

    I hopw you get well very soon indeed.

    *big hug*

  30. What a fascinating house with all those wonderful ornaments and their history, I'm rather taken with the Mexican ones as well as the 3 Gods together, however I really think I could do with one of those Ganesh ones if it would help me clear the obstacles in my home!
    Sue Xx

  31. What a lovely happy home you have. I love your collection of coffee pots on the dresser. I have one coffee pot which my mum gave me years ago, it's a gorgeous teal colour and it sits with my Emma Bridgewater bits.