Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Far from Bootiful

On Sunday, I dragged myself out of bed early and took Mr J and P, Little Miss and her cousin, who was sleeping over, to our first car boot of the year.  Lordy, it was dire.  It took place in a dingey barn somewhere in Essex (Noak Hill, just in case you want to avoid it).  There were a measley 10 tables in all with a sea of dvds and the odd plastic toy thrown in for good measure.  We were in and out in about 2 minutes, it was that bad, and I was in a grumpy mood for the rest of the morning.

It put me in mind of terrible jumble sales I've been to where there's so little for sale that the helpers have had the time to fold the few clothes they have and neatly place them on the tables.  Soooo disappointing.   I like 'em piled high myself  as in this pic:

What have I been buying lately?  Sewing patterns that's what I've been buying.  I'm keen to make something from the fabric I bought at a recent jumble sale. 

I'm attempting the modern top on the right for starters

Bearing in mind that I've NEVER encountered a sewing pattern before, the emphasis has got to be on EASY:

I've been reading my Newnes Complete Needlecraft book (1970 ed) and getting to grips with terms such as basting, stay stitching, yokes, notched hems and so on.  So far, I've managed to pin the pattern to the material like so:

 It almost looks like I know what I'm doing doesn't it?  Well, we shall see, dear readers.  Wish me luck.

Other items I've got recently include this classic TG Green mixing bowl for a mere 25p at a jumble sale  (I saw one in a charity shop the other day priced at a ridiculous £12.50.  How mad is that?):

Metres of a cheerful orange and yellow floral fabric for £2.59 and an 80s Habitat tin with its Habitat sticker still intact (£1):

Before I love you and leave you, I was very honoured to receive an award from the fabulous Scarlett at Scarlett Loves Elvis .  Scarlett is an insaitiable bargain huntress and hilarious with it, and if you don't know her blog, why ever not?

The Liebster Blog award is awarded to smaller scale bloggers (with less than 300 followers).  Yay, let's hear it for smaller scale bloggers!  The rules say that you should post the award on a blog post and refer back to who nominated you and then nominate your favourite smaller blogs and let them know they've been awarded.  So, here goes:

Lovely Lucy at Tete en l'Air, The Vintage Knitter and Melissa at Clothwork who are all very creative and I'm sure they wouldn't have a problem deciphering sewing patterns.  Sigh.......

Gorgeous Nici at Giddy Little Miss whose "day to day ramblings" (her words, not mine) are a pleasure to read.

Fabulous Jo at Hesta & the Pugs whose vintage finds are to die for.

Check out these blogs immediately - you don't know what you're missing!


  1. I fantasise about rummaging in a big,messy jumble...
    Loving that mixing bowl! I have a bit of a thing for these...amongst many other things!
    Just get down and get sewing,lovey!You may make some mistakes,but you just gotta go for it!Hurrah!

  2. Hi Loo
    I have sewn a couple of things using patterns- all marked simple/beginners/easy and all of them have induced the most horrible headaches!
    The 30 minute patterns usually take me 24 hours to finish so Goodluck (and I'd love to see the finished product) x

  3. How disappointing about the car boot sale. I was meant to go to one on Sunday but couldn't, it bucketed down in the end so I imagine I didn't miss out. Love the mixing bowl, that style makes me think of baking with my mam. Good luck with the sewing, I'm sure you'll do just fine and I look forward to seeing the finished article.

    Thank you very much for the award and the very kind words about my blog. I will make sure and pass it on. x

  4. love your sense of humor and spirit.

  5. Good luck with the dressmaking. I love laying adn cutting the pieces out, it's the construction I struggle with. I need to borrow Gok Wan's sewing bitch! xxx

  6. Good luck with the dressmaking, I am sorely tempted after seeing so many make it look easy, but am currently wrestling with crochet (complete beginner) and sobbing over one new skill is enough for the moment. Sorry about the bootsale, but how consoled you must be with your mixing bowl - either you or Scarlett must track me one down forthwith!

  7. And congrats on your award! Duhh, too early for cogent thought...

  8. aww thanks for the fab introduction :o) Award very much deserved as you know I love your blog! However not happy at seeing that fabulous mixing bowl you got for 25p!!!!! You stealing my bargain thunder - haha - its amazing, i need to come to your jumble sales. I've also been to many a miserable boot sale, ive learnt which ones to avoid, i'm not even sure if they are still running now they were that bad. Fabric and tin beautiful too! Good luck with the sewing, I'm sure you will rock it. I've never tried to make any clothes but i'm sure I'd be rubbish at it. :o) Scarlett x

  9. good luck with the patterm - i love that tin!
    and i also can't wait til the car boot season starts again around here, i went to the 'all year' one a few wks ago and it was tiny, in the height of summer it's a good couple of fields!

  10. I went to a dire jumble sale on Saturday, total waste of the 20p entrance fee! xx

  11. When I've made things from patterns, I've honestly found the pinning the hardest part. You've passed that section with flying colours so I'd say you've practically finished!!

    Go, Loo! Go, Loo!!

    Love your TG bowl. Lucky girlie.


  12. Ooooohhhh good luck with your sewing pattern i can't wait to see how you get on..how exciting ;-)) You have some lovely patterns i like the first pattern on the left great flower power ;-), you had a bargin on that mixing bowl i paid £5.oo for mine. enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  13. I want that mixing bowl - 25p!! I want to see that top finished. I remember making things from patterns in my younger days. I get the patterns from Prima but hardly make anything. I might hook them out one day and make something. I will check out the blogs you mentioned.

  14. Baragin of the year so far, 25p for that bowl, amazing.
    Good luck with the sewing.
    Lisa x

  15. As everyone else says - well done on the mixing bowl! A bargain! When I sew clothes, I often try and do it too quickly - so my advice would be to just do a bit at a time and take it steady. It'll be fine! Glad you liked my jugs, ha, ha!! Abby x

  16. Can't wait to see how you get on with it! My first and only attempt at a pattern didn't even get as far as cutting the fabric. I swear some of the labels are totally misleading as to difficulty level.

  17. I agree with you, a tidy jumble sale is never a good sign x

  18. I just LOVE your bowl and your fabric! Fabby finds Mrs J&P :0)

    Can't wait to see what your top looks like whenit's finished :0)
    Well done you for getting stuck into it..I just kinda look at everyone else using patterns, sigh, and wish I was more adventurous :0)

    Enjoy the rest of the week. x

  19. I am coveting the mixing bowl and I can't decipher a dressmaking pattern :(

  20. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I just love hearing from new visitors!

    Your blog is full of such wonderfulness! I can't wait to see what new posts you have and see more of your treasures!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  21. Huge thank you for my Blog award!! The mixing bowl is fab and good luck with the sewing pattern...I can never make head nor tail of them.
    Jo xx

  22. Thank you for my blog award - that's cool! And don't you believe it about easily deciphering sewing patterns - sewing is one craft that doesn't come naturally to me!!! I've been buying some vintage sewing patterns too although I've been buying them a couple of sizes up from my size to allow for the difference in the vintage sizing - its rather depressing!

  23. I collect sewing patterns as well,I do love looking at the fashion back then. I also like collecting knitting patterns, which are just as funky as the sewing patterns! Your Habitat tin is lovely and a bargain for a pound. Thank you for your comment on my blog. B x

  24. What a shame about the boot sale. There's nothing worse than getting up early just to find a load of tat.
    Well done on the award!
    Have a great weekend.

  25. I had a fab time yesterday when I was chazzing (love that funny word!). I got some really nice bits and bos. I thought of you!! But there was a corner of one of the shops full of really expensive bits and bobs. Hmmmph! Thought of you then, too!!

    Okay, now it sounds like I'm thinking of you all the time. The truth is out. haha!!


  26. Can't wait to see what you make usinge those samples. lovely blog :)

    http://opinionslave.blogspot.com x