Friday, 7 May 2010

We stayed in a windmill

Yes, how cool is that? For the Bank Holiday weekend. Little old us. In a windmill. Have a look:

The windmill in all its glory:

The stairs!

A small person on said stairs:

A four poster bed:

Views from the windmill (not the world's greatest piccies but you get the idea don't you?):

We stayed in lovely Rutland. It's the smallest county in England and has some very pretty villages. Rather like the Cotswolds only minus the hoards of tourists and ye olde tea shoppes (mind you I've got nothing against ye olde tea shoppes).

On Friday, we travelled up to Rutland via Northamptonshire and stopped at lovely Oundle and a place called Woodford Newton where we discovered the grave of Coco the Clown of all people.

A piccy!

Saturday: charity shopping in pretty Oakham. Lovely dishy thing useful for containing bits and bobs and beautiful 70s tray. 75p each.

Then a walk near Rutland Water. Glorious.

Sunday was a visit to Stamford in Lincs. Beautiful old city. Then onto Uppingham for the event of the year in my opinion - their Scarecrow festival. I love it! Here are just two of the entries:

Roll on the next Bank Holiday is what I say.


  1. Looks like a great place to stay, and I love those scarecrows!

  2. Hello, thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment. I love the windmill, what a great place to stay!
    I have had a look through your blog and must say that you have found some great things. So many lovely fabrics. I really love the blue 1970's bedspread, i've been looking for something similar for ages.
    Take care. x