Monday, 26 April 2010

Jumble Sale Heaven

A thoroughly bargain full weekend which started off on Friday when I bought this magazine rack from a charity shop (£1.99).

It did look fine as it was but rather too much in the way of brass for my taste. So forked out some more money for some white paint and Bob's your uncle, here it is in its full shabby chic glory:

I bought said mag rack to replace our old one which had been lying in a collapsed heap (yes, literally) in the corner of our living room for some months. However, a bit of hammering later and it was as good as nearly new:

So this one will stay in the living room and the new one will live by my bed and the one that was there already (blimey, this is complicated) is now in Junior J and P's room.

Saturday's jumble was really jumble sale heaven. Take a look at this lovely lot:

A plethora of pillow slips (well, 3 anyway):

A pale pink candlewick bed spread:

A beautiful tea cosy complete with pompom:

A seventies bed spread (I'm very partial to a bit of seventies tat):

A satchel (virtually brand new) for Mr J and P:

Sandals for J and P Junior:

A ladybird book to add to the collection:

The collection:

A fabulous folksy apron affair.

Glorious isn't it? Every home should have one.

Top buy this week has to be this little beauty which was sitting forlornly amongst the dregs on the bric-a-brac stall which I chanced upon just as we were leaving.

"What on earth is it?" I hear you cry. All shall be revealed.....

A little mirror! A design classic methinks and only 20p.

Sunday started started off very creatively on Little J and P's part with this lovely water colour of a lioness.

Then for a walk in Hertfordshire - around the pretty village of Much Hadham. We saw lots of horses including this one that Junior took a piccy of with its rather snazzy plaited mane.

Hope you had a good weekend and that your week is going well so far. That's about it for this post, although I just wanted to say: ONLY 11 GRANNY SQUARES TO GO AND I'VE FINISHED MY CUSHION COVER!!! I'm sooooooooooo excited. Today, I found in a charity shop a rather shrunken woollen blanket which I'm hoping to make into the cushion backing. Will reveal all shortly......


  1. LOVE the apron: every home does need one!!

  2. Oh I'm so jealous of your ladybird collection, I grew up with my own little collection, sadly my Dad is a serial declutterer so God knows where they are now. Love the mirror too!

  3. this is so strange! I remembered you did a post about buying a candlewick bed spread from a jumble sale, so searched for it to tell you I was at a jumble sale yesterday and bought 2 fab candlewick bedspreads, and I noticed the first 2 pictures of the pillowcases you bought, well, I bought the exact same 2 yesterday! How strange is that! :) xxx