Monday 17 December 2012


One of the many annoying things about Xmas is that you put up the decs and then spend the rest of the festive season picking them up off the floor and sticking them back up again.  So on and so forth ad infinitum. 

Like my yellow and white balls.  They will not stay up.

I've stuck them with rather lovely gingham washi tape but it's pretty hopeless.  The balls are just too big and heavy (ooh er).

I know what you're thinking.  Yellow. 

Not a colour traditionally associated with Christmas.

Well, at J and P Towers, we like to fly in the face of tradition (especially when we find a little pile of yellow card festering in the cupboard).

So, we made yellow and white balls

and yellow and white paperchains

Then I discovered some faux fur craft card in the cupboard.  Following Kat's instructions here, I made these fur card baubles:

Believe it or not, I'm not a great lover of Xmas decs but I do like to make a little effort with our Xmas wreath.  Not for us the traditional or the natural.  In fact, the more unnatural the better.  For two years running we had a plastic bag wreath fashioned from a wire coat-hanger and those transparent plastic bags you get from the supermarket to put your fruit and veg in. 

2010 was a little bit minimalist if you ask me:

One solitary pink bird

but I more than made up for it in 2011:

I added two glittery penguins and a pink flocked reindeer to the mix!

Although, I'm a great believer in the "more is more" school of wreath making (yes, that esteemed school), this year I've gone for a pared down look.  I've ditched the plastic bags, the glittery penguins and the pink bird and instead, it's furry pompoms, a cutesy penguin and the welcome return of the pink flock reindeer (tied up properly this time so that it doesn't knock aganist the door in high winds waking a poor Mr J and P up from his slumber - see here).
I wound a furry pompom garland which I'd had for many years around a wire wreath

OK, that's all folks.  Hope you all have a wonderful Xmas.  I don't like to go on about it but we're off on holiday just after Xmas - to Mallorca.  I know!  I can't wait.  Adios amigos. xxxxxxx


  1. Ah I love your non-traditional decorations, so fun!! Have a lovely Christmas Loo and (I suppose, mumble grumble) a fantastic holiday in the sun in January! xx

  2. Well those decorations are different! I think they are great. I have been thinking of making a plastic bag wreath but never got around to it.
    Love the pink reindeer! Have the good christmas and great holiday!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Your decorations are very unique and unusual! I love your wreath!
    Have a splendid holiday! x

  4. I like your decs very much...why can't tiger print be festive I ask myself? I am enamoured of you 2012 wreath too...perfect. I've gone a bit reindeer mad this year, I keep finding them...not real ones though, the cat wouldn't share with one. I have a pink peacock on the top of my tree, or I did when I left home.
    Have a lovely Christmas and wonderful time in the sun.

  5. Must say I'm loving the yellow, not the most festive of colours but adds some brightness to these grey and gloomy days.
    Can't say heavy balls have ever been a problem for me but you could try a drawing pin, they should keep them up! And oh my gosh totally love your penguin!
    Enjoy your holiday, surprised your waiting until after Christmas to go, have a great time xx

  6. Love the wreath, very nice indeed.
    Holiday is that you say? Better wish you a merry Christmas and a happy holiday now then!
    Have fun.
    Lisa x

  7. Brilliant decorations. Happy Christmas and Happy Holiday.
    Love from Mum

  8. I love your decs but I'd be tempted to keep them up all year round ... ! M x

  9. Love the pom pom wreath - it looks great!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. I don't like Christmas at all but I love your decorations, they are fabulous (even if the balls have a life of their own!) x

  11. Loo,
    I love your wreaths and yellow is one of my favourite colours....hurrah for your excellent taste as usual....
    D x

  12. They are fab, love the animal print decs very cute indeed! x

  13. I'm having the same problem with all my paper decorations - even hardcore sellotape won't stop my chinese lanterns from plummeting off the ceiling, even though they must weigh all of a gram each. I like your yellow decs - we have paper pompoms in purple and white.

    I remember the placcy bag wreath - loving this year's pompom effort too x

  14. Merry Christmas!
    I love your decor.

  15. Decorations never stay up! It drives me mad. I love your decorations, I do prefer more traditional ones at home, but yours are ultra cool, like they're visiting from a French Conceptual Designer's Brutalist villa and I totally agree that more is more. Xx

  16. Ooh, yellow and animal print balls, now you're talking! They look great, even if they do drop occasionally! (Oh stop with the balls jokes...)
    And I am really liking the Pom Pom wreath, great idea.
    Your Mallorca trip sounds lovely - we have been a few times, which part are you going to? xxxx

  17. I love yellow and white so much more than green, red, and white (tre boring!) I love all your decs dear Loo, they are fabulous and gorgeous and you are a clever clogs for making them. I also love your most gorgeous and awesome sunburst clock which I spy behind those "big and heavy" balls.
    Still no tree or decs here, I'm beginning to doubt they'll make an appearance...
    Have a lovely Christmas and a fantastic time in sunny Mallorca! x

  18. i like your unorthordox approach to christmas decos-esp. the yellow. loving that wreath-i'm new to the joys of white and neon pink-i've wrapped all of clauds birthday presents in white paper with neon pink string and they look AMAZING...and i haven't dressed my willow wreath yet...*plots* happy holidays loo xxx

  19. Love the yellow to bits! All your decs are brilliant! xx Tina

  20. I keep seeing those baubles, I'm going to have a go myself! :)

  21. Lou - am loving the pompoms baby - they look a lot more upmarket in comparison to the previous years fruit & veg numbers...
    I'd love to get some hot top tips from you - when you have time could we email?? I'm' @

    perhaps when you've had enough vino tinto and olives you'll be ready and waiting for moi...!! xxxx merry christingles

  22. Hola! Knock, knock - just popping round for a mince pie and anything else that might be on offer! Shut the door it is ruddy cold!
    I love your balls - not too heavy methinks - just in need of the right fixative!!! 'Tis the way of the world....
    Best wishes to you and yours

  23. The jury's out here...!!xx

  24. The Christmas balls are just fabulous, I love the colours you have used. We always had decorations on the floor due to a little fur baby that would play with them as so as our backs were turned.
    I hope you have a truly wonderful Christmas holiday filled with love and happiness.
    Love V

  25. I like different....why be the same as everyone else. Your decs are fab and I love them.
    thanks for the comment on the fabric.
    Until I started to blog I thought I was odd but now I know different as there are lots of us fabric freaks out there. lol
    Enjoy your Christmas and look forward to your posts in the new year, will be adding you to my blog list.

  26. Hi Loo, love your unconventional Christmas decorations, there's nothing wrong with a splash of yellow. I had to google Mallorca, its looks gorgeous. Have a wonderful holiday.

    If I don't catch up before Christmas, have a lovely day and I hope Santa brings you lots of goodies, Tam x

  27. I like your decorations and think the yellow is just fab!
    Have fun on your holidays.. Merry Christmas x

    1. I agree with Magie, the decorations are fun, colorful and give your home a touch of mid-century chic that is all yours and that what are homes supposed to reflect!

      I'm coming back blogging after a year off and as always love to read your blog and see you home pictures, Ofelia

    2. Hi Loo and just like most of the ladies I love your colorful decorations. The holidays are about us and our families and what we consider beautiful and fun.
      I think that the decorations, the shapes and the colors give your home a bit of South America meets Mid-century style.
      Love, Ofelia

  28. Happy New Year Loo - loving your decs!!
    Gill xx

  29. Hi Loo, thanks so much for stopping by the Mad Maison and your lovely comments. I love your site and your sense of humour..I've chuckled away to myself reading your posts! Look forward to catching up with you again soon, Claire x

  30. Love your decs too and hope you have a lovely holiday xxx

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    Happy New Year!