Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A Mishmash of Style. The Grande Finale!

Hark at me, bigging up the final part of my series A Mishmash of Style.  The "grande finale" indeed!  What am I like?  No, don't answer that one, you cheeky blighters!

So, let's have a look at my revamps and little projects around the house. 

I've bored you before about stuff I've made in previous posts but forgot to show you my knitted er.... dunno what it's a cosy for a bottle which I use as a vase thingy:

There are loads of such things in blogland but they are usually crocheted and mine is knitted.

Now, if you are not of the crafty kind and have a short attention span, this is one hell of a perfect project for you.  Paper bunting.

This took me all of 20 minutes to do.  I bought a pack of mixed crafty paper from a pound shop, cut out small bunting shaped pieces (aka triangles) and glued them onto string et voila!  Couldn't be simpler, could it?

This is our shoe cupboard bought from Ikea and embellished with large butterfly stickers from Supernice.

Supernice has a lovely range of wall stickers, bunting and gifts such as my Amy Winehouse travel card holder here.  However, what is really tickling my fancy at the moment, are these fabulous wallpaper silhouettes made from the most fantastic selection of vintage wallpaper.  I'm rather liking this giraffe:

Or take a look at Mr Ostriche:

Yowser! That wallpaper reminds me of my very own wallpaper that I blogged about here.  Look!

I bet some of you clever artistic people out there could make those animals very easily. Although, you would need more than one strip of wallpaper to create a big animal (the giraffe for instance is 140 cm by 100cm!). If you wanted to go small, though, there's these cute little birds:


Or this:

Or this:

Anyway, dear readers, I've digressed big time.  Let's get back to the nitty gritty, shall we? 

This coffee table was given to Mr J and P by his Grandmother Gladys (she who painted roses and the occasional nude - I've never shown you the nude have I?  I will, one day!) for his 21st birthday.  There used to be an old map underneath the glass top but over the years, it became very faded.  We searched for a replacement but couldn't find anything suitable, so as a temporary measure, I bunged in a cheap bit of fabric from Ikea.  This "temporary measure" has been in place for some years now!

I bought this old desk from a yard sale for a couple of quid.  I painted it white and then decoupaged it with pages from Little Miss J and P's old Beano mags:

I had this old wardrobe door when I was living in a shared house ooooh decades ago now!  I painted it a hot pink and it look horrible and then painted it white, did a bit distressing and added a few shells and bob's yer uncle:

I've posted about this brassy looking magazine rack before.  Here's the before:

And the after:

I have masses of these wonderful posters given out free with The Guardian some years ago now.  These are just a very small selection of what I've got:

I've used a few of them to cover these shoe and boot boxes:

Any ideas of what to do with the rest of them would be greatly appreciated!

OK folks, that really is it!  Thanks for bearing with me and for your lovely comments on parts 1 and 2.

Byeeeeee xxxxxx.


  1. I just love the coffee table so want one.....

    Take care, keep safe, be happy

    Beverley xx

  2. What amazing things - you are so creative! - your home must be wonderful. I love that knitted vase - superb! :)

  3. Love your knitted bottle cover, and the bunting, the ikea fabric on the table looks very up to the minute, you must have a very large house to have so many lovely goodies stashed around the house.

  4. I love those birdies! The easy peasy bunting really appeals too as my attention span is about 30 minutes at the mo! I am in poundland tomorrow so might just make some xx

  5. I've really enjoyed this series Loo - it's like 'Through the Keyhole'! Your house has loads of personality and style - just like you!*

    I have one of those ikea mini table and chair sets for kids which I had planned to decoupage in a similar way to your comics desk - sadly as with so many of my ideas it never came to anything, but seeing yours and Scarlett's decoupage projects I might have to get the glue out again!

    Loving the knitted wotsit, and the stickers are wicked - will they become a thing our kids reminisce about though, like how all of our mums had a macrame owl?

    *You can send me the cash in used fivers...

  6. For a second there, I thought you meant she'd given Mr J and P a picture of a nude for his 21st. That would be weird for him....but funmny for us!!!

    That coffe table is a far better presemnt. It's LOVELY!! And I love your paper bunting too. And the fancy knitted vase holder thang.

    This post was definitely worthy of the Grand Finale title!!


  7. Love this post, you've been a crafty minx too havent u Loo! Dont even know where to start commenting, you've boggled my mind with more stuff i can make. I am loving those animals in wallpaper, fab idea. The table you've redone is fabulous as is all of it. Im now put a vintage magazine rack on my list of things to find now. Scarlett x

  8. Love these posts - faves today are the wallpaper animals and the comic table! Could you use the posters as giftwrap?

  9. Your knitted vase cover is just lovely looks so cheerful sitting on your kitchen table filled with those gorgeous daffs.

    I've been thinking about making flying ducks out of some of my vintage wallpaper using our plaster ones as a template...

    re ttowels even I wouldn't buy them if they were really faded. Have seen them selling for ten dollars here lately...far too expensive! As much as I love them, they are after all only t. towels (can't believe I just said that!) x

  10. eee i love all the cute little things around your home,i know my daughter would love the butterfly's all over her room.
    You could use the posters as wrapping paper or frame them and give them out as presents.

  11. I love taking a peek in people's homes, your's looks amazing ~ lots of ideas to steal ;0)

    I really like quirky, happy looking home's and not those box type show homes with everything matching....yuck!

    Any chance you could share the 'recipe' for your vase/bottle cover ?


  12. I LOVE the Beano mags table - also I have so many of those posters from the paper with the different animals - those boxes are a really good idea, might have to steal that one! xxx

  13. the butterfly stickers mkae that shoe-chest look great!

  14. I love that ostrich! I have so much vintage wallpaper I may have to nick that idea.
    Great job on Mr J and P's table and the magazine rack. When can I move in? xxx
    PS Shockingly we always stick to South India, never done the North. Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Karnataka, Goa and Mumbai.

  15. Loo, I have so enjoyed the little insights into your home. It is such a creative and cosy place. Thank you so much for sharing.

  16. Love what you've done with everything, your so talented! I spied the butterfly drawers through the doorway on the photo with your vase thingy and thought it looked ace!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  17. I love your style - unique and very personal. xxx

  18. O my i have to start off with the newspaper rack its a gorgeous 50's one and you painted it shock horror....but it does look nice ;-) Love your kids table you did that looks fab i bet they love it to. Paper bunting is soooo cute i would never have thought of that it looks great ;-) And im loving your wall paper very retro love it love it ;-)) You are one very crafty talented lady ;-) enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  19. ooohhh i meant to say i love your knitted bottle cover to its ace ;-)) dee x

  20. Aw, your blog is so amazing. I've just had a little skim through and will be having a good look at the weekend.

    I especially love the magazine rack, knitted bottle holder and the poster boxes!

  21. Ah what a fab post this is!! I'm LOVING your crochet vase cover - totally gorgeous - but I think my fave is your Ikea fabric table... what a brilliant idea to give something a new look. I've loved noseying around your home! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  22. I really like what you've done with the Ikea fabric under the glass on that coffee table. Why change it when it looks that good?! Clever/simple paper bunting idea. Not heard of that one before. All your stuff is clever though. :)

  23. I love all your projects you've done, I too love the knitted vase. Have a great weekend.
    Jo xx

  24. Pleeeeeeease will you tell me where you got the spray paint that you used to transform your magazine rack? I've searched high and low for good spray poaint and am still on the lookout.


  25. You are so very creative and you can tell that all the objects in the picture are loved!!!
    I love the decoupaged table and the knitted bottle cover!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  26. I love the wallpaper, did you use it in your loo in the end? That magazine rack is gorgeous too, I want one! And the fabric in the coffee table we have as curtains in our office/spare room. I love the mustard-y colour in it.

  27. Hola Amor,
    Gracias for visiting my humble blog.
    I am addicted to jumbo sales and anything vintage.
    love your blog as well,oooh I have been wanting a vintage magazine rack for ages.knitted bottle is awesome,you are so crafty creative creature.
    I unfortunately,I am not able to go to Morrissey concert,I heard he will be touring in England for the month of June.I hope I can see him perform in England,last concert was in Cali.2007

  28. Your blog is full of inspiring ideas! Your 'vase thingy' is my favorite out of all the photos :)