Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Let's get culling

In case you hadn't realised, Mr J and P and  my good self are dreadful hoarders.  Mr J and P is a terrible one for his books and I'm just terrible with everything.  Yes, dear readers, it's official:  I've got too much stuff.

I hereby declare to cull my collection of jars, for a starter, which are cluttering up the kitchen work top.  Lovely though they are - some are just sitting there EMPTY - and I haven't got anything to put in them because everything is in jars or some such container already.  I know, it's madness.

I'd like to show you my collection of vintage sheets which I'm massing at a steady rate in order to make a patchwork duvet cover.  However, they're stuffed in bags in my wardrobes (yes, I have two - a constant irritation to Mr J and P who is not happy with his mere one) and I can't get to grips with them.  I can't shut the wardrobe doors properly and every time I open a door something falls out.  It's very annoying.

I need to get organised.....

I need to cull......

and, more importantly, I need to make room for more stuff..............

So, what have I been buying? Well, take a look at this 1970s "Revelation" vanity case complete with its tag and never used (ebay £9.99):

The inside is pristine

It even came with these plastic containers which I'm inexplicably overexcited about
It now houses my little collection of perfumes:

Look at my lovely orange plastic snack tray thingymebob.  The little trays spin round.  This makes me inexplicably overexcited too.

I love this picture.  It's big and much more vibrant in real life:

Bernard Cathelin:  Red Anemonies on a Blue background
I found the large genie bottle decanter in a charity shop for £9.99.  The smaller one was 50p at a car boot.

One last thing before I go and tackle my jars.  I'm joining Kylie and Donna's RETRO COOK OFF:

Why don't you join in too?  Go on, you know you want to....xx


  1. I'm getting like that with old coffee pots! It's madness, I can't get anything useful on the kitchen shelves any more!
    Dee sent me that orange stacking thing. I love it, too. I usually use it for buffet nibbles but it seemed a shame to save it for special occasions so it's now holding my Barry M collection instead.
    Get that patchwork done, I need to admire it! x

  2. I love love LOVE that vanity case and the small genie bottle!
    I've certainly got hoarder tendencies....but manage to keep them in check...although I AM getting slightly carried away with pretty retro tins! XXX

  3. Is there a 12 step program or something for hoarders, I'm sure I have "too much" of certain things, but I'm just not ready to take that first step! I do applaud you though, but this is one post I mustn't mention to hubster or he might make that step for me, crazy fool thinks I have too many tins, too much fabric!

  4. I am exactly the same when it comes to kitchen cannisters, I have loads. I absolutely love your orange serving stand and the floral picture. I'm very jealous. If I lived closer to you I would suggest a super bloggy junk swapover!! :)

  5. I've got too much stuff to! Mine bits of furniture, I've brought to paint, so I can't even stuff them in the wardrobe!!! Good luck with your cull! Ada :)

  6. Such a shame to cull those jars :(

    However we're all guilty of having too much stuff.

    However I thought 2 wardrobes was normal??

  7. Yay for the retro cook off! I'm in too, actually i better get cracking looking for a recipe! Culling is hard, we hoard too and its like pulling teeth (mainly cos its me trying to cull his stuff). Love the painting, very cheery and on the cool side of retro x

  8. I love that vanity case and the decanters. I am also a hoarder. I find it very difficult to let go of things. You're not alone!

  9. I come from a family of hoarders and am a bit of a hoarder myself when it comes to clothes, bedding and books, but every so often I have a mad clearout! xxx

  10. I love the snack tray tower! That would be perfect for organising my bits and pieces of jewellery. What do you actually call them? snack tray towers? I'm off to ebay...

  11. I know, I know - I'm holding my hands up over here too, I'm just the same...
    Tins, jars, glassware, dresses, trashy jewellery, vintage scarves, tights - can't resist new tights in their packets for a snip in charity shops... I seem to have forgotten I just have the 2 legs, and only wear one pair of tights at a time.
    I'll cull if you cull, Loo!
    That said - I love all your jars, the genie bottles, and the painting. The vanity case is a beauty, and I love the orange nibbley thing. So don't cull those! xxx

  12. I'm doing a retro pudding from my childhood for the Cook-Off. I ate it like a mad thing when I was 10 but am wondering, queasily, if I could stomach it now. Probably not.

    Fabulous picture that anemone one. Just brilliant. I love the colours. The style. Everything - wonderful find.

    I've been decluttering recently so have no new spiffy buys to flaunt :( so am enjoying seeing all the bits and bobs other bloggers are showing off.

  13. I am just as guilty of all this collecting.
    Wether it Japanese lucky cats, handbags or winter coats. *lol* I am almost ashamed when I find myself another coat.... I said (almost)

  14. It's the orange plastic tray thingymebooby for me! It's a beauty Loo. And practical too. Which from what you've written is an important consideration. The Anenmomies print is lovely too (and practical - for decorative purposes!)
    Even though I've been showing-off a few treasures on the blog lately, you'd admire my steely resolve if you saw the stuff I leave behind. Still, thank goodness we've got two sheds because I can clutter them up as much as I like. I've started giving stuff away Loo, that's my way of dealing with 'hoarding' I gave every single one of my vintage sheets away (there were lots of them) and gee I felt good afterwards...clean, and less weighed down (and only a tiny bit sad) Ha! Ha!
    Thanks for mentioning our cook-off Loo, you didn't need to do that, you lovely thing you xxx

  15. Ooh I love some of those bench top jars... and the vanity case is GLORIARSE and I lOOOOVE the orange spinny around thing too! Sarah xxx

  16. We really do suffer from the same affliction I think. I am constantly stressed by my collections & clutter, but I am driven like a heroin addict to obtain more stuff. Most of my jars/tins etc have nothing in them either! Those genie bottles are gorgeous, they cost a bomb here. My only solution for the wardrobe monster is space bags. Now I hunt down space bags (their little zip lock edges excite me!). My hubby says I have a space bag issue now too. It never ends! Xx

  17. Parting with jars, you are a very strong woman to be able to do that. Love your new glass bottle buys.
    Lisa x

  18. Oh Loo, I need to cull too! Love the vanity case ... what a fabulous find!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday

    Claire xx

  19. I'm guilty of having too much stuff too! Every once in a while I go mad baggjng up said *stuff* for the charity shop then I only go and buy more stuff.... A never ending cycle! Hehe! x

  20. We are all the same!
    I am also having a good sort out at the mo, only keeping stuff I need or truly love.
    I am going to join the retro cook off. All my cooking is a bit retro, don't know why?
    Good luck patch working and if your fabric needs a new home I will happily make room for it in my caravan. Xxx

  21. I love the jars... all of the glass jars! Very beautiful!

  22. Hello, sorry its been awhile. I do pop over but sometimes don't comment due to time.

    I should really have a sort out myself, I too have been giving a few pieces away but still have loads! I think I have a problem :)

    I am joining to cook off too. Should be interesting to see what everyone makes. Tam x

  23. What the hell is that filled loaf of bread thing? - I do want to try it though. I have too much stuff too, but I can't stop buying. xxx

  24. I agree that picture is wonderful.

  25. I'm hopefully joining the cook off, just need to find something sufficiently scary! Love all your new finds, feel your pain on the clutter though. Bloody charity shop had all its books for 10p each last week! Those decanters are pretty awesome. And the picture and the spinny orange thing too x

  26. No, no not madness at all - I have the same 'problem' with tins.....we just can't help it...oh dearie me..
    Best wishes

  27. The Retro Cook Off sounds BRILLIANT!! I love it!

    I have had a ginormous cull recently - I just turned into a mad woman!! Flinging stuff away like there was no tomorrow! No doubt I'll deeply regret half of it this time next year but for now it's LOVELY!!


  28. Im like you! i have some jars (not as many as yours though hehe) that i kept buying from the charity shop and put them everywhere in the house (especially in the kitchen) but empty hehe my wardrobe's door cant be closed anymore and i need to get rid off some stuff in order to buy more stuff hehehehe....but i love the vanity case you bought and those perfumes collection of yours! the picture is so pretty too!

    x susan

  29. I love the magical Genie bottles and the make up case - didn't they call they "train cases" back in the day? My Mom had one and I always wanted it. The painting looks so pretty. Good haul!

    Just read your post above and I hope you're having a lovely time basking in the Spanish sunshine.

    P.S. Thank you for your comment on my blog a few weeks ago. xo