Friday, 5 October 2012

Coffee anyone?

When I'm not going to  bed at 9 o'clock *pause for effect*.........  I know, I know, I need to get a life.  The other night I wanted to go to bed at 8.30 but Mr J and P wouldn't let me.  He said that I shouldn't be going to bed earlier than my 11 year old daughter.  I expect he's probably right.  Anyway, when I'm not going to bed at 9 o'clock, I've actually been making things.

Now, don't laugh, but this is a patchwork coffee cosy for a friend of mine.  Patchwork and pompom trimming are two very favourite things of mine, in case you didn't know.

One side:

The other side:

Yup, it's a bit bonkers.  I admit it.  But what's even more bonkers is that it matches my patchwork bathroom mat almost too well. 

I'm finding this oddly disconcerting:

Look, they're related!

I've also made cushion covers for little Miss J and P's room:

This seat pad for her new computer chair (£10 from ebay including delivery - cheap because it had a scratch on the seat which I've cleverly *er hem* covered with the seat pad) was made using a padded envelope.  Yes, I said padded envelope.  Instructions here.

I also painted this mirror which I blogged about here

aqua (from an old pot of paint festering in the cellar)

and it's now in Little Miss' room AND she actually likes it.

Talking of disconcerting things, Little Miss J and P's posters are not only multiplying but she appears to be displaying some unusual tendencies like superimposing Justin Bieber's head on this very muscular torso:

and Jessie J's head on Justin Bieber's body:

Should I be worried?


  1. No, you don't need to be worried, she's showing creativity and a fine sense of irony, and these are Very Good Things!
    I love your coffee pot warmer cosy thingy, patchwork and pom poms are surely a match made in heaven.
    The seat pad and mirror look great too. You HAVE been busy! xxx

  2. You have been busy!
    I wouldn't worry - just put it down to a phase she is going through!
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. I agree with Curtise, she is showing a good sense of irony in her humour. I love the aqua mirror, very pretty. As for bed times, I sometimes practically fall into bed as soon as we've put Miss 5 down at 7.30! My average is around 8.30 - 9.00 so I must need to get a life too. I just love my bed sooo much! xx

  4. I think you should be proud, she's obviously not taking the little prat too seriously (unlike the way I was with Leif Garrett at that age)!
    Your patchwork is gorgeous, the mirror looks brilliant and the seat pad is genius, with all that activity you're allowed an early night! x

  5. I can do bonkers! Those posters are bonkers too! Obviously runs in the family! Have a great weekend! Ada :)

  6. Ha, I really like Miss J&P, she has a good sense of the surreal! And your bonkers cosy is fab too. Do you really like pompoms? I'm not sure I'd noticed ;-)


  7. The mirror looks great! And I'm very impressed with the patchwork because my attempt to make a patchwork quilt has only got as far as cutting out some squares! Perhaps I will attempt a cat sized quilt instead. I do like a small, finishable project!

  8. Haha love the take on the posters :o)

    Beki xx

  9. hahahahaaha! those posters are hilarious!! if she starts scratching the eyes out of each poster, then start worrying. The cushions and cosy are fab - but that mirror is gorgeous!! I want it!

  10. Great work I love patchwork and pom poms too.
    The posters are terrrific x

  11. i think the coffee cosy isn't bonkers at all, i love pom poms and the patchwork fabrics you used are lovely but i had to giggle then...laugh out loud reading your post! sorry!!! i think those posters are so funny LOL! the aqua mirror is adorable as well as the cushion! i really want to try patchwork but im still abit scared hehe...

    have a lovely weekend!

    x susan

  12. Coffee cosy - brilliant idea
    Cushions - just the job
    Seat cover - ingenious
    Mirror - vey elegant
    Posters - keep monitoring!!!!
    Love from Mum

  13. Justin Bieber should be so lucky to have a bod like that! Your daughter has a fine sense of humour, clearly. ;)

    I like what you did to the mirror - was that bog standard gloss paint?

    Re the bonkers coffee cosy and matching bathroom mat - they are absoutely great! (And at least you know your taste is consistent.)

  14. I can't believe she defaced Justin Beiber. ;-)

    Anyone else thinking, like mother, like daughter?!!


  15. Love the coffee cosy! Great that she is showing that she is an individual and not doing what everyone else does.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  16. Wow you have been busy, I love patchwork, and the mirror is gorgeous, I have been looking for one for my daughter's room, she fancies a snow white style mirror :)

  17. The Bieber posters made me laugh! love your mirror makeover and the guitar cushion

  18. Bonkers? No way, it's gorgeous Loo. I totally like, love it.
    That mirror turned out brilliantly too btw, you crafty, clever little thing you x

  19. Love the mirror makeover, 100 times better than the gold.
    And the coffee cover is fab too.
    As for the posters, I think they are hilarious!
    Lisa x

  20. I love my bed too and sometimes I'm watching the clock thinking "is it too early at 8pm". Mind you I do catch up with my favourite tv programmes once I'm in bed, getting away from the sport that's inevitably on downstairs!I'm dabbling in patchwork myself at the mo, in the process of cutting out squares,very therapeutic.

  21. Ooh pretty coffee cosy, love the cats fabric in there! And the mirror is fab too. Loving Little Miss J&P, she sounds like a chip off the old block!

  22. haha! I love the Bieber picture! Your patchwork is lovely, I love the fabric you have used! x

  23. I think the coffee cozy is cute, especially with the pom poms! All your others creations are lovely; the blue on the mirror is fab and the cushions are sweet. i wish I were crafty, sigh. :)

  24. The patchwork coffee cosy is lovely and I wouldn't worry about them multiplying, you can never get too much patchwork variety! xxx

  25. Perhaps I'd be a bit worried, yes, if my child started liking everything I did. But you may live in hope, she's not yet a teenager.xx.

  26. Haha!! Your girls crack me up - well, you can't say they don't have a great sense of humour:). What are the odds that you're working on fabulous patchwork projects? I've always hated those horrible wet-suit style plunger coffee covers - yours is incredible! I would buy one! I adore the mirror - the aqua colour is beautiful. So, so much to love here! Thank you so much for being such a lovely blogger friend. Big hugs to you my dear xoxo

  27. I really like your coffee cosy..gotta love little mini pom poms! Love the new paint colour of the mirror as well :)
    Those posters crack me up :P I remember as a teen not having a single space left on my walls what with all the magazine clippings etc on them..I kept the blu tac company in business there for a good many years :P
    Have a lovely weekend
    Magie x

  28. Dear god, I love the freaky posters - haha! I like the mirror more though...

  29. A coffee cozy! I have never heard of one but I actually love the idea... why should only tea get to be kept warm??! Fab! So delighted I popped by while blog hopping...

    *waves hello* from a new follower, Hazel.

  30. Gorgeous coffee cozy! I love the new mirror.
    As for the posters, I'd say it's a sign of creativity, made me laugh!

    Barrina x

  31. Lovely patchwork and love the choice of colours and pom poms.
    I am in admiration of your early to bedness - I get second wind around 10 and then plough on until about 12 and always up at 6.30 at the latest - an old age thing. Soon we will have completely changed night into day...
    The posters....well....
    Best wishes

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