Thursday, 5 July 2012

Literally the most gorgeous cushion ever.

My charity shopping exploits have been very limited recently.  Actually when I say "very limited recently" I really mean "completely rubbish all year long and I've barely bought a thing and it's not fair."  Cue stamping of feet and sulking.

Last week I found myself in posh, well-to-do Fulham, west London.  My old stomping ground, in fact.  Not that I'm posh and well-to-do.  Not by a long chalk.  Big, expensive houses, leafy streets, and from what I remembered, posh looking charity shops.  I wandered into one which was a charity shop even when I lived in Fulham (I left home in 1983!).  It was delightfully higgledy piggledy and stuffed with ermmm... stuff and reasonably priced AND I actually bought something.  Whoop whoop!  Cue mass hysteria.

It's literally the most gorgeous cushion ever.  I nearly fainted with joy when I saw the back with its delicious vintage/retro fabric.

The front is the most darling patchwork combo consisting of cutesy folksy fabric featuring traditionally dressed Dutch girls (I think) and apples and pears - swoooooon:

a geometric vintage/retro fabric square:

and cute little owls.  But no ordinary cute little owls.  Hell, no!  Cute little TAPESTRY owls:

OMG, look at the whole cushion in all its cute cushion glory *squeals*:

What did I tell you?  I was right,wasn't I?  The most gorgeous cushion ever.  And all for the princely sum of £4.50.  Which I thought was quite reasonable seeing as inside the cushion cover is a brand new John Lewis duck filled cushion pad which alone costs £8.

I love thee oh wondrous cushion.  Thou art perfect in every way (despite the lack of pompom trimming or ric-rac embellishment).  *Buries head in cushion, sighing contentedly*........

Umm, yes, where was I?  Oh yes, a WHOLE post about ONE cushion cover....What am I like?  Careful what you say, you cheeky readers!

I'll love you and leave you and hand you over to Mr J and P who'd like to do a little piece.  If you've got a couple of quid spare, we'd love it if you could please donate........but, really no pressure......

Mr J and P:

There's nothing small or insignificant about my piece, missus (phnarr, phnarr!). Anyway, I'll be putting my best foot forward with my friends, Paul and Karen, to take part in the CRY Heart of London Bridges Walk on 15th July to raise awareness and funding for the Cardiac Research in the Young (CRY) charity.

Paul and Karen, whom I've known since schooldays, were devastated when their son, Tom, died suddenly last June, aged just 25. Tom, who had recently become a father, had learned just months before that he had a heart condition but it was hoped it wasn't likely to have a huge impact on his life. Sadly, Tom collapsed and died without warning. Following Tom's death, doctors have found other family members also have the condition and they are now being monitored and tested.

Paul and Karen became aware of CRY's work which helps support bereaved families, partners and carers and also drives medical research on cardiac conditions in young people. Please help prevent further tragedies by supporting this great charity and sponsoring me in the CRY Heart of London Bridges sponsored walk.

Please give as much or as little as you can.  Here's a link to my giving page

Further information about CTR can be found here

Thank you.


  1. Oh my I can imagine the excitement that followed finding that cushion. It is glorious....I thought it was good AND THEN I laid eyes on those owls. It really is a cushion masterpiece!

  2. See thats why I rarely do op shops, they're so rubbish these days! Glad you found something though, better to have one treasured thing than a pile of rubbish.xx.

  3. Oh I wish you lived near me and we could do swaps. Whenever I see stuff like this in the chazzas I think of you. Not this cushion of course, but the retro-ey orangey, browny stuff that I know you like. I'm always seeing little bits of china and things that are so your style. I think your cushion cover has a bit of everything you love on it doesn't it and I bet you find it hard not to take it to bed and kip holding onto it all night! It's completely your thing.
    You'd have a field day in my garage having a rummage through all my mum's stuff.
    Well done on a great find, and I can tell you'll enjoy it!
    Thanks for your comment over at mine and for the good wishes too!
    Have a most spiffing and splendid weekend, mrs!

  4. Crikey, 25. Was it prolonged qtc syndrome? Terrible disease. Worth the wait for that tremendous cushion, it ticks lotsa boxes for me too x

  5. Wishing you much happiness with your new cushion!
    Lisa x

  6. ahh the cushion is fantastic, I would've snapped it up. Well done to Mr J & P doing some charity work, it's a worthy cause, Sudden Cardiac Death is a scary thing. I wonder what Bunty from Ipswich would say?

  7. A friend of mine lost her son with SCD, dreadful thing. Wishing you lots of luck with the walk & keeping my fingers crossed for some sunshine to help you along the way.
    That cushion cover is the stuff of dreams, the colours, the print...glorious. xxx

  8. What a fantastic find. Lucky you!

  9. Yep..that's gorgeous! I love the mix of fabrics and use of needlepoint. I've seen cushions like this selling for up to £95 so good on yer!
    Good luck and I hope the sun shines for you.

  10. That is really the cushion with everything!
    Well done to Mr J&P for doing his bit to help. xxx

  11. So sorry to hear of your friends son thats very sad. Your cushion is gorgeous though no wonder you were excited, dee x

  12. What an excellent cushion, who could have ever wanted to give that away? Well, it was your lucky day indeed when you found it. Good luck for the walk too.

  13. Just discovered your blog, and it is lovely. Such delightful writing. I am right there with you (that is the mark of good writing, by the way). Anyway, gosh! A whole blog post on a cushion. Good on ya! Now for something incredible. I ACTUALLY DID HAVE the exact same paisley eirdown at one time. No idea where it went, but I think it went to the Big Vintage Linen Closet in the Sky before I moved from Canada to Britain.

    Hope you can take a peek at my blog. (Sorry, I've got to do a new post soon.)

    Cheers, Rosemary from

  14. Hope you and your new cushion are very happy together!

    Good luck to your husband on his charity walk, what an awful thing to happen to your friends, 25 is no age.

  15. Oh I thoroughly enjoyed your write up about this cushion and what a lovely cushion it is!

  16. I've got it! I know the charity shop you mean, it's a really grungy looking one with baskets outside (aren't they all in a way?) and it's near a health food shop and Grouts the Bakers. (I love whoever thought that Grouts was an appetising name for a shout selling pastry goods.)
    Anyway I know it and it was actually closed by the time we got to it on Saturday. I have bought bits in there before from the baskets on the counter, bits of lace and teaspoons.
    Do you ever keep walking, past the old Grand Hotel on your left and follow the road round and there is another load of shops there. A few charity shops and a couple of housey shops and dress exchange shops. Well worth a look.