Monday, 29 March 2010

Recent booty

Well, would you like a look at my recent booty? Go on, take a peak.....

A small amount of 1950s material - enough to make a cushion cover or two - £3 at car boot sale. A bit pricey for the quantity of material but I couldn't resist.

Some vivid florals (who said "gawdy"?) - the blue from Oxfam - a sizeable amount of material for 99p and the yellow from a jumble sale for 10p.

A rather fine cushion cover (1950s/60s?):

I bought this 1960s clock from ebay for £4. It has an inscription on it "Presented by the Management and Staff of the HLB 6 November 1964".

Yummy red enamel tea pot and coffee pot (I have rather a collection of coffee pots - must show you some time) - £7 from Oxfam:

1 comment:

  1. Hello! I'm looking your older posts and found these lovlies! Vow - these pots are best and so is the fabric! I wonder what you made with that lovely fabric? And lovely clock!
    Wishes Teje