Thursday, 1 April 2010

The car

Now, I suggest that you'd better not read this post if you have a delicate nature or suffer from a cleanliness obsession. Yesterday, the dearly beloveds senior and junior cleaned the car... It's a never-before occurrence (or at least an occurrence that has rarely taken place since we bought the car 10 years ago). So now you see why I just had to record this momentous event. The thing is we see the car as being something which takes us from A to B, we can't be bothered to clean the damn thing as well. So, gone are the layers of dust, cobwebs, general debris and colony of ants that graced the car. Back in the day, I remember giving a lift to one of our daughter's little friends. They were playing "I Spy" in the back and the friend had spied something beginning with R. "It's inside the car but can be outside as well." she said. The answer? "Rubbish" she declared. Blooming cheek! Yet - strangely accurate.

We do still have the bumps, dents and scratches on the outside though. The last time we went on holiday, we parked the car at a carpark outside the airport. The woman checking us in had to mark on a diagram any bumps or dents on the car. Unfortunately, we had to abandon the exercise as we have so many. It's good that we're not over precious about our possessions n'est pas? (note to family: this doesn't include the sofa, stair carpet and anything I lovingly craft).

Well, pop pickers, that's enough about our slovenly habits. I can assure you that our sloppiness is limited only to the car and we are pristine and tidy in every other way possible (er hem).

Happy Easter.

Oops, forgot to mention: cleaning the car was a money making operation apparently. Beloved Junior found a total of £3!! Note to self: must clean the car more often.

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  1. Timely deep cleansing operation accomplished just a dau before annual Easter trip to Lake District and makes room for fresh deposits of sand, mud, sweet wrappers etc. Now Junior has discovered money making potential expect further interest.